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Big Cat Rescue was in the Media 86 times in 2007

Directory of all Press and Media for Big Cat Rescue

431  12/31/07 Jackie Ripley, reporter for the St. Pete Times posted Big Cat Rescue’s reward offer at

430  12/31/07 The Dallas Morning News ran the story about Big Cat Rescue offering a $5,000 reward to catch the tiger killer.  Story by Marissa Alanis.

429  12/31/07 Monica and TJ at WFAA TV have run a couple of segments over the past weekend and are providing Big Cat Rescue will call-in tips to find the person responsible for shooting a tiger 5 times and leaving the body along side an apartment complex in Dallas, TX.

428  12/29/07 Justin included Big Cat Rescue as a must see destination in his new book called Orlando: The Family Guide.  This book has been a best seller in its category at Amazon.

427  12/29/07 Scott Lope was quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle as saying, “I’m 6 feet tall, and when we have a tiger stand up, they tower over me,” said Scott Lope, director of operations at Big Cat Rescue, a sanctuary with more than 100 felines in Tampa, Fla. “They’re easily able to stretch to 8 feet, and with a reach and an easy 4- or 5-foot jump, they’ve already spanned that distance.”

426 12/28/07 Carole Baskin was interviewed on 1340 AM Reaching Peak with Joseph Price.  Hear it HERE

425  12/26/07  Newsweek quoted Scott Lope several times in their coverage of the tragic Christmas day killing of a teen age boy, the mauling of two more and the death of an escaped tiger named Tatiana at the San Francisco Zoo HERE

424 12/26/07 Big Cat Rescue is being quoted around the world as being the primary source of information on big cat attacks as there is no governmental agency tasked with even knowing where the big cats are, much less the incidents caused by the flawed or non existant regulations that allow their captivity.  More in the Star-Banner and HERE

423  12/26/07  Scott Lope was interviewed by the tigers at Big Cat Rescue in a local follow up story by ABC Action News that ran on their evening news HERE

422  12/26/07 KGO Newstalk 810 AM interviewed Big Cat Rescue’s Scott Lope on Why Tigers Attack.  Hear it HERE

421  12/26/07 WCBSTV quoted our stats and gave us credit in their coverage of the story below.

420 12/26/07 Carole Baskin was invited to WKTV’s online chat about the man killed and two others mauled by an escaped tiger at the San Fran Zoo yesterday.  Read it HERE

419 12/26/07 Action News 10 interviewed Scott Lope about the zoo visitor who was mauled to death on Christmas day at the San Francisco Zoo.

418 12/25/07  Ch 8 WFLA interviewed Scott Lope and contrasted our superior training and security measures to that of zoos and particularly those where tigers have escaped.  See Scott Lope on Ch. 8

417  12/25/07 Jeffrey Birnbaum, columnist for the Washington Post spotlighted our pro bono, DC Lobbiest, Paul Miller and his great work for Big Cat Rescue to end the trade in big cats as pets.

416  12/21/07 The St. Pete Times listed the Big Cat Rescue Kids Tour as THE thing to do this Saturday.

415  12/18/07  At the premiere of MIdnight Clear, at the historic Tampa Theater, Big Cat Rescue was credited on the stage, mentioning (four times!) that the Fur Ball is the best party in town, and was the birthplace of the idea that resulted in having Stephen Baldwincome in person to Tampa to the opening of his Christmas film that deals with suicide prevention through random acts of kindness.  He signed a copy of his new book, The Usual Suspects for us and posed with Howard and Carole during the VIP reception that was provided by Teasdale Worldwide.

414 12/15/07 Erika Vidal of South Tampa and 813 Magazine did a feature story on Big Cat Rescue at the suggestion of Gulf Coast Insurance.  It was a beautiful, full color, two page spread.

413 12/12/07 Channel 8′s Daytime star, Dave Nemeth filmed a segment at Big Cat Rescue.

