Male Bobcat

Date of Birth: 1995 – 6/11/1998

Lakota was a human in cat’s pajamas and is forever in my heart.

Tribute to Lakota

LakotaLakota’s Bleeding Hearts

The morning since you passed away

The night before that broke my heart

The Bleeding Heart bloomed full today

A birth from death we’re all a part

You bare escaped death oft before

So many prayers were said for you

Your birth was from death even more

Than most of your kind ever knew

You never knew your mother’s kiss

Nor could you know I wasn’t she

And never did you challenge this

As being what your life should be

Though you were sick and oft in pain

You met each day with strength anew

And never did you once complain

Of all your illness put you through

You gave me hope, when every morn

I’d come to see, with bated breath

For fear this was the day I’d mourn

To see if you had escaped death

For years now you had grown so strong

That each day I felt more assured

That we had overcome the wrong

Through love and faith we had endured

I called to you, but no reply…

And knew my heart was soon to break

Only death could part you and I

And this was more than I can take.

Carole Stairs Lewis 6/12/98


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