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Big Cat Rescue has been covered favorably in the media more than 257 times in 2014 and more than 1850 times in our history! Below are the news stories from 2014. To see earlier years go to Media.

1/2/14 Tribune shows Big Cat Rescue in their list of destinations to see in 2014.

1/6/14 Bystanders were quick to help bobcat hit by vehicle in Winter Haven.

1/8/14 Video of Cincinnati OH zoo’s 9-week old ocelot kitten playing with his toys.

1/13/14 Video of farewell to Flavio the world’s oldest tiger.

1/19/14 Unable to open video of cat bloopers at Big Cat Rescue.

1/21/14 Video of white tiger who loves to swim

1/23/14 Video of rescued white tiger loving the water.

1/23/14 Zabu the white tiger having a lot more fun that you.

1/27/14 Video of lion’s roar.

2/1/14 Video of how to hug a lion.

2/2/14 Cougar hugging ball and looks like trying to hatch it.

2/6/14 USDA should revoke Federal license of nation’s largest big cat breeder which is GW Exotic Animal Park in OK.

2/7/14 Video of how to hug a lion.

2/7/14 Video of how to hug a lion.

2/12/14 Big Cat Rescue is one of the Mental-Floss Team’s favorite things to do in Tampa.

2/14/14 Penn State small and exotic animal club promotes responsible pet ownership.

2/16/14 Bobcat healing at Big Cat Rescue after Winter Haven vehicle strike.

2/26/14 Rapper Mally Mall keeps a variety of exotic animals including pet serval

3/6/14 MarchForLions event to raise awareness.

3/6/14 Exhausted tiger cub at fair need your help.

3/9/14 Each animal are unique in this photo gallery.

3/13/14 MarchForLions

3/15/14 Things to do in Tampa – Big Cat Rescue

3/17/14 Video on why you should never turn your back on a big cat.

3/17/14 Cypress, bob cat euthanized

3/18/14 Never turn your back on a big cat.

3/21/14 What to know before visiting an animal sanctuary

3/22/14 March For Lions

3/27/14 Tiger spending retirement at Big Cat Rescue

4/5/14 Big Cat scare pranks. Three cheers for poop pickers

4/6/14!FKFbo Big cats versus toilet paper

4/8/14 Video of big cats playing with toilet paper

4/8/14 Imgur visit to Big Cat Rescue

4/8/14 Wild cats versus toilet paper

4/8/14 Wild cats versus toilet paper

4/11/14 Cheetaro get grumpy while waiting for dinner

4/11/14 HR excited about sponsoring Big Cat Rescue as 2014 charitable cause

4/14/14 Why you should never turn your back on big cats

4/14/14 Big cats acting like house cats

4/15/14 Big cats getting Easter baskets at Big Cat Rescue

4/15/14 Big cats getting Easter baskets at Big Cat Rescue

4/15/14 Video of funny, crazy big cat sounds

4/19/14 Sad passing of China Doll, tiger

4/20/14 Big Cat Rescue interns come from around the world

4/20/14 Andre and Arthur – which one’s which

4/20/14 LaWanna Mitchell’s grocery list app

4/20/14 Big cats with angry birds and golden eggs

4/20/14 Lions and leopards get their Easter baskets

4/22/14 l Video on how to feed 100 big cats

4/23/14 f=10 Human Society welcomes Big Cat Rescue to the vendor line

4/23/14 Big cats receive Halloween pumpkins

4/24/14 Rocky, the bobcat, not a hybrid

4/25/14 Article not found about problem with ligers

4/25/14[YClR0bMb0h4].cfm How to feed 100 big cats

4/29/14 Where Grandma can have a good time

4/29/14 In Citrus Park Big Cat Rescue offers safari experience

4/29/14 Angry birds, Big Cats and golden eggs

4/30/14 Creating a better world: celebs, brands and charity

5/1/14 Volunteers at Big Cat help exotic cats

5/1/14 Big Cat versus piñata

5/1/14 Why RainBowCon choose Big Cat Rescue as their charity

5/2/14 Why Big Cat pushed to make it illegal to declaw cats

5/2/14 Why breeding for white tigers needs to stop

5/7/14 Big Cat Rescue beat out by MOSI on Give Day Tampa Bay

5/7/14 Big Cat Rescue’s facts about lions

5/7/14 Video of intern talking with big cats entitle “Undercover Investigation”

5/8/14 Philadelphia Zoo unveils walkways for their big cats

5/8/14 Video of planning for “Smaller Wildcat Vacation”

5/11/14 Patrick’s Day for TIGERS! Video of big cats with St Patrick’s Day toys

5/12/14 Why big cats love Porsches because of their fast response to remove live big cats from display

5/13/14 Porsches tells dealers to cease using live tigers

5/14/14 Big Cat Rescue quickly contacts Porsches to not use live tigers to promote their cars

5/14/14 Porsche nixes use of tigers to promote cars

5/15/14 Similarities between domestic and wild cats

5/15/14 Porsche tells dealers not to use tigers to promote cars

5/15/14 Porsche reprimanded dealer for using live tiger cubs to promote cars

5/15/14 Are big cats just bigger version of domestic

5/15/14 Porsche asked dealers not to use live tigers

5/16/14 Domestic and big cats more alike than you realize

5/16/14 Porsche dealership will not showcase tigers

5/16/14 Lion roar can be heard 5 miles away

5/16/14 Porsche dealer nixes use of live tiger

5/16/14 A five-year old’s first trip to Big Cat Rescue

5/16/14 Difference between house-cats and tigers

5/16/14 Meet Carole Baskin

5/18/14 House cats and big cats are more alike than you realize

5/18/14 Video showing similarities between house cats and tigers

5/26/14 NY rescue of three tigers.