412 12/11/07 The History Channel‘s Monster Quest interviewed Big Cat Rescue experts in their quest to solve the mystery of “black panther’ sightings acrosss America.  See Monster Quest: Lions in the Suburbs.

411 11/21/07 Channel 10‘s Randy Rauch came out to give turkeys to the big cats for Thanksgiving and says Big Cat Rescue is one of his favorite places to go.  See it HERE

410  12/17/07 The Tampa Tribune mentioned Big Cat Rescue in Resolve To Make A Difference In The Bay Area.
Feed the big cats, clean their cages or give tours at Big Cat Rescue.

409 12/8/07 Working Dog News covered Big Cat Rescue’s involvement in helping to save the Snow Leopards.  More HERE

408  11/17/07 The New York Daily Times Pet Vet columnist, Stacey Hershman, D.V.M, recommended Big Cat Rescue as one of only two sanctuaries she endorsed for holiday giving.

407  11/17/07 The St. Pete Times published seven letters supporting Big Cat Rescue and even though the letters were shortened, it was kind of them to print the common sense response to the controversy HERE

406  11/12/07 Donna J. Miller, reporter for the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, OH wrote about the rescue of the lions and tigers by Big Cat Rescue from Gambier, OH.  Read it HERE

405  11/11/07 Leonora LaPeter Anton, reported in the St. Pete Times a four page expose on the magnitude of the rampant exotic pet trade in dangerous big cats, primates and others in Florida.  This story covered almost the entire front page and three more full pages and included an online map to show where all of the Class I animals are kept in the surrounding Tampabay area.  Read it all HERE

404 11/6/07 Southeastern Group Tour Magazine did an article called Feline Encounters. Read it HERE

403 11/5/07 Carole Baskin was interviewed by Phyllis Botti and Barbara Niven, star of many movies and the One Life to Live and Pensacola series, on her radio show at BigMediaUSA.

402 10/27/07 The Tampa Tribune noticed Big Cat Rescue in  Event Goes With The Flow.
Among the other 18 exhibitors were Big Cat Rescue, Crystal Springs Preserve and Nature’s Classroom. ‘It’s a good way to showcase Temple Terrace.

401 10/25/07 Howard Baskin had a feature article written about his work at Big Cat Rescue by Kerry Hannon in U.S. News & World Report.  Read it HERE

400 10/24/07 The front page headline in the Carrollwood/Northdale/Cheval Community News read “Fur Ball, best charity event ever!” was a quarter page write up by Marcia Stone.

399 10/23/07 PR Newswire reported Big Cat Rescue’s daring rescue of six lions and tigers from a now defunct tiger trainer camp in OH.  Read it HERE.  Our page HERE.

398 10/23/07 Dana Wilson of the Columbus Dispatch covered the transfer of the six lions and tigers from Gambier, OH to Big Cat Rescue HERE. Our page HERE.

397 Beth Gaddis of did a story on the rescue of six lions and tigers where four of them were given a permanent home at Big Cat Rescue HERE. Our page HERE.

396 10/22/07 Pamela Schehl of the Mount Vernon News reported on the rescue of six lions and tigers in OH by Big Cat Rescue.

395 10/21/07 The rescue of six lions and tigers by Big Cat Rescue aired on WFLA. Our page HERE.

394 10/19/07 Amy Scherzer did a great follow up article in the St. Pete Times with photos of Bo Derek, Frank Sanchez, Maddy Krasne and Clark Jordan-Holmes. Bo Derek was quoted as announcing on stage, “I’ve been all over the world, but the 100-plus big cats living at Big Cat Rescue are the happiest cats I’ve ever seen!” Amy also noted Rep. Kevin Ambler, Commissioner Ken Hagan and Tom Pepin were having a ball whaling away on the bongo drums.  More about the 2007 Fur Ball.

393 10/18/07 The Tampa Tribune‘s Scene & Heard section headline read, “Fur Ball Scores a 10 For Big Cat Rescue” and mentioned that our 700 guests witnessed Bo Derek receiving the Big Cat Rescue Guardian Angel Award for her work in saving wild animals as special envoy to the Coalition Against Wildlife Trafficking.  Photos included Bo Derek, Gina Hopf, Tanya Rogers, and Sheriff Coats wife, Cat and son Jay posing with Cathy Mayeski.

