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Keeper Tour

Amymac27 attended Keeper Sat, 6/25/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 6/28/16
Very Informative
My family and I thoroughly enjoyed this tour. We learned so much about big cats and the good work of the rescue. I’m glad this place exists.

lisaabegg attended Keeper Sun, 6/5/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Sat, 6/18/16
awe inspiring

reanthomas attended Keeper Sat, 5/21/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 5/24/16
Compassionate work by passionate people
Our keepers were knowledgable, enthusiastic & you could tell they love the animals. We saw 100s of rescued exotic cats up close but without intruding on them.

morningmud attended Keeper Sun, 5/15/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 5/18/16
Amazing experience!
We really got a great look at the cats as they were excited to see us coming since they knew they were getting either something fun or a something yummy. Some got the enrichment that we made at the start of the tour, which was so fun to see them play with. Others got frozen treats (I think BCR has a YouTube video of how they make these) that the cats loved! We got to see how they get the cats to position themselves so the keepers can examine them all while the cat just gets a meat treat and isn’t handled at all. You really do get to see the cats being very active on this tour as they’re eacting their treat or playing with their enrichment. I will definitely do it again! BCR does such great work for these cats!

AliceWitt attended Keeper Fri, 4/22/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 5/2/16
Enlightening and thrilling
I have followed and donated to Big Cat Rescue for a number of years. You are a marvelous and necessary organization In this confused and many times unfeeling world. You have been a high priority on my bucket list; and finally this year my dream came true. It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Time flew, couldn’t believe the two hours ended so soon. Our guide was polite and informative. Just wish I had brought a notepad to record species and names of the cats we saw. And “saw” is an understatement. The configuration of the cages and fences couldn’t have been better. My mind kept thinking of cats I have seen from afar in a zoo, wandering back and forth on cement ground, swaying for lack of enrichment, being in a noisy uncontrolled environment. My heart aches for them as I watched your cats roam grass, climb trees, bathe in lakes, …. quiet, peaceful, and at ease with their operant conditioning. I searched your Trading Post for a map of the trails we walked in your facility showing the location of the various species and the names of the cats, but couldn’t find one. Sue wish that was provided/sold there. I believe it would be a good item to go along with your patrons’ innumerable pictures. Our group for large, 13 people, all adults, but one being driven in a golf cart. Due to the size of the group and the noise of the cart and the wagon on the rough trails; it was sometimes hard to keep up and hear descriptions provided. I was there the day before Hoover arrived; but knew all about him and followed your posts on the website and FB. The area provided for him should help him acclimate and become and wonderful part of your rescue. Thank you for all you do. I would highly recommend this tour to everyone who has a heart.

DonnaLW attended Keeper Sun, 4/24/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 5/2/16
The Keeper Tour 🙂
We all loved this tour… Our tour guide was fantastic… Very knowledgeable and friendly… Not only did we see fantastic animals we learned some interesting info too… This tour was well worth the $125 we spent and would highly recommend… You won’t be disappointed

GracieLynn03 attended Keeper Fri, 4/22/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 4/25/16
This tour was so fantastic!

EGoodale attended Keeper Sun, 4/17/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 4/20/16
It was great!
The keepers and interns shared their wealth of knowledge and we had time to appreciate each animal along the way. I would recommend this to anyone remotely interested.

tlardarello attended Keeper Sat, 4/16/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 4/20/16
Great Experience
Lots of cats. Great learning lessons. Gained better understanding of importance of Big Cat Rescue and other rescues. Knowledgable and friendly guides who expressed heartfelt care for each animal.

LisaPhil attended Keeper Fri, 4/15/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 4/18/16
Absolutely amazing and so informative
We are a family of animal lovers so thought Big Cat Rescue would be a neat adventure. It was so much more!!! It was informative educational and awe inspiring. The cats there are very fortunate to have wound up in such a loving and humane habitat. We absolutely loved every minute of our tour…… We were a group of three paired with another group of three on the Keepers Tour with two fabulous guides, Casey and Jo. This group was a perfect size as we could talk freely with our guides and hear everything without straining and take all the pictures we wanted to take without crowding. Big Cat Rescue is worth the trip!!!!

DaniRice2814 attended Keeper Sat, 4/2/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 4/6/16
Coming Back!
We had just gotten started when the rain decided to come down. 🙁 So that means …we get to come back!!! I can’t wait. We got to make the enrichment treats & watch the keeper giv them out, very fun to watch those huge cats play w their treats like my cats at home! The cats we did get to see were beautiful & very impressive! What a wonderful facility u hav to care for & nurture those gorgeous cats. They are very lucky to hav Big Cat Rescue come into their lives. I am looking forward to returning & finishing the Keeper tour & learning more about how u rehab & care for all those amazing cats. Thank u!

thevastines attended Keeper Sun, 3/27/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 4/4/16
Great tour guide. Wonderful experience.
I would highly recommend this tour. Everyone in our tour had a great time. We ranged in ages from 10 – 50 and everyone was engaged. Subject matter was appropriate and tour guide answered questions and encouraged participation.

guitarjulie attended Keeper Sun, 3/27/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 3/31/16
Beautiful animals being animals
We enjoyed the tour immensely. The cats seemed comfortable and actually looked like they were being brushed their coats were so clean, healthy and fluffy. The intern was very knowledgeable about the cats’ previous lives which made us realize all Americans need to encourage our Representatives and Senators to vote yes for the Big Cat Public Safety Act (HR.3546 and S.2541). We did while we were there. The only thing I would have changed was the squeaky wagon dragged by the volunteer which was often louder that the guide.

mbss1984 attended Keeper Sun, 3/20/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 3/24/16
Nice knowledgeable staff, informative, concerned for cats and educating the public to prevent cruelty. Good work.

