Reasons to support Big Cat Rescue

 We make your donation count.  It costs $500,000.00 per year to keep our sanctuary alive.  Here you can actually see the difference your money makes. People are always amazed at the progress they see when they are away for even a few months. We use your donations to provide a better life for the cats and to combat the causes of animal abuse.  For a complete breakdown of how our money is spent go to Finances.

We are reaching a broad section of the global population.  According to a web tracking report on our main web site  that has been tracking visitors since July 20, 1999:  We average over 108,000 hits per day throughout our site from 83 countries.  Twenty one percent of our on line visitors are from foreign countries.  This web site is translated and posted in German and Spanish to better assist the Deutsch and Spanish speaking population.  We have received several awards for our educational content.

Our guests range from foreign business owners to kindergarteners.  In the past three years, 455 of our guests at the physical facility in Tampa were from abroad.  We have about 26,000 visitors annually, not counting all of the school children that we do presentations for.  We provided 70+ school programs each year and continue to provide at least 12 of them each year for free to do our part in bringing the wonder of wildlife into the under privileged areas.

We are saving habitat for wildlife.  We assist range countries in replanting efforts and in guiding them in sound animal husbandry practices.

We are saving wild cats in the wild.  We are involved in an advisory capacity in several countries’ efforts to save their native cats in the wild.  These projects include saving Snow Leopards in the Himalayas, Ocelots, Tigrina, Geoffroy Cats, and Jaguarundi and Pampas Cats in Mexico, Brazil and Central America, Puma and Jaguar in Costs Rica, the Bay Cat in the Philippines, Pallas Cats in Mongolia, the Clouded Leopard and Leopard Cats in S.E. Asia, the Black Footed Cats in Africa and the Sand Cats in the middle east.

 We rescue animals from all over the world.  Of the 200 animals that we have rescued and still have in our care, 5 were rescued from Canada, 2 were rescued from Germany and 91 were rescued from 18 states other than Florida.  Those states include AL-5, CA-9, GA-2, IN-2, KS-2, KY-2, MN-8, MO-13, NE-7, NV-1, OH-6, OK-10, OR-3, SC-7, TN-4, TX-2, VA-6, WI-2.  (- ___ indicates the number of animals in from state)

We are training people to be better animal stewards.  Our volunteer program is unequalled in the quality of training that we offer.  We offer Summer Camp to children of all ages to teach them about responsibility and respect for life.  We send our staff and volunteers to classes and global conferences to learn and to share what we have learned.  We want people to take a better understanding of the animals away from their experience here.  Our mission is to stop the causes that result in so many unwanted, abandoned and abused animals.

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