392 10/12/07 Cynthia Smoot from Fox 13 interviewed Bo Derek during her tour of Big Cat Rescue given by Howard Baskin.

391 10/12/07 Chad Guthrie quoted Carole Baskin in his article about crazy people who keep big cats as pets in the Miami New Times.

390 10/10/07 Pegi Dahl, reporter for Tampabay CEO Magazine profiled Carole Baskin in She’s A Tiger and discussed Haley’s Act, a bill to ban big cat abuse.

389 10/4/07 Fox 13′s Bill Murphy says Big Cat Rescue is his favorite One Tank Trip and does a show at the sanctuary.

388 9/30/07 Carole Baskin was interviewed by Phoebe at Cox Radio’s 97X about Big Cat Rescue’s recent bobcat, tiger and lion rescues and the Fur Ball.

387 9/26/07 Jennifer Bush and Jessica Allen from Big Cat Rescue were interviewed onAd2Tampabay TV about the Fur Ball.

386 9/11/07 CW 44’s Community Affairs ShowBaySide interviewed Big Cat Rescue’s operations manager, Scott Lope about the upcoming Fur Ball.

385 Accent on Tampa Bay Magazine ran a full page ad for our Fur Ball as their donation to the cause.

384 Fox 13′s Cynthia Smoot promotes the 2007 Fur Ball on Fox 13 Tampabay.  This PSA runs continually until the October 12th Fur Ball.

383 Brighthouse is running 25 PSA’s per week about Big Cat Rescue on several of their cable stations. See the PSA here:  Version 1 and Version 2

382 8/28/07 Tony Katz interviewed Carole Baskin on radio 1340AM about the Michael Vick dog fighting case.  Thanks to Laura Bevan from HSUS and Heather Veleanu from ARFFCarole was able to describe the scope of fight dog training, how domestic pets are often stolen and used as bait, how organized crime is involved and the pervasiveness of the industry. Tony Katz is also a donor to our Fur Ball and has been promoting it on air too.

381 8/20/07  See us on Current TV!  Our Sand Cat Species Spotlight will also be playing on Tuesday 8/21/07.  They tend to re-run popular news, so ours has been recurring there regularly for a while. Check Current.TV for TV times in your area.

380 8/16/07 Jim Hill at Fox 13 News did a great story on the rescue of an emaciated bobcat from an industrial park in Tampa where the construction of the airport and interstate exchange has plowed under the last of this cat’s habitat.  More HERE

379 7/31/07 Jeff Golimowski, Senior Staff Writer for Washington’s CNS News covered the annual Taking Action for Animals Conference. He quoted Carole Baskin in saying that extremists are making it more difficult for those wanting to help animals to work within the system. “It is a challenge because when you have one bad person, you tend to all get painted with the same brush,” she said. “That’s like saying every Christian is a member of the KKK.”  This article ran in several media outlets. Read it HERE.

378 7/17/07 Lisa Lerer, reporter for the D.C. paper called The Politico did an article called Lobbyist Feels Good by Doing Good about the pro bono work Paul Miller is doing for Big Cat Rescue on Haley’s Act.  Read it HERE.

377 07/07/07 Susan Schooleman reported in Times At Home that Big Cat Rescue was in the Top 3 Cool things to do in the Tampabay area.  We were only outranked by Adventure Island (a water park) and the area’s world famous beaches.

376 7/1/07 Parenting Magazine featured Tampabay Buccaneer Quarterback, Chris Simms’ visit to Big Cat Rescue with the orphans from the Children’s Home on the cover of their magazine and gave us a huge two page spread with photos.

