International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day 2018 is July 29

Please join Big Cat Rescue in raising crucial funds to help wild tigers in 3 different ways…and look grrrrreat doing it!

Big Cat Rescue will match the profit from your purchases of our 2018 International Tiger Day merchandise — and all donations you make on our International Tiger Day merchandise page — dollar for dollar up to $5000 and donate it to USFWS Tiger Conservation Fund, World Wildlife Fund and the Corbett Foundation. All three groups are doing amazing work to protect wild tigers in India. Details about their projects that you’ll be supporting are below.

Big Cat Rescue has designed a gorgeous, unique line of 2018 International Tiger Day merchandise that we know you’ll be proud to own and wear. WITH YOUR HELP, we hope to raise and donate $20,000 to the three projects to save wild tigers. Please click here to shop for this important cause and/or donate directly:

Shop International Tiger Day

USFWS Tiger Conservation Fund

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund is working to restore rhino and tiger populations to healthy numbers in the wild. Since 1994, the fund has supported groups engaged in conservation efforts to save these species. These efforts include fighting poaching, managing habitats and ecosystems, establishing nature reserves, developing community conservation initiatives, managing human-wildlife conflict, and raising public awareness. In 2017, the program provided funding to 57 projects in 14 countries totaling more than $4.8 million, which was matched by nearly $11.1 million in additional leveraged funds.

TRAFFIC/WWF Sniffer Dogs combating Illegal Wildlife Trade

Since 2008, TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade and monitoring network, and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), have embarked on an important journey to help raise and train sniffer dog squads to strengthen the anti-poaching and anti-trafficking measures of forest departments and other enforcement agencies concerned with the protection of tigers and other wildlife in India. Dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell that is almost one thousand times more sensitive than a humans, often giving them the ability to discriminate between the faintest odors and detect smells from both living species and raw materials, despite smugglers’ efforts to mask them. The dogs not only increase efficiency and detect hard-to-find substances, but their presence also provides a strong deterrent to traffickers and helps raise public awareness about the illegal wildlife trade. The illegal wildlife trade is a rapidly growing global “industry” run by highly organized criminal networks with an estimated worth of $19 billion per year. India plays a significant role in this illegal network, particularly as a source of tiger bones, used traditionally for Chinese medicine, and tiger skins, which command a high price on the international market. Illegal trade is often perceived as a lower risk Illegal activity by poachers and traders but puts the population of Indian tigers at high risk. By the end of 2017, 56 dogs had been successfully trained and deployed through this program.

Corbett Foundation targeting Open Farm Wells

The Corbett Foundation is a charitable non-profit and non-governmental organization solely committed to the conservation of wildlife. One important focus area of their work is the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, a key tiger habitat in India. The reserve currently has 2500 large open wells, many in the core tiger territory. These open farm wells, dug by villagers, are proving to be a deathtrap for wild animals including tigers and leopards when they accidentally fall into the wells and drown. In a targeted effort to protect big cats, the Corbett Foundation initiated a simple but effective project of installing chain-linked fencing around the wells, beginning with those in the core of the reserve. Big Cat Rescue has been a supporter of this project since 2016.


Fundraiser Update

Because of all of our wonderful supporters purchasing TJ tiger merchandise, the fundraiser, benefiting the Corbett Foundation, for International Tiger Day was a huge success. Between online sales and our $5,000 match, we were able to donate a grand total of $17,240 to this worthwhile cause. This donation will allow around 215 additional fences to be built on the reserve saving the lives of many big cats in the wild. Thank you!

International Tiger Day Was JULY 29, 2017


Please join us in saving wild tigers from drowning in open wells!

International Tiger Day 2017Big Cat Rescue will match the profit from your purchases of our International Tiger Day merchandise – and any donations you make on that merchandise page – dollar for dollar up to $5000 and donate it to the Corbett Foundation’s in situ work to protect wild tigers, leopards and other animals in India from falling into open farm wells. The funds will be used to construct fences around the wells, keeping the big cats from falling into these very deep wells and drowning.

Big Cat Rescue has designed a unique line of International Tiger Day merchandise featuring our very own TJ tiger to raise much-needed funds to construct fences around open wells in farming villages in India. Currently about 2500 of these open farm wells exist, many in the core zone of the Tiger Reserve. It costs approximately $100 to construct a fence around one well in India. WITH YOUR HELP, we hope to donate $10,000, which will fence in 100 wells and save wild tigers and leopards!

Order your International Tiger Day merchandise and/or donate here:

International Tiger Day

At top:  Example of fenced farm well in the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in India. Photo courtesy of Corbett Foundation

One specific area the Corbett Foundation is working on is the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Open farm wells, dug by villagers, in the buffer zone of the Tiger Reserve, are proving to be deathtraps for wild animals, with several cases reported of tigers and leopards drowning by accidentally falling into the open wells. The Corbett Foundation has initiated a project to install chain-link fencing around such open farm wells to prevent accidental drownings of tigers, leopards and other wild animals who fall into these deep, unmarked wells.

Endangered wild tigers and leopards in India already face enormous challenges to their survival…let’s help them remove one obstacle that we can control by fencing these open farms wells!

Big Cat Rescue will match the profit from the sales of our line of International Tiger Day merchandise – and any donations on our merchandise page – dollar for dollar up to $5000. It is our goal to send the Corbett Foundation a donation of $10,000 following International Tiger Day 2017 –July 29. As an added incentive, post a photo of yourself wearing or holding your International Tiger Day gear on our Facebook page on July 29 to be entered into a drawing for an original tiger paw print painting!!

Order your merchandise and/or donate here:

International Tiger Day

More about the Corbett Foundation:

The Corbett Foundation is a charitable, non-profit and non-governmental organization solely committed to the conservation of wildlife. They work towards a harmonious coexistence between human beings and wildlife across some of the most important wildlife habitats in India, namely Corbett Tiger Reserve, Kanha and Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserves, Kaziranga Tiger Reserve and around the Greater Rann of Kutch. Local Communities and wildlife share natural ecosystems and this often raises conflict, so the health and wellbeing of these communities are often directly linked to their willingness to participate in wildlife conservation efforts. The Corbett foundation has implemented its programs in over 400 villages in the last decade. Learn more at

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