CheriseHsu attended Keeper Sat, 3/5/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 3/16/16
Great learning experience

MELDIDHAM attended Keeper Fri, 3/4/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Sun, 3/13/16
Highly recommend
Absolutely loved this tour. 2nd time at Big Cat. We did the Keeper tour this time round. Fantastic!! The kids are 11 & 12. The kids want to do this attraction again next time we’re in the area. Highly recommend this to anyone interested in rescued big cats. The volunteers are very passionate and knowledgeable. Loved the gift shop as well. The t-shirts are very well made… had to buy the kids new ones as they have out-grown their old ones (still in fantastic shape 3 yrs later).

dtdignan attended Keeper Fri, 2/26/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 3/1/16
Incredible experience
This is a rare opportunity to get close to these awesome cats, to look in their eyes and see them enjoy their habitat and interact with each other. You will learn so much about the cat’s stories & will be a part of the ministry to these beautiful animals.

fruney96 attended Keeper Sat, 2/13/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Sun, 2/21/16
I was not sure what to expect when I signed up for the tours at the Big Cat Sanctuary ~ I was blown away by the beauty of the animals, the passion that all the guides and keepers and every staff member we interacted with showed towards the animals, the cleanliness of the sanctuary, the stories about every animal we interacted with and the mountain of information that was shared. My family and I spent the entire day with the Big Cats and I could have stayed longer! The experience was above and beyond anything I have ever done before! I would HIGHLY recommend this tour ~ I went one week ago and I am still thirlled with my experience!

Kberkihiser attended Keeper Fri, 2/12/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 2/15/16
Excellent tour
Very good experience, tour guides really knew the cats well. Recommend.

Teyerman attended Keeper Fri, 2/5/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 2/8/16
Wonderful Experience
This tour provides such great information and close access to these magnificent animals. We had a great time and took only about 400 photos!

beckykleck attended Keeper Sat, 1/16/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 1/25/16
Incredible tour – must not miss!
I took the Keeper tour and was very impressed with how well run it is and how dedicated the volunteers are. The cats are so healthy and beautiful. Most were curious about our little group of people and came right up to the fence where we could look them in the eye and take pictures. the Keepers really know their stuff. I see why they call it an “educational” sanctuary — I learned a lot about the cats, their struggles, and what we can do to help them. I wish I lived in Tampa so I could volunteer here. It was an incredible morning. Our tour even ran about 15 minutes over.

Quinnja attended Keeper Sun, 1/17/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 1/25/16
Keeper Tour at Big Cat Rescue is a ‘KEEPER’
I had high expectations for the Keeper Tour experience & Rebecca made the experience far EXCEED those high expectations! Our group was small (7 people) and we were able to spend a lot of time with each individual and linger with those the group was most enamored with. Rebecca was very knowledgeable and her passion for the well-being of these beautiful animals was clear and infectious! We learned so much about the background of each individual cat, which made meeting each one more purrrrrsonal! She was able to answer questions about each species and their habitat, diet and behaviors….both in the wild and how their background has altered the way they behave today. The cats are all SO BEAUTIFUL and because the mammalian connection kicks in, you almost start to think it would be great to pet them! Ha! not so much – while you do get to be within 4 feet of the residents, Rebecca explains how important it is for these cats NOT to have human contact. One can only have tremendous respect for the ‘wild’ in their nature and that should never ever be compromised. Big Cat Rescue is doing wonderful work and knowing these magnificent cats have a comfortable home with the best possible care they could ever hope to have in captivity is heart-warming and very emotional. They are not able to be released in the wild because of their histories, but now have a forever home, being cared for by a very dedicated staff. If you are a cat lover of any kind, you MUST take this tour! The behavior similarities between this big cats and your tabby at home are startling. If you are a conservationist, you MUST take this tour, so that you can witness the good that comes from people that share a common passion for a cause and act on it together. If you are an animal rights activist – you should have been there already!

IslDunesGal attended Keeper Sat, 12/26/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 12/29/15
An amazing experience!
First, the keeper, Becca, taught us about enrichments and let us make some, which were given out to the cats during our tour. That was fun. Becca was the key to making this such an a amazing experience. She was so knowledgeable and so passionate about the cats. She shared each cat’s background with us as well as her own personal experience with them. She also taught us much about the big cat issue here in the U.S., which I did not know about. I discovered BCR on by watching the live cams. Now, I am more knowledgeable about keeping big cats wild. Thank God we have BCR to care for those unfortunate cats who weren’t given the chance to be wild.

srdouglas attended Keeper Fri, 11/20/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 11/25/15
Wonderful to see big cats up close.
The tour guide was very friendly Great to see he animals up close and learn more about them Good value Great staff/volunteers Knowing that doing these tours you help support this wonderful facility Great gift shop Have a opportunity to sponsor the big cats Very worthwhile

BiancaHerdin attended Keeper Sat, 9/12/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 9/15/15
A Totally Awesome Experience
It was really good to hear all about all the individual care that is put into these rescued animals. Our guide was excellent – not only knowledgeable and enthusiastic but her love for all the animals shines through without a doubt. She knew there preferences and individual personalities and one could see how warmly the animals responded to her. It was fun learning about and making the enrichments and even better seeing the cats enjoying them. I would definitely recommend this tour to everyone who loves animals and wants to see how a true rescue centre has given them the best chance in life. Will definitely go back and take other people there.

joannebolemo attended Keeper Sun, 8/23/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Sun, 8/23/15
Great keeper tour at BCR!
Rebecca, a senior volunteer keeper, did an excellent tour. It was exciting to see the big cats receive their enrichment and their operant conditioning. The small number of people on this tour allowed each of us to have their questions answered. I’ve done the day tour already, and now looking forward to the feeding tours and the night tours. Making enrichments for the cats was fun—now I know how to make some enrichments for my pocket cougars (domestic kitties) at home. I would strongly encourage everyone who loves animals to come see these big cats, hear their stories, and think about whether pay-to-pet exhibits, backyard tigers, etc. should be legal in this country.

Nicole777 attended Keeper Sat, 7/18/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 7/22/15
Big cats rescue made me purrrrr!
I recommend this tour as you are sure to see the big cats, and many of them. Oh what a joy it was to see ” live” ( not on my computer screen) the big cats. The volunteers do a fantastic job. They are dedicated people. And I can testified that Big Cats rescue is a wonderful organization. A well worth cause. Thank you sooo much. Until next time! PS: thanks to Zerve too who made this reservation from Canada super easy!

