Lions on the Menu in Wichita Kansas

Chef’s Wildlife Bloodbath

Isn’t an Exciting ‘Experience’


There’s offensive, there’s really offensive, and then there’s what is happening next Tuesday in Wichita, KS.


Jason Febres, who in a case of profoundly insensitive delusion calls it “the Ultimate Dining Experience event of the year,” is going to slice and dice exotic animals from around the world and pretend the meal he’s creating is something chic and wonderful. As bad as it is that he is cooking bits and pieces of African lion and other species usually spared from North American dinner plates (alpaca, antelope, crocodile, hare, kangaroo and water buffalo), what might be worse is that enough people have agreed to pay $160 for the “experience” that it is sold outHow absolutely nauseating.


Please join us in condemning this kitchen calamity by letting the host restaurant, Taste & See, know that it should be ashamed of itself, its executive chef and his coming abomination. Make your e-mail as passionate and condemning as you can! (Without profanities or personal insults, of course!) You also can vent by calling the restaurant at (316) 771-7393.


At Born Free USA, we know a lot about the lion meat industry, and as we showed last year in our undercover investigation, it’s all bad. Everything about it stinks.


So does Febres’ “ultimate dining experience.” Please let him know how you feel — and don’t hold back!

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  1. This article hasn't produced a date. If it's true, that would be outrageous. How can anyone verify it, haven't been able to locate any pertinent link in google.

  2. Everyone one of these people that eats any of these animals has the risk of getting a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy caused by "prions" — abnormal proteins that eat holes in the brains of infected humans and animals. Everyone of them should get it as reciprocation !!

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