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4/9/2009 I demanded that GotPetsOnline remove our photos.   In 2011 I discovered that some were still on their site and I made the request again.

I asked you to take these down 4/9/2009 and just ran across some of the tiger photos still posted, so I don’t know how many are still on your site.  Please be advised that we will file a DMCA takedown notice
against your site if these are not removed immediately.  We have had a number of sites taken down due to copyright violations and cannot allow some to continue while others are prosecuted.  Thank you.
Here are my photos and links I would like removed. All list me, Carole Lewis, as the owner and no pet names were listed unless noted below. Pet Name: Bengal Tiger Pet Name: Baby tiger Pet Name: Baby tiger Pet Name: Bengal Tiger Pets Name: Black & Spotted Jaguars Black & Spotted Jaguars Pets Name: Black & Spotted Jaguars Pets Name: Spotted Jaguars Pets Name: Siberian tiger Pets Name: Up Close and Purrsonal Pets Name: Tiger teeth Pets Name: Snow leopards

Carole’s Note:  In 2009 it was discovered that GotPetsOnline was no longer linking these photos to our site, so we asked them to remove the links above on 4/9/2009.


Yes, those are our photos at and there is a very, very good reason for it.  Anyone who knows us, knows that we want the world to know that exotic animals should not be kept as pets or in cages.  Enlightened people like you already know that, but you aren’t the problem.

The problem is the people who haven’t got a clue who are signed up at and who are actively looking to purchase the baby tiger of their dreams.  There is no way to stop them from making a huge mistake that will ultimately result in the cat being dumped about a year or so after purchase.  We need better laws, and you can help by clicking on the legislative links on this page, but until then, the only way to stop them is by reaching them before they make that big mistake.  That’s why our photos are there.

When people click on one of our cats pictures they are brought to our site and can learn the truth about the exotic animal industry from someone who isn’t trying to sell them a baby tiger cub.  We get scores of letters every week from people who say they were so glad that we provided this information to them so that they didn’t add to the suffering through their own ignorance. is one of the biggest “senders” of Internet traffic to our site.  We do not pay for the listings and we do not offer animals for sale.   All we have done is post our photos with links back to our web site.

Not everyone agrees that this is the best way to reach these people but until we find a better way, we will continue to divert people from GotPetsOnline to our site, in our ongoing efforts to end the suffering and abuse through education.


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