Pokeypup attended Keeper Sun, 7/5/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 7/8/15
Highly suggest you take this tour! My wife and I had a great time. The cats are so well taken care of and the folks who work/volunteer there love their charges and it shows! i suggest the Keepers Tour as it is longer and allows you more time to be informed as well as seeing more of the big kitties, not to mention you get time to take some great pictures. Oh one more thing the place is clean I mean really clean, the kitties water and food areas were spotless and in fact several of them came out to “speak” to us and drank from their fresh and clean water bowls and here we thought our Saint Bernard had a big tongue he has nothing on the kitties! Go enjoy you will not be disappointed!

plblanton attended Keeper Fri, 6/26/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 6/29/15
Tour guides were very friendly and knew a lot about the cats. They obviously care deeply for the animals.We fixed enrichment treats for the cats and watched them enjoy. It was a hoot watching these big cats go nuts over catnip! Each enclosure is spacious and the cats don’t have to do anything they don’t want to do. There are some cats who like humans to visit, especially Kalli who showed off at little for us! Take this tour- you will not be disappointed.

dawgsitter attended Keeper Sun, 6/14/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 6/17/15
a great way to spend the day with beautiful cats
a very worthwhile adventure to prepare treats and watch the keeper give them to the tigers, lion, and cougars. We enjoyed the experience and were happy that our admission money is used for helping pay for feeding and housing all the rescued big cats and hope everyone goes to visit this non profit attraction in Tampa

TwoCatsPD attended Keeper Sun, 5/24/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 5/27/15
An interesting and informative tour.
This was our second visit to Big Cat Rescue. Our “Keeper Tour” consisted of only 6 people which was a perfect size. Before we started the actual tour, we were able to create toys (called “enrichments,” with cardboard tubes, long pieces of palm fronds, spices and perfumes) for the cats. Our guide was Senior Keeper Jen, who was very knowledgeable about every big cat we visited on our tour (I lost count, but it was well over a dozen). This tour was a bit over 2 hours long, so be ready to walk. There are water stations along the way, but the day we visited, it was not too hot & there was a nice breeze. We observed other keepers going about their chores as were were touring, as well as overhearing keeper conversations via walkie-talkie. At the end of the tour, you can browse a well stocked gift shop and/or sign petitions for various causes for the well-being of the big cats. This is a well-kept and efficiently-run facility. The tour cost is well worth the experience. We will visit again!

reishus attended Keeper Sat, 5/9/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 5/13/15
Great experience
You can’t get this close to these cats without getting eaten. You get to make treats for them and see the keepers present the treats to the cats without touching them. They are very informative about each cat and where they came from.

Reddcatt17 attended Keeper Sat, 2/14/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 4/13/15
Keeper Tour is a Tour Keeper!
After being unable to book a private photo tour, we decided to go ahead and try the Keeper Tour- I have to say that we were NOT disappointed! It truly was an amazing tour- Afton was our tour guide and it was obvious that she really loves what she does. It’s amazing to see up close, what you your organization does for these beautiful creatures. You’ve given them a life past their sometimes horrible beginnings- Keep on keeping on- do what you do! We will come back and we will continue to support your efforts-

scottdiaz attended Keeper Sun, 3/1/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 3/4/15
Unique experience
Interesting walking tour of this refuge for former pets and sideshow attractions.

hjander65 attended Keeper Sat, 11/8/14 @ 2:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 11/13/14
This is my fifth trip to Big Cat Rescue, and my second keeper tour, and every time I go I see different cats, learn new things and really enjoy myself, plus I get to see my favorite cat Sabre, even the cats that I’ve seen before continue to amaze me, The keeper tour is the best way to fully enjoy Big Cat Rescue, you get to spend more time with the cats, learn more in depth about them, watch them enjoy their enrichments, and really come away with a deep appreciation of the hundreds of volunteers who make all of this happen. Our tour guide was fantastic, she was very informative and full of energy and had a real passion for taking care of the cats. I will be doing this tour again next year.

kaiuwe attended Keeper Sun, 10/26/14 @ 2:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 11/8/14
Ein grandioses Erlebnis
Die Keepers Tour im Big Cat Rescue Resort ist ein einzigartiges Erlebnis. Man erlebt die Katzen frei und ungezwungen in fast natürlichem Umfeld. Mit dem Wissen im Hintergund, dass all diese Tiere ein Schicksal haben, ist der Eindruck noch intensiver. Diese Art des Tierschutzes ist einmalig und jeden Cent wert. Wir Menschen können hier den Tieren etwas zurück geben, als Ausgleich für die Dinge die wir Ihnen antun. Wir sind im Internet auf das Big Cat Rescue Resort aufmerksam geworden und haben extra dafür unsere Reiseroute ausgelegt. Ich möchte jedem Florida Besucher raten, einen Besuch ein zu planen! So nah und soviel Interaktion mit diesen wunderbaren Tieren erlebt man nie wieder.

cathykeating attended Keeper Sat, 8/30/14 @ 2:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 9/2/14
Absolutely Fantastic Experience!
I brought my daughter over from Orlando for a Keeper Tour as a 13th birthday gift. It was out first visit to BCR and she had been looking forward to it for 2 months. I cannot even begin to express how much we enjoyed our tour. My daughter had many questions and comments for the keeper and she answered them all, never making us feel rushed, but still moving us through with enough time to see everything. Seeing the animals in the habitats up close and watching them enjoy the enrichment toys we had help make was such a treat and it really allowed us to see the playful side of these magnificent creatures. Honestly, I just cannot say enough wonderful things about BCR. My daughter said it was her best birthday ever and she cannot wait to go back. Nothing I write in a review will do BCR true justice, you must see it for yourself. Please go visit these beautiful creatures for yourself!!!!

Drmeow attended Keeper Sun, 8/10/14 @ 2:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 8/13/14
Awesome! Entire family enjoyed it immensely.
My son ( 12) asked a ton of questions and we learned a lot. Had such an awesome experience Getting to see the big cats up close and playing with the enrichment toys we got to help make. Highly recommend this tour, worth every penny and felt good to be helping the big cats. Really enjoyed The gift shop too. Very reasonable prices.

