White Serval Kongo



White Serval KongoMale White Serval


Male White-footed Serval.  One of only three White Servals in the world!

Date of Birth: 5/21/97

Kongo, littermate to Tonga, was born on Easy Street to parents Frosty and Nairobi. His mother is a normal serval, who has since been spayed, and his father is a White Footed Serval.  Kongo was the more social of the two.  He loves attention and will drool all over you when you pet him.  Kongo is also very playful, always chasing after bugs and even snakes.  He has caught more snakes (and garden hoses!) than any other cat out here.  Kongo injured his back and was ordered to be kept in a small cage for a week so that it could heal.  To soften the floor of the quarantine cage, we filled it with soft hay.  Kongo ate the hay and died overnight from colic, much like a horse would.  The gas from the ingested hay causes the stomach to twist and death occurs very quickly.  This was such a senseless loss and we will greatly miss this very rare and wonderful White Serval.


White Serval Kongo“To me, Kongo was the friendliest of the white Servals.  He was content to just sit with you.  He always looked happy to have the company and would purr: a rarity for a Serval!!  He was a nut about enrichment and his favorites were pine cones, he would chase and kill that pine cone for hours.  He was my favorite of the “ONGOs”.  “ONGOs” was our affectionate term for the 3 servals Mongo, Kongo and Bongo”…… Kathryn, Senior Volunteer Keeper

More Memorials at https://bigcatrescue.org/category/memorials/

White Serval Kongo

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