5/27/14 NY rescue of three tigers.

5/27/14 NY rescue of three tigers.

5/28/14 Big Cat Rescue leopard enjoying enrichment with mens body spray.

5/28/14 NY rescue of three tigers.

5/28/14 Cubs destined to die in canned hunts.

5/28/14 Mac the cougar “talking” to reporters.

5/29/14 NY rescue of three tigers.

5/29/14 NY rescue of three tigers.

5/29/14 NY rescue of three tigers.

5/30/14 NY rescue of three tigers.

6/2/14 Exotic pet ownership across the country.

6/2/14 Video entitled “Never turn your back on a big cat” by Chris Poole.

6/2/14 Big Cat TV on Canadian lynx home improvements.

6/5/14 Read Big Cat Times online

6/5/14 HR Florida partners with Big Cat Rescue.

6/5/14 Call of the Wild Night at Big Cat Rescue.

6/10/14 Kimba being sedated.

6/10/14 NY rescue of three tigers.

6/11/14 Tony the Tiger needs help.

6/13/14 Bobcat looks sweet but isn’t showing his love.

6/13/14 ABC Charity Navigator rates best and worst of Tampa charities.

6/18/14 Foster Kitten program at Big Cat Rescue.  Video at

6/21/14 Prehistoric to Predatory Wild Things – things to see in Tampa.

6/21/14 NY rescue of three tigers.

6/25/14 Taking the kids to Big Cat Rescue.

6/25/14 Video of Big Cat eating popsicles.

6/26/14 Video of Big Cat eating popsicles

6/27/14 ALDF bill to ban hybrids

6/30/14 California asks to regulate “Franken-Cats”

6/30/14 “If its fits, I sits” funny big cats in boxes

7/2/14 Joe Schreibvogel interview

7/2/14 Big cats staying cool with popsicles

7/3/14–big-cat-popsicles-and-fetching-the-mail-518293206 Big Cats eating popsicles and fetching mail

7/3/14 Big cats video of eating popsicles

7/4/14 “Tiger Selfie Ban” will save tiger cubs

7/4/14 “Tiger Selfie Ban” will protect tiger bans

7/6/14 Animals say it best with selfies

7/7/14 Spend a day with Carole Baskin at Big Cat Rescue

7/7/14 Joseph the lion’s story of abuse

7/8/14 Big Cat Rescue largest sanctuary

7/9/14 Traits compared of domestic to big cats

7/10/14 Closest you’ll ever get to a 130# cougar.

7/10/14 Big Cat Rescue rated four stars

7/10/14 Big Cat Rescue of Kimba, Keisha, Zeus

7/10/14 Big Cat Rescue making a difference

7/13/14 Tiger Selfies banned

7/13/14 Five videos showing big cat like little cats

7/13/14 Eleven ways big cats like little cats

7/16/14 Different rescues done by Big Cat over the past 12 months

7/19/14 Spanish article on Big Cat Easter

7/19/14 Video of lion’s roar that can be heard 5 miles away

7/21/14 Tourism Faux Pas you didn’t know you were making

7/21/14 Voters helped push government law to protect big cats

7/21/14 Liger article

7/21/14 Video of big cats eating popsicles

7/21/14 Villagers rescue leopard trapped in well

7/22/14 Debate over do big cats like water

7/22/14 Cost of tiger baby playtime

7/23/14 Big cats like popsicles

7/25/14 Exotic cats at BCR article by Jenna and Micah of WanderTheMap

7/26/14 The Serval is called the “cat of spare parts”.

7/26/14 Cat in iPhone case

7/26/14 Hybrid cat problem

7/28/14 Bidding on picture of the King of Concrete Jungle

7/29/14 Port Richey Tattoo Studio hosts benefit for BCR

7/30/14 Sand Cat 14th birthday

7/31/14 Video of Sand Cat birthday party

7/31/14 Standing Art and Art Galley Tattoo shops do charity for BCR

7/31/14 Nikita lioness story

7/31/14 Nikita lioness story

8/1/14 Video of strange couple – Cameron and Zabu

8/3/14 Tigers disappearing from their habitat – how we can save them.

8/3/14 Big cat and popsicles

8/4/14 Kenny, a white tiger with deformities

8/4/14 Why the US needs to ban big cat ownership

8/4/14 Are domestic cats like tigers?