375 7/1/07 St. Pete Times reporter Sarah Rosenbaum quoted Carole Baskin on the impact of the new 10,000 bond requirement as saying  ”We think it’s been a long time coming.” The money will force “roadside zoos and pseudo-sanctuaries” to take more responsibility for their charges.  The law is intended to provide some liability coverage in case an animal endangers others or causes property damage.  This article ran in a dozen or so other media outlets as well.

374 6/19/07 Tampabay Buccaneer’s Quarterback Chris Simms brought kids from the Children’s Home to Big Cat Rescue for the second time.  Big Cat Rescue is the only venue the Wild Adventures program will repeat this year mostly because the Buc QB enjoyed it so much the first time around. Simms has been back on his own several times and has told his teammates of the location whenever possible. Last year, he took wide receiver Joey Galloway with him to the sanctuary when Galloway’s parents were in town for a visit. I think Big Cat Rescue is my favorite,” said Simms of the various Wild Adventure stops. “I really enjoy it. It’s a great learning experience.” Read online HERE

373 6/18/2007 Big Cat Rescue’s Anasazi did a stand in for a wild bobcat in a Ch. 8 / store HERE

372 6/12/07 Big Cat Rescue’s recent appearence in Tampa Bay’s Best Magazine was the topic of conversation on WDAE 620 Sports Animal, by Ian Beckles on the Ron and Ian Show.

371 6/11/07 began running free ads for this year’s Fur Ball with Bo Derek and Cynthia Smoot.

370 6/9/07 Judith Worley of USA Travel Magazine did a wonderful feature on visiting Big Cat Rescue.  Read it HERE

369 6/9/07 Carole Baskin was quoted by National Geographic on the plight of leopards in India.

368 6/8/07 The Orlando Sentinel published Carole Baskin’s letter to the editor about the tiger mascot abuse at LSU.  Read her letter HERE

367 6/4/07 In the Travel section of the Tampa Tribune Karen Haymon Long devoted two pages to the Mustagh Ata climb by Adventure Outfitters to benefit the Snow Leopards at Big Cat Rescue.  Read more about the climb and how you can help HERE

366 6/2/07 Tampa Bay’s Best Magazine did three articles and an ad on Big Cat Rescue in their latest edition.  They announced our 15th Anniversary of the sanctuary, showcased Howard and Carole Baskin as Best Dressed and did a nice article on the cats and our mission.

365 6/1/07 Southeastern Group Tour Magazine did a two page article on things to to in the Tampabay area called The Perfect Mix and, of course, Big Cat Rescue was included.

364 5/25/07 Katherine Fletcher, reporter forCapital PARENT Magazine, did two stories about Big Cat Rescue.  In one she listed it with San Diego’s Wild Animal Park and Canada’s Montreal Biodome as best places to visit.  She went on to differential between zoos and sanctuaries and between real sanctuaries, like Big Cat Rescue that do not breed, sell or exploit animals and pseudo sanctuaries that are merely a cover for back yard menageries and road side zoos.

363 5/18/07 Fox 13′s Cynthia Smoot covers the rescue of the last four tigers from Savage Kingdom by Big Cat Rescue. Click image to play or click HERE.

362 4/30/07 Laura Lluellyn-Lassiterwas featured on Studio 10, our local CBS affiliate and mentioned Big Cat Rescue twice in her interview.  She was also on CBS two more times on May 2 and promised to mention Big Cat Rescue on those interviews as well.

361 4/18/07 To celebrate Earth Day Karey Burek, reporter for the Observer News did a very nice article about Big Cat Rescue.  Read it HERE.

360 4/14/07 Big Cat Rescue was featured on the Ms. Adventure Show called Communication.  This show will probably only air once, as Ms. Adventure is being cancelled, but you can write to Animal Planet and ask them to give Big Cat Rescue their own show HERE.

359 4/14/07 WEDU aired the interview that followed Big Cat Rescue’s win of the People Choice Award on Ch. 3 in the 16 county area of central Florida.  Cathy Unruh interviewed Carole Baskin.  This also aired on the 9th and the 17th.

358 4/13/07 Scott Lope was interviewed on Ad2 Tampabay by the AdCast.  See the entire interview HERE.