kimosmom attended Keeper Sun, 7/13/14 @ 2:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 7/16/14
Big Cat Rescue Keeper Tour is Excellent!
My son (age 15) and I were looking forward to our first vacation to Florida. Of all the tourist destinations Florida has to offer, he chose Big Cat Rescue! We have been followers of BCR on Facebook for quite some time now and we were excited to finally meet the big cats in person – we were not disappointed! The Keeper Tour includes making ‘enrichment’ toys (cardboard tubes and paper bags sprinkled with herbs and/or perfume); the cats loved them! What I appreciated most was that we weren’t rushed through the tour. We were allowed reasonable time to admire the cats and take pictures – and if a cat we’d just visited decided to do something interesting after we’d moved on, we could turn back to watch. The keeper shares the stories of each of the animals as you tour. And while you can read the same stories on their website, they take on a whole new meaning when you’re actually standing face-to-face with these amazing felines! And while I’d never actually do it, I guiltily admit that I was one of those who thought it would be kind of cool to have a tiger as a pet. After this experience I totally get it – they were never meant to be pets!!! I understand now that to truly love and respect them, one would never dream of keeping a wild animal who was meant to run wild and free cooped up in a cage! While these magnificent creatures will never be truly free again, BCR offers a place to live out the rest of their lives in comfort. I am saddened that there is a need for such a place, but I am thankful that they are there to do what they do! If you are considering visiting Big Cat Rescue, I highly recommend it – it’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

kmmsevens attended Keeper Sun, 6/8/14 @ 2:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 6/13/14
Up close and personal
Our tour began with a short video and making “enrichment’s”. Enrichment’s are little “goodies” or toys for the cats. Then it was a two hour guided tour through the facility to see dozens of cats up close and personal. Photo opportunities were wonderful. Honey and Lisa were our guides and they were knowledgeable and engaging. We have been to Big Cat several times, taking a different tour each time, and we very much enjoyed this tour. We give this four stars and recommend to anyone who wants a relaxed paced, informative, get to know the cats well tour.

RNRodHouston attended Keeper Sat, 3/22/14 @ 2:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 3/25/14
Great Anniversary Date
Our first time at BCR and we’ll definitely be back.

Libbysal attended Keeper Sat, 8/3/13 @ 2:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 8/9/13
Amazing !
I had such a wonderfully informative afternoon .I have always deeply loved the big cats….mostly tigers , so this tour was a dream come true for me. We drove 2 1/2 hours(each way) to see these gorgeous cats. I felt honored to be in their presence ! I learned so much about each one from our guide…amazing information. I thank God for these people that dedicate their lives to these cats, without them who knows how many of these beautiful cats would still be alive. I always tell my friends that I can’t wait to get to heaven so that I can have tigers and lions playing with me in the fields of grass up there . Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Feeding Tour

loram0062 attended Feeding Sun, 6/26/16 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 6/28/16
Great place to tour
Five of us went on the feeding tour. It was interesting and educational. We are adults so we did have not have any kids with us. Furnished a golf cart for myself and son. Would go again.

Fliszar attended Feeding Sat, 6/25/16 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 6/28/16
Great tour!
Our tour guy was a 17 year veteran at the sanctuary very interesting and informative Feeding tour was scheduled for 1 hour. Lasted 1 hour and forty minutes. Words and video can not do these big cats justice. Can’t wait to go back for a night tour

jennisu attended Feeding Fri, 6/17/16 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 6/22/16
Great experience
Everything about my experience was positive. The tour guide and the young lady who was feeding the cats were both very warm and friendly. They both provided us with lots of information on each of the cat breeds we encountered. We learned about each of the cats we encountered on the tour, their stories, their personalities, etc. My daughter was so excited to be able to see the cats up so close. And while we were only a few feet away sometimes from some of these big cats, we always felt safe. Lots of photo opportunities! I would recommend this tour to anyone.

Chrischulick attended Feeding Fri, 6/17/16 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 6/20/16
Great Experience.
Loved this tour. Supposed to be 2 hours and it turned out to be 3. So cool to see in person the Tiger Lake and Nikita cams. Also saw the kitten cabana. Our tour guide was awesome. The focus is really on the care of the animals. Got to see Hoover!!!

Marjoriegree attended Feeding Sun, 5/1/16 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 5/3/16
Big Cat Rescue
Excellent!! Will be returning! The ladies, Sue and Regina, who were our guides were so good. They explained each one of the big cats as went along. They were informative and enjoyed their comments. They certainly love their job(volunteers) working there!! Would love to volunteer, if I lived closer…the cats are beautiful!! All the cats have “cat heaven” now after their former lives!! I follow them on FB DAILY, Zerve is great service too!!!!

NickieLea attended Feeding Fri, 4/15/16 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 4/18/16
Excellent, informative, exciting
Incredible cats, Des was a fantastic guide

janicebucz attended Feeding Sun, 3/27/16 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 3/29/16
Feeding Tour
Our tour was very informative about each “Big Cat” and we were able to observe all cats that our guide fed up close. The property was maintained beautifully and safe. I had a walker as was able to get around!!

DianaCarsey attended Feeding Fri, 3/4/16 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 3/7/16
Super visit with the Big Cats in Tampa
Staff member Honey in the gift shop and our Guide Dez were very knowledgeable and patient with all our questions. The animals were out and about since this was a “Feeding Tour” so we felt really involved. The Big Cat Rescue area was much larger than we expected and it was clean and neat. It’s clear that the animals are being treated very well.

ARSschafer attended Feeding Sat, 2/20/16 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 2/24/16
Amazing Morning!
The BIg Cat Rescue could not be more organized or professional. Not only did we get to see many cats enjoying their breakfast, but we also got to hear stories about them, where they came from, their likes/dislikes, and learned about the sanctuary itself. What a wonderful group of people and organization! I am proud to support their cause and am excited to go back again!

Hollister64 attended Feeding Fri, 2/19/16 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 2/22/16
Perfect Friday morning
The 9 am tour was informative and interesting. Big Cat Rescue is such a special place with a mission that all should know about. The feeding tour educates one about what each gorgeous cat eats, the individuality that must be known about each cat and the care with which the food is prepared and given to the animals. A fantastic group of volunteers and staff.

fruney96 attended Feeding Sat, 2/13/16 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Sun, 2/21/16
A Remarkable Experience!
I was so impressed with the passion and joy that was demonstrated while on the feeding tour at the Big Cat Sanctuary. Our guides were full of information, personable, and open to questions that were constantly being thrown at them. I could have spent hours watching the interaction between the animals and their keepers! And everything was so clean ~ I was just blown away!

