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IL Ban Bobcat Pelt Sales

Ban the Sale of Bobcat Pelts in Illinois

We don’t know many people in IL so every single one of you makes a huge difference.

I usually try to make these things as easy as possible for our cat loving fans to do, but some states make it difficult.  Despite much opposition from people like you IL opened up bobcat hunting and trapping, so animal activists have countered with a bill to ban the sale of the pelts.

If they can’t profit from it, then it will reduce the number of bobcats who are tortured and killed.

Please save bobcats from suffering by taking the steps below:

Illinois supporters ONLY can support the bill by clicking here:


Here are the steps for showing support.



Fill out name and address info

Use “Big Cat Rescue” for Firm/Business etc (or however you’d like supporters to identify themselves)

My Bobcat is in Rehab TEE Black
Big Cat Rescue saves bobcats who have been injured and rehabs them for release back to the wild. Every shirt sold helps fund our bobcat rehab program.

Use “Citizen” or “Individual” for Title

Fill in email and phone info


Use “myself”


Check “Proponent”


Check “Record of Appearance Only”


Thank you for taking the time to help save bobcats in Illinois from hunters and trappers.  To learn why so many bobcats are being trapped in the U.S. read this report on the huge numbers of our native bobcats who are being trapped and killed to be sold in Russia.  Be ware, the images are graphic, but the numbers are even more frightening.

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