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Male Leopard

DOB 1995 – 2/23/15

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 1/1/02

Reno is a very agile, golden spotted leopard who arrived at Big Cat Rescue in 2002 at the age of 7. Reno was a circus performer trained to ride around the ring in a chariot behind a horse. When the act was cancelled, he found himself unemployed. With no hunting skills and no idea of how to even climb a tree, he had zero chance of being released to the wild.

Fortunately, instead of being sold to a canned hunt or roadside zoo like many out-of-work circus animals, Reno’s employer sent him and two fellow tiger performers to Big Cat Rescue. Here his act consists of lounging in trees (yes, he learned to climb) and batting a large blue ball around his cat-a-tat.

Since he has arrived here, Reno has been featured on CNN’s Anderson Cooper Report, Geraldo At Large, Animal Planet, and many other news stories that seek to expose the magnitude of the illegal exotic animal trade around the world.

Reno is a beautiful specimen of a leopard whose pelt and parts would be highly prized in this underground trade that ranks just behind illegal smuggling of drugs and guns.  Life in the entertainment industry, life in captivity, or no life at all – the choices can sometimes be horrific.  This is why we fight so hard to educate the public on what all of our animals must endure to survive.

More Info & Photos of Reno:

See a photo of Reno leaping out of the tree with his Thanksgiving Dinner:

See a couple photos of Reno with a toy giraffe in his tree:

Reno stalking Gayle as she cleans:

Reno the leopard got a new safety entrance to his duplex cat-a-tat.  The expression on his face as he observes is priceless:

Jen and Darren Holley lounging on Reno the leopard’s new cat walk:

How does picking up after our leopards help save tigers in Indochina?? Find out here:

See a photo of Reno and his blue donut toy:

Now how did Reno’s watermelon get way up in a tree?

Reno gets more platforms and ramps:

This page has the cutest photo of Reno rubbing all over his Christmas tree before using it as floss (scroll down the page to find it):

Vet-Reno-Leopard-2015-02-20 09.45.28 Vet-Reno-Leopard-2015-02-19 17.11.25 DBC-Reno-Leopard-2014-11-29 14.35.06 DBC-Reno-Leopard-2014-11-29 14.34.59

Tributes to Reno Leopard

Sharon Henry
Apr 12, 2015
I sure do miss you Reno. I miss your silly playfulness and the way you would trot up to the fence to say hello whenever I walked by your enclosure. I miss looking into your beautiful eyes as I asked you if you knew how much you were loved. You were and still are my favorite Leopard love. You are free now sweetboy, run wild as you were meant to do. Xoxo
Carole Baskin
I never hated the circus more than I did the day you died.

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  1. He's so beautiful, I'm so glad he was rescued and is now able to climb trees and live out his life in peace and happiness.

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