8/5/14 Hamburger Mary fundraiser for BCR

8/5/14 Pictures of cats at BCR

8/6/14 Sad truth behind some animal sanctuaries

8/6/14 Sad truth about abuse in some big cat sanctuaries

8/8/14 Big cats versus pinatas

8/11/14 Volunteers help big cats

8/12/14 NY law bans tiger selfies

8/12/14 NY law bans tiger selfies

8/12/14 NY law bans tiger selfies

8/12/14 NY law bans tiger selfies

8/12/14 NY law bans tiger selfies

8/12/14 NY law bans tiger selfies

8/12/14 NY law bans tiger selfies

8/12/14!nbY Scott Lope talking about Jungle cats

8/12/14 NY bans tiger selfies

8/13/14 NY bans tiger selfies

8/13/14 Undercover investigation of volunteers at BCR

8/13/14 Why you shouldn’t pay for big cat experiences

8/14/14 NY bans tiger selfies

8/14/14 NY bans tiger selfies

8/14/14 Why you shouldn’t pay for big cat experiences

8/15/14 Tatto shop raises funds for BCR

8/16/14 Poll on do you support ownership or ban on hybrid cat breeds

8/16/14 Video of Canyon the Sand Cat at BCR

8/22/14 Ringling and Barnam-Bailey exposed as cruelest show on earth

8/25/14 Article about violations of animal welfare in Alabama

8/26/14 Tatoo shop in Port Richey raises funds for Big Cat Rescue.

8/27/14 The stories of Reise and JoJo.

8/28/14 Big reason for big cats being given up is divorce.

8/28/14 Fight over tiger selfies.

8/31/14 Why some people donate to Big Cat Rescue

9/5/14 Tatoo shop donates to Big Cat Rescue

9/7/14 Help Tony the Tiger come to Big Cat Rescue

9/10/14 Mickey Cougar rescued

9/11/14 Five animals that are victims of the exotic pet trade

9/17/14 Kali, tiger, rescued

9/17/14 Big Cat Rescue has over 85 million hits

10/2/14 Mickey the cougar responding

10/4/14 Mystery cats

10/7/14 News 10 warning on leopard enclosure

10/7/14 What is Big Cat Rescue?

10/7/14 Mike Tyson would love another big cat

10/8/14 Chris Poole and cat moving to California

10/8/14 Big cats love pumpkins

10/10/14 cats in Vacation Rotation

10/10/14 Crowdfunding helps cats in Vacation Rotation

10/10/14–Pets-Crowdfunding/id-7d9391f183da4b02be032b0fdd7d44fd Crowdfunding helps Vacation Rotation

10/10/14 Small donations help boost projects

10/10/14 Small donations help Vacation Rotation

10/10/14 Crowdfunding helps non-profits

10/12/14 Small donations help non-profit

10/14/14—–Meet-the-LEOPARDS-of-Big-Cat-Rescue—-.html Meet the leopards at Big Cat Rescue

10/14/14 Crowding funding helps animal projects

10/14/14 Bengali plays with Halloween mummy

10/14/14 Bengali with Halloween mummy

10/14/14 Crowd funding helps animal projects

10/14/14 Big Cat Rescue helps track ligers

10/17/14 Small cats have Halloween enrichment

10/22/14 Haunted Houses of Tampa Bay – Murder House loves Big Cat Rescue

10/23/14 BCR Haunted Trail

10/23/14 Animals and pumpkins

10/25/14 Small donations help animals.

10/27/14 Keeping animals in captivity

10/27/14 Pumpkin carving at BCR

10/29/14 BCR gets their Halloween pumpkins

10/29/14 Why you should never pet a baby tiger or lion

10/31/14 Things to do in Tampa Bay

11/4/14 BCR puts Halloween decorations to great use

11/4/14 Pumpkins like cat toys for big cats

11/4/14 Cruelest show on earth 11/4/14 Pumpkins for boredom

11/5/14 Milwaukee zoo jaguars

11/10/14 Small cat enrichment

11/14/14 Pumpkin pie anyone?

11/16/14 Need Federal Animal Welfare Act overhaul

11/18/14 BCR attack pumpkins

11/19/14 Big cats play soccer

11/20/14 Facts about captive exotic cats

11/21/14 Do tigers like cinnamon?

11/23/14 Big Cat Rescue Text Only Poster

12/2/14 2014 Charity Big Cat Rescue

12/3/14 Ten videos of happiest rescued cats at Big Cat Rescue

12/7/14 How tigers celebrate Christmas

12/9/14 Overview of tours at Big Cat Rescue

12/17/14 For a voice of those that cannot speak for themselves we introduce Big Cat Rescue

12/17/14 Watch exotic cats open their Christmas presents

12/17/14 Bengali tiger vs the Mummy

12/17/14 No more tiger selfies

12/21/14 Ariel’s rescue

12/22/14 Exotic cats tear into Christmas presents

12/24/14 Giving catnip to lions, tigers, etc

12/27/14 Video of tigers and lions at Big Cat Rescue

12/29/14 Big cats make bad pets.

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