Kenschraff attended Feeding Fri, 1/15/16 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 1/18/16
Very nice except for the weather
Very nice but the weather stinks but I will be back to get the other tours

katpaf attended Feeding Sat, 12/5/15 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 12/10/15
Got chuff?
I so much enjoyed the feeding tour this last Saturday. It was an opportunity to see the cats up fairly close and to watch them as they waited for their breakfast. I especially enjoyed the tigers “chuffing” in greeting as the keeper was coming with the food. Some were quite talkative! It was my second visit and besides being a lot of fun, was informative. I recommend both this tour and the regular group tour – they are of course slightly different, but complement each other nicely.

srdouglas attended Feeding Fri, 11/20/15 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 11/25/15
Great value Great to see the big cats up close
The tour guide was very friendly Great to see he animals up close and learn more about them Good value Great staff/volunteers Knowing that doing these tours you help support this wonderful facility Great gift shop Have a opportunity to sponsor the big cats Very worthwhile

MonaBarakat attended Feeding Sat, 3/21/15 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 4/16/15
Big Cat Rescue Feeding Tour
We visited BCR and participated in the feeding tour on March 21, 2015. The guide was most knowledgeable, friendly and obviously very dedicated to the organization. She walked backwards pretty much the whole time during the tour, while she was informing us of the various cats, their backgrounds and diets. She was also very clear about why BCR exists, and their mission, which is to inform the public of the plight of big cats that have been adopted at birth and can no longer stay with the foolish owners who adopted them in the first place. It’s a terrible problem and I believe their efforts do assist in making us aware of the problem. The site was beautiful and I felt the cats were in very good hands, well looked after in all facets of their lives. Everything from taking a vacation, to enrichment programs, very cool! Congratulations to the entire BCR for their hard work, it is a very impressive organization and I wish them continued success with their mission of saving big cats in need. Best, Mona from Ottawa, Canada

moochy16130 attended Feeding Fri, 3/13/15 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 3/31/15
Great Opportunity, Great Experience
Visiting the Gulf Coast of Florida for the first time, it was hard to decide where and what to do. While staying in the Tampa area, it was decided to take a trek to the Big Cat Rescue for the opportunity and the experience. Great Choice !!! We were greeted and told our tour would start soon. We browsed around the gift shop and read up on some of the information that was posted. The tour did start promptly on time. I was thrilled to be part of a small group of visitors (8 of us). This allowed for plenty of questions and answering provided by the knowledgeable staff. It was indicated that we would be visiting just some of the cats for the “feeding tour”. It was great to start off with one of the biggest, the tiger. I was in awe of how close we were to the animals, yet felt secure with the enclosures and spacing between us. For each animal we visited, the tour guide provided ample statistics and facts about the creature. Also, the stories told indicated from where the animals had been acquired. We were allowed to take pictures through out the walk in the park. The guide even gave us information on some of the animals that were not on the “feeding tour”. It seems that the Big Cat Rescue is doing an excellent job from what I could determine. I am no exotic animal expert, but there were several employees and volunteers in each area. The place was clean and the enclosures were being cleaned while walking through. The weather for the tour was nearly perfect, between 65-70 degrees with hazy sun. There is plenty of shade here for you and the animals. I am unsure how enjoyable the tour would be in warmer temperatures with higher humidity. The tour lasted happily longer than what the price guide indicated. I would consider that an added bonus and definitely plays into the recommendation that I am making for this adventure. The tour and atmosphere almost enticed me to return for one of their other tours, but it was decided to save that for another time. Finally, the transaction through Zerve was painless. I recommend this adventure for you and your friends especially to adult animal lovers of all sorts. I am unsure of how children would enjoy this.

ddiberardino attended Feeding Fri, 12/26/14 @ 4:30PM, Submitted review Mon, 12/29/14
A great follow up to the 90 minute walking tour
The 90 minute tour was not enough to satisfy us, we wanted a real up close and personal experience and the feeding tour did that. You can tell these cats are well fed and taken care of and the entire hour was a treat for all.

stefpilcher attended Feeding Sat, 12/20/14 @ 4:30PM, Submitted review Tue, 12/23/14
Great Date and Best Birthday Present Ever
For my date’s birthday I took him on the Feeding Tour at Big Cat Rescue. He LOVES big cats. He must’ve told me 18+ times that this was the best birthday present he has ever received. It was very cool to watch the big cats be fed and to learn more about them and their habits. I was a little disappointed we didn’t get to see any of the lions being fed (those are his favorite big cats) but we spent so much time around 3-4 different tigers that it made up for it! All the cats and staff are wonderful. Looking forward to another date on the Day Tour!

johman attended Feeding Wed, 12/10/14 @ 4:30PM, Submitted review Mon, 12/15/14
Informative, Good Variety of Cats
I had been on previous feeding tours, but not since 2006. The latest tour was better than the previous tours, because you see a variety of cats, both big and small. On my tour, I saw a lion, tigers, cougars, and leopards, as well as bobcats, lynx, and servals. (All in one hour!) The tour guide told the story of each animal as it was fed, and described the food that the cats received. You get the opportunity to get close-up photographs of the cats. Heat was not a problem because the tour occurred late in the afternoon and nearly all the area is under shade. In summary, the tour was enjoyable, and supported a worthy cause, as well.

meowmix68 attended Feeding Wed, 12/10/14 @ 4:30PM, Submitted review Mon, 12/15/14
Great Way to Spend the Afternoon in Tampa!
This is a wonderful non-profit accredited sanctuary that specializes in the care/feeding of rescued exotic cats. It is a very up close and personal tour that I am still thinking about days later. Please help support the mission of this wonderful organization by going and seeing all the cats!

rtempia0924 attended Feeding Fri, 11/7/14 @ 4:30PM, Submitted review Mon, 11/10/14
Amazing experience no one should miss!
This tour is wonderful! The staff is very knowledgeable and very kind! I learned so much while looking at the majestic creatures from only 3 feet away! This tour is personal, informative, and will definitely put a big smile on your face and forever provide a place in your heart for big cats!

