Male Siberian Lynx    Date of Birth: 5/97

Maverick arrived on Easy Street on 6/24/97, at three weeks of age, from a Canadian fur farm.

Died 11/29/1999

He was so badly infested with parasites that he was deaf and blind. He was immediately sponsored by Cheryl and Neal Stiebling, who christened him “Snoofus”, since he used his sense of smell to get around. His hearing and sight returned once the parasites were eliminated. Later, when risk of infection caused the amputation of one front leg, he was nursed and nurtured back to health by Easy Street’s weekday Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie Botell, who calls him Maverick. Whatever he is called, he is very much loved here and will always call Easy Street home.  He was diagnosed with Kidney failure in 1996 but through the heroic efforts of his Vet, Dr. Stacie Wadsworth, and Volunteers:  Stephanie Botell and Daniel Capiro he is still alive more than two years later.  We made a pact with Maverick to do everything in our power to keep him alive as long as that was his will, but if he ever decided it was too tough, we would let him go in peace.  He has a remarkable will to live and is fondly referred to as the six million dollar cat.

On November 29, 1999 Maverick gave up the will to live and was euthanized. He had refused to eat enough to survive and changing his medications did not reverse the situation as it had in the past. He fell asleep so peacefully.

This poem was sent to me by Stephanie Botell:

Do not cry for me, my friends

The sun is warm, the grass is soft,

The water is cool and sweet

Do not cry for me, my friends

I play with others

The joy and strength of my youth restored

Do not cry for me, my friends

Weep instead for the unloved, the unwanted

For I was neither

Do not cry for me, my friends

Remember the love that bonded us

And keep it in your heart

Do not cry for me, my friends

Until we next meet again,

When there will be only tears of joy,

As we are reunited in the light.


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