Fishes Helping Big Cats

Mosquito Fish to Protect Big Cats

You know how annoying mosquitoes are and if you watch our Facebook LIVE walkabouts, you know that a lot of the big cats suffer seasonal allergies due to mosquito bites. Huge shout out to Melanie D. who recommended Mosquito Fish to put a permanent end to the suffering of the cats and their keepers.

Hillsborough County has a program for homeowners where they give away a small number of fish, but when I called and explained that we are dealing with an 18 acre lake, a pond in Vacation Rotation and nearby swamps, they said I needed to go straight to the farmer they get theirs from.

Carole contacted him and he didn’t know how many fish it would take to make a difference, but said he would sell them to Big Cat Rescue for .25 each and they come in bags of 250. I’m guessing we need a LOT of them so I set the goal to $700 which will buy us 2800 Mosquito Fish. He said they breed fast and don’t die in the winter, so even if it does’t make a huge impact this summer, it could be a lasting solution to protect the cats and their keepers.

Using the above photo, video, and info Carole set up a fundraiser page on Razoo at to raise the $700.

UPDATE August 11, 2017


A few days ago we told all of you about a project we wanted to try to help cut down the number of mosquitoes bothering the cats.  We wanted to raise $700 to be used to purr-chase 2,800 Mosquito Fish to stock Tiger Lake and Vacation Rotation Pond.  Yesterday, the goal was met!!  In fact, a total of $755 was donated for this project.  Carole will be picking up the fish soon and is going to try to broad cast that live.

Viewers suggested bat houses, too so I asked Carole about it and she said that we had just gotten some new ones and those should help as well.

UPDATE September 1, 2017

Picking up the Mosquito Fish  from Oak Ridge Fish Hatchery in Plant City, FL

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