Meb1563 attended Feeding Wed, 8/6/14 @ 5:30PM, Submitted review Mon, 8/11/14
Another Great Visit to BCR
This tour was very enjoyable. If a big cat can show appreciation, I think they did over and over as they were fed. These cats are so well cared for and it’s nice to know that they will live out their lives in such a nice place. I am a regular donor and I think that it’s such a worthy cause. I will definitely be back.

rrobles attended Feeding Sat, 7/26/14 @ 5:30PM, Submitted review Tue, 7/29/14
My hubby and I loved the experience and am happy the money goes right back to the cats!

jwwhiley204 attended Feeding Wed, 7/2/14 @ 5:30PM, Submitted review Wed, 7/9/14
Wish I could work at BCR!
The feeding tour at Big Cat Rescue is AMAZING. It met and succeeded my expectations. The sanctuary is educational and enlightening for animal lovers. The staff have an obvious love for the big cats. We got to see one of the leopards “stalk” the staff member who was feeding him that evening! You will be reminded that these are not pets! Be sure to shop before the tour, wear good walking shoes, bring along a great camera, and take a bottle of water. If I lived near a sanctuary like BCR, I would change my career today.

daccats attended Feeding Fri, 5/2/14 @ 5:30PM, Submitted review Sat, 5/31/14
Feeding tour
We had an amazing time. It was raining just a bit, and we were the only two people on the tour. I’ve been watching the BCR videos available online for a while; it was wonderful seeing the cats in person, and the volunteers were all very friendly and informative. I would love to volunteer if I lived locally. That said, I’ll definitely be making additional trips to go on the other tours.

hjander65 attended Feeding Wed, 5/7/14 @ 5:30PM, Submitted review Wed, 5/14/14
Simply Outstanding
I have been on day tours and keeper tours, but this was my first feeding tour, Every time I visit I see different animals and learn new traits about them, This tour was very fun and informative, the best parts for me was actually getting to see Canyon the sand cat after three tours I finally got see him and it was a great experience to see him at feeding time, Also seeing Sabre the Leopard was great since one of my house cats is named after him. The Keepers and Interns were excellent guides and very friendly and easy to talk to both before and during the tour. This is a great chance to take lots of pictures and video. All of their tours are excellent and all of the proceeds go to support and feed the cats. I will be taking this tour again.

lilabean67 attended Feeding Sat, 4/26/14 @ 5:30PM, Submitted review Thu, 5/1/14
very informative and fun behind the scenes tour
The keepers and interns were very informative and entertaining! We learned about how the diets are prepared and tracked for over 100 cats. The food quality is superb. We fed a wide range of cats from sandcat, ocelot, serval, jaguar, leopard, cougar, and tiger. It was definitely worth the money! I highly recommend. By the way, this was my third trip to Big Cat Rescue!

janetsleath attended Feeding Wed, 2/19/14 @ 4:30PM, Submitted review Wed, 4/16/14
Our 18 year old daughter had wanted to visit Big Cat Rescue for a long time (she’s a big fan of their videos on You tube), and we certainly weren’t disappointed. This tour is fairly pricey but then you are supporting a very deserving cause and helping to provide a good home for these beautiful animals. We got to see a lot of the big cats and to learn a lot about their personal histories and big cats in general. We would definitely do this again.

catzilla attended Feeding Wed, 3/5/14 @ 4:30PM, Submitted review Mon, 3/10/14
Enjoyable, worthwhile experience
I enjoyed the feeding tour. The cats were active and a couple were entertaining with their behavior. The tour guide was pleasant and informative. I did not feel rushed when taking pictures during the cats. The only quibble I had was with the ticket reservation system. I was traveling while trying to set up the reservation and only had a cell phone. The person I was talking to seemed to want me to go to a web site and print something, which I had no way to do. He also wanted to read me a confirmation code and I was lucky to have a pencil with me. A simpler way to handle the reservation might be to take name and phone number or name and address and have that available to the person checking off names at the tour.

bumblvee attended Feeding Wed, 2/19/14 @ 4:30PM, Submitted review Thu, 2/27/14
Really really enjoyed this tour. It was great to see all the cats active and excited to eat. Our guide and feeder were extremely informative, and knowing of each cats personality. I am an all around animal lover, and wasn’t sure if I’d be okay with the actual animal feeding, but was fine. This is what the cats would be eating in the wild, and the food is humanely taken care of before feeding them to the cats. Because we went on the feeding tour, we only saw the cats on that specific chosen route. I was really happy we got to see the Sand cat, one of my favorite, and the Serval cat is one of my new favorites. Will definitely be back to Big Cat Rescue!

soiojane attended Feeding Wed, 11/27/13 @ 4:30PM, Submitted review Sat, 12/7/13
I just love to look those beautiful cats…!
I don’t know so many words in english… just great experience… in every way…!

milothemeow attended Feeding Sat, 7/27/13 @ 4:30PM, Submitted review Tue, 7/30/13
We had an AMAZING time!
The Keeper Tour was AMAZING! We got to see a Keeper doing operant conditioning with tigers, lions, ocelots, jaguars, caracals, servals, cougars, and sand cats. In addition, we got to see several cats enjoying treat bags we’d made at the beginning of the tour. I really liked the small size of the group and the extra time we got to spend with certain cats. Our Keeper was great! She provided us with lots of interesting information about each cat, why big cats shouldn’t be kept as pets, and why there needs to be legislation banning private ownership of big cats. It was really nice to see how well cared for the big cats are at Big Cat Rescue. The cat-a-tats are wonderful and the cats are more relaxed and happy than the big cats you see in zoos. I would recommend this tour for everyone who visits Big Cat Rescue. It was well worth the money!

BeckyLP attended Feeding Fri, 7/12/13 @ 5:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 7/24/13
Big Cat Feeding
This was a nice opportunity to see the big cats at dinner time. They feed a select group on this tour and the others get feed later. You do get to see them fairly close. The group we were in was 14. I don’t know the max size for a group. Being a late afternoon tour- the temperature for July was not too bad.

mbspires07 attended Feeding Sat, 7/6/13 @ 4:30PM, Submitted review Wed, 7/17/13
Highly recommended…..
Highly recommend you go on the regular tour before this. On regular tour to learn about the history of BCR but also of each cat. You see them act like regular house cats. Then you go on the feeding tour….. that’s when you really see the WILD in the cat come out. As you leave you can’t help but wonder why anyone would want to have a wild cat as a pet.

arenshaw983 attended Feeding Wed, 6/19/13 @ 4:30PM, Submitted review Tue, 6/25/13
Highly Recommended Tour!
The feeding tour was amazing. The staff was very informative, providing information about the hunting and dining habits of the wild cats. It was a great follow-up to the regular day tour as the cats are far more active and you can see them up close!