357 4/6/07 TampaBay Lightning player, Luke Richardson, has been to Big Cat Rescue so many times that he practically gave the tour himself on T.V. and it aired before theLightning Ice Time show on the Sunsports Network.  See our video version of Luke’s visit HERE.

356 3/22/07 Miami’s AM 940 WINZ Radio show by Jim DeFede was hosted by his producer Nicole Sandler and featured Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue and Heather Veleanu of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida on the topic of exotic pets running wild in Florida.  Listen to it HERE.

355 3/20/07 ABC news interviewed Scott Lope, Operations Manager for Big Cat Rescue about why so many Florida bobcats are being hit by cars.  Watch it online HERE.

354 3/9/07  Stephen Guilfoyle, Editor of the News & Reporter reported that opponents of Tiger World watched a presentation that included a video clipfrom Big Cat Rescue.  He went on to say, “The spokesman on the video says some of the things that zoology experts have told The News & Reporter about private ownership groups. Jaunakais originally talked about breeding her cats, but the experts said that is a sure test to determine that a group is not into saving or conserving the species.  There are actually too many big cats in private ownership, and there is no need to breed more, the spokesman on the video showed (Brian Czarnik, BOD of Big Cat Rescue). Breeding is a sign that a private owner has other motives than conservation. Others are allowing people to view the animals as well as taking the animals off-site for exhibitions.”

353 3/7/07 Scott Lope was interviewed on the Bill O’Reilly Show on Fox 13 which aired coast to coast on the issue of public feeding of carnivores.

352 2/18/07 Carole Baskin’s letter to the editor about exotic pet incidents was posted in the Baltimore Times-Herald.  Read it HERE

351 2/12/07 Austin, TX the PR Web hosted an article by Suzann Kale favoring faux fur fashions and quoted “Nice Girls Fake It” and “Go Cool vs. Cruel this Year” say the Big Cat Rescue people.

350 1/29/07 The Fur Ball was featured with photos in the Tampa Tribune‘s Scene and Heard section.

349 1/24/07 One of our interns, Claudia Perryman, who has come back from the UK for her third internship, was featured on the cover of the Carrollwood News and a full page in the Town N Country News, which are both carried as inserts in the Tampa Tribune‘s NW editions.

348 1/23/07 IFAW’s Josephine Martell, FWCC’s Lt. Patrick Reynolds and Big Cat Rescue’s Carole Baskin, were interviewed by Radio WLRN’s Joseph Cooper, in Miami, about the mauling of the little girl in Coral Gables by a cougar that was brought as a party prop to the home of Goya Foods CEO in December.

347 1/17/07 The Carrollwood Gazette devoted a quarter page to promoting Big Cat Rescue.

346 1/16/07 The San Francisco Chronicle wrote “One proponent of public feeding is Carole Baskin, chief executive officer of Big Cat Rescue, a sanctuary with more than 100 felines in Tampa, Fla. “We do public feedings to show people that the cats they may have seen elsewhere on leashes, doing tricks or posing for photos, become entirely different animals in the presence of food,” Baskin said. “When a person sees a tiger crunch through a cow femur like it was a potato chip, they can visualize what some part of their body would look like in the cat’s mouth.”She is hoping that such visceral displays will end the demand for big cats as props or pets and put breeders out of business.” Read the story HERE

345 1/14/07 Carole Baskin was posted in the Indy Star in response to an article about a cougar that escaped from Joe Taft’s Exotic Feline Rescue.

344 1/13/07 In the summer of 2006 Dan Mazur and his team rescued Lincoln Hall 800 ft. from the summit of Mt. Everest! His story and true heroism made world news! Today he came to share his story with a group of about 60 at Big Cat Rescue.  Channel 10interviewed
him and Howard Baskin about why he had traveled from CA to FL to share his story with us.

343 1/10/07 Scott Lope and Carole Baskin were interviewed by Carrollwood Newsreporter, Sherri Lonon.  The story ran in the NW Tampa Tribune.

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