Jacquian Williams Visits Big Cat Rescue

Jacquian Williams Took a Founder Tour with Carole Baskin


Celebrity Jacquian Williams Visits Big Cat Rescue
Celebrity Jacquian Williams Visits Big Cat Rescue

Jacquian Williams and his son visited for a quite private tour on April 1, 2012.  Says, Carole Baskin, “It was a very serene experience to walk amongst the cats and watch this gentle giant in his peaceful relationship with his son.  He seemed to be astounded at the suffering these cats have experienced in their “former lives” and I believe he will carry their message to others.”

TAMPA – It’s the NFC championship game angle everyone’s talking about on Fowler Avenue.

On one side, there are two former University of South Florida players filling prominent roles for the New York Giants — Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul and high-energy linebacker Jacquian Williams. What’s more, they played for the same junior college.

On the other side, Jim Leavitt, founding father of the Bulls’ program, is linebackers coach for the San Francisco 49ers.

Regardless of who wins Sunday’s game at Candlestick Park, USF football will be a story at Super Bowl XLVI.

Williams relates well to life in the shadows.

He was the 202nd overall player selected in last season’s draft. While Giants coach Tom Coughlin and staff did their due diligence on Pierre-Paul a year earlier, they also noticed Williams, known for his tenacity, open-field running ability and sincerity.

“We’d be working into the late night as coaches, talking about things, and Jacquian would be right there with us, listening, taking notes, asking questions,” Patrick said. “I think the Giants saw that. They did their homework and now they are rewarded.”

Earlier this season, Giants safety Deon Grant said Williams was playing like a first-rounder. Fellow linebacker Michael Boley described Williams as a “different cat.”

“Jacquian was never a guy in the newspaper or on ESPN,” Barrington said. “But his work ethic is through the roof. The way he plays football, that’s the way he lives his life.

“I just think the whole thing reflects well on USF football. We’re all going to see the benefits of this. This is the biggest stage there is in football, and our program will get put on the map. Those guys walked in our shoes.”

Patrick chuckled when he recalled part of his recruiting pitch to Pierre-Paul and Williams.

“I told them, ‘You guys both come with us and you’ll do great together. Who knows? Maybe you’ll play together in the NFL, too,’ ” Patrick said. “I guess some things are just meant to happen.”

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