Darbysparks attended Feeding Wed, 3/27/13 @ 4:30PM, Submitted review Tue, 4/2/13
Amazing experience!
This tour was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was really neat to see the animals in a different way than what yu would see in a typical zoo. The tour guides were also VERY well informed. I highly recommend this tour.

denise73172 attended Feeding Wed, 3/27/13 @ 4:30PM, Submitted review Mon, 4/1/13
A fun tour that lets you see the cats in action.
I really enjoyed the feeding tour overall. It allows you to see the cats on alert and in their predatory mode. My only complaint is that there were too many people on the tour. When I made the reservation, the website said that the availability was very limited, which led me to believe that this would be a small group. There were 22 people who reserved slots on the list, and 20 of us were there for the tour. It made it difficult to see with so many people there. I understand that Big Cat Rescue is trying to make as much money as possible for the care and maintenance of their cats and facility, but for the price, this tour should have been limited to 10-12 people. It would have made the experience that much more special.

Wild Eyes at Night Tour

sbatassa attended Night Fri, 3/25/16 @ 7:30PM, Submitted review Mon, 3/28/16
Loved it!!
My husband and I love Big Cat Rescue, and have been looking forward to this event for months. It did not disappoint!

RobHTG attended Night Fri, 11/27/15 @ 7:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 11/30/15
Not one person was in a rush and we ran long!
Running long by a half hour here at the 7pm night tour is a “good” thing…….. Not one volunteer was pushy, rushed or trying to go home, refreshing seeing young people volunteering to help here. Thank you for having this Big Cat Rescue, we will help when we can.

Mlabigcat446 attended Night Fri, 10/30/15 @ 8:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 11/4/15
Spectacular night tour
Having been to the big cat rescue for several different tours i.e. feeding tour, day tour, and private tour we were truly impressed to see more big cats and more active than usually also the temperature at night was a pleasant change from our hot florida days. Bengali even came over to say hello to our group. Loved it!

plblanton attended Night Fri, 6/26/15 @ 8:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 6/29/15
Good Tour
It was wonderful to see the Big Cats at night when they are more active.

nrenko7 attended Night Fri, 4/24/15 @ 7:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 4/29/15
Absolutely Magnificent!
This tour felt like a private showing of the cats. I could ask questions to the guide and any of the very knowledgeable interns. The cats are very happy and well cared for. It gives me hope to know that organizations such as Big Cat Rescue exist and are fighting for these magnificent animals. The night tour was perfect because it starts at dusk. I got plenty of pictures in the day light and had no trouble seeing the animals. The cats are also much more active in the cooler evening temps and come right up to the enclosures. I made eye contact with many of them! I recommend this tour to anyone traveling through Tampa or anyone who lives there!

piotrowski attended Night Fri, 3/29/13 @ 7:00PM, Submitted review Sun, 4/14/13
night tour not to be missed
The tour time was perfect, taking advantage of the big cats’ natural instinct to emerge at dusk. Among other cat behaviors, we were greeted with purring, roaring, frolicking and stalking. As darkness fell we used our new night vision equipment to see the big cats in a truly unique and exciting way. Thank you!

RitaWhalen attended Safari Sun, 6/21/15 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 8/25/15
Incredible Experience! Will be Back!
The interns, volunteers and keepers were knowledgeable and obviously love these beautiful, well cared for and respected cats. Kali (one of the tigers) was the most entertaining of the big cats. Sorry we missed Joseph the lion, but he certainly verbalized his greetings and let his presence be known by his mighty roaring. My husband and I were so thrilled to see the cats we have so often viewed online in their videos and photos! Our only complaint was the heat. As a native Floridian, I was prepared, and knew the cats would not be as active in the heat. However, BCR did provide enrichments and their special cat “ice-sicles”…the cats did perk up for these treats! Perhaps an early spring walk-about next time? Regardless, BCR is a must do when anyone is in the Tampa area. FIVE STARS***** THANK YOU BIG CAT RESCUE!!!

Safari Day

Jacleen77 attended Safari Sun, 6/21/15 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 6/25/15
You’ve Got to See This
Big Cat Rescue is one of my favorite places to visit in Tampa, Florida. It’s a sanctuary that does everything right, and the Wildcat Walkabout allows you to see this in person. What I really like about this sanctuary is that ALL of our donations, whether they’re from purchasing tickets or shopping at the gift shop, go to the care of the animals. They have dedicated volunteers who care for the animals and grounds. The cats are not in cages, but in cat-a-tats which are very large and interesting places for them to live, get out of the sun, and play with their enrichment toys. When we visited last Sunday, one of the highlights of the day was watching a very energetic tiger play and cool off in his/her own “bathtub.” Between cooling off, “he” would attack a huge round ball and roll it around in his enclosure. He was having a fantastic time and so were we. I’m so thankful for digital cameras because I took so many pictures of that gorgeous animal I would have needed several rolls of film to record his antics. If you ever come to Tampa you MUST visit Big Cat Rescue.

CarlaSteen attended Safari Sun, 6/21/15 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 6/24/15
3 hours to enjoy big cats!
We were free to explore the grounds of Big Cat Rescue and enjoy wild cats at our leisure. Well organized and staffed with plenty of water and watermelon to keep us hydrated! Will definitely attend this event next time!

sruc420 attended Safari Sun, 6/21/15 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 6/24/15
Big Cat Recsue
I attended Wildcat Walkabout at Big Cat Rescue on 6/21/15. The event was fabulous. It was wonderful to walk around and observe the cats at my own pace. The staff was informative and their love and respect for these cats were obvious. Please support Big Cat Rescue!

dfitch1249 attended Safari Sun, 6/21/15 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 6/24/15
hottest day in Tampa 101
Family outing for Fathers Day. Great to see the bigger cousins on our wildcats… Glad I took my two wheeled scooter as the walking w/o sitting was beyond me. A great time and the staff is great. Amenities are as expected and be sure to stay hydrated. Sunscreen and bug repellant is advised as you are at the top of the bay and near the water table. Battledoc.

MGL031767 attended Safari Sun, 6/21/15 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 6/24/15
So worth the trip
We live in Deltona and this was so worth the trip. The staff was very friendly and wonderful. They had water stations within the park since the heat was on! Seeing the many cats I’ve been supporting and watching on YouTube plus the many pictures they post on Facebook was like a dream come true for me. My niece also loved seeing the cats since she is also a big animal lover. My only recommendation is to go when the weather is cooler (fall – spring). The sanctuary does have many shade trees, especially where the cat’s enclosures are, but when the temp is 90+ and little wind it can be very hot. I plan to go back by next spring with a friend who joined us on this visit. So love Big Cat Rescue and all they do for these gorgeous creatures! It was very apparent the cats are very comfortable and well cared for and much loved by all the staff at BCR. Thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity for me, my niece and her parents, and my friend to see these BIG cats! I will continue to support them as I have. 🙂

DomCitrullo attended Safari Sun, 6/21/15 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 6/24/15
Great experience
I have been meaning to visit Big Cat Rescue since 2007, when I first heard about the facility. My first sponsorship were the cougar cubs, Artemis, Ares and Orion in 2008. When this event was announced, I decided to attend. What a great experience, meeting the staff and seeing many of the Big Cats, on whose progress, I have been following since 2007. Got a lot of great photographic memories. Was a able to converse with one of the two volunteer vets, Dr J, Boorstein who was watching over Nikita the lioness for the Father’s Day Event. Big thank you to everyone involved for a memorable event. Especially the Big Big Cats and the little Big Cats.

Sweetsheep22 attended Safari Sun, 6/21/15 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 6/24/15
Four paws and a tail flick up!
My husband and I drove down from Gainesville, FL for this event. We have always loved the Big Cat Rescue, but we especially enjoyed this event! Getting to linger at the enclosures to get just the right photo was wonderful. The food trucks made it a party atmosphere. Getting to make sign the pledge and make the video to send to our representative was really nice. The staff was super friendly and personable, as always. It was a great way to spend an afternoon!

CatRodriguez attended Safari Sun, 6/21/15 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 6/24/15
Purrfectly Enjoyable
We thoroughly enjoyed the Wildcat Walkabout! Absolutely loved seeing all the cats and the freedom to do it at our own pace. We look forward to the next event and will definitely attend. It would be great if the next event could be when the temperatures aren’t quite so high. It would be more enjoyable when it’s not so hot, for the humans, and the cats.

Private or Photo Tour

nikitakahn attended Private Tue, 6/21/16 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 6/27/16
Loved it!
Amazing tour with the founder Carol! Loved it so much! I’ll definitely come back next time I am around.

Ntkufreak attended Private Wed, 5/25/16 @ 11:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 5/30/16
Private Tour
After two public tours with family, my girlfriend and I decided to book a private tour during our stay nearby in Orlando. We scheduled for 11AM due to the drive, but I’d highly recommend going at 9AM if possible, as the cats are fed breakfast and more likely to be active earlier in the morning. That said, we had a wonderful time. Diana (I think? if your name was Diane, I’m sorry!) was very friendly and we were able to ask a lot of specific questions about the sanctuary’s history and policies as well as about each of the cats. We asked about visiting the tigers specifically, and were able to stop by each of their enclosures. The sanctuary was very clear that they will not bother the cats that are not awake or otherwise looking for visitors, so it is a bit of luck who you’ll get to visit. But I highly recommend the private tour if you want to stop by specific enclosures or take the tour at your own pace. We had a wonderful time and would definitely consider it again!

threetjenny attended Private Mon, 4/11/16 @ 11:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 4/19/16
Valuable learning experience
A fantastic experience. I wanted to see big cats up close but the tour also brought home the sad reality of how many captive exotic cats live here in the US. I am more committed than ever to do my part to end exotics ownership in this country.

Perri8 attended Private Tue, 3/29/16 @ 11:00AM, Submitted review Fri, 4/1/16
It was very educational and they do great work.
We had a private tour and my 12 year old daughter loved it. The keeper and interns were enthusiastic and knowledgeable about each individual cat. It was very educational and great to see some of the animals up close. They have very natural habitats so you cannot always I see them clearly, but I respect that aspect of it. They are clearly focused on the cats living as natural a life as they can in captivity.

FloGilmore attended Private Wed, 3/16/16 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 3/24/16
Love the Cats
My mother-in-law and I had the private tour. Loved it. The guide was very informative and just loved seeing all the cats having fun.

semerich attended Private Mon, 3/14/16 @ 11:00AM, Submitted review Fri, 3/18/16
Private tour was terrific!
We have done the group tour many times but decided to try the private tour this time and really enjoyed it. We got to choose the cats we wanted to spend the most time with and could move at our own pace

vdonahue attended Private Wed, 2/10/16 @ 11:00AM, Submitted review Sat, 2/20/16
Return visit after 10 years
I love Big Cat Rescue, and was here 10 years ago. It has grown and improved with age. Loved seeing some of the old cats that I saw on my last trip. They do wonderful things here for abused and abandoned big cats.

shrloc attended Private Mon, 12/28/15 @ 11:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 1/5/16
We had a great tour and guide
My parents and I took a private tour of Big Cat Rescue. Because my dad has difficulties walking we used a golf cart. The guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. The cat had had breakfast so some were active and some were not. that said we got to see many of the cats one or two were completely invisible, typical cats. We did learn a lot about how the cats are cared for. It was easy to see that the rescues puts a lot of time and effort into the care and keeping of the cats. Their living areas were large and spacious. I could see that many cats have newly constructed perches and platforms built in amongst the natural trees and brush. We highly recommend going to see the rescue. Please keep in mind that this is a rescue and viewing the animals as they are. They will be there for you to see or not. They are cats being cats. They will not come when called. Some of them however really do seem interesting in seeing you as much as you seeing them.

Partygal14 attended Private Wed, 2/11/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 2/18/15
Highly recommend private tour
I had a great tour guide & she took her time showing me around, talked to the cats & that got some of them to come a little closer to say hello! It really is amazing to see them up close like this which makes you really just how big some of them really are. It was also really nice to see the work they are doing with expanding some of the areas.

CrazyDerf attended Private Sat, 3/8/14 @ 2:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 3/24/14
Great experience all should share
First, my hats off to BCR, its great staff and the work, correction, love they put in to rescuing and caring for such amazing animals. We took a private tour and were highly impressed. We plan to visit again and do what we can to help the cause. We highly recommend others take the time to go and see for yourself.

maxbailey316 attended Private Tue, 3/18/14 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Sat, 3/22/14
Beautiful animals, helpful staff.
This is a rescue facility, and not a zoo. The animals are healthy-looking, and are much better off than their previous lives. The staff could not be more helpful. However, the enclosures have thick metal wires and you cannot get closer than several feet away from them. So if you’re interested in high quality photos without the appearance of enclosure wires, look elsewhere.

oregonpi8 attended Private Sat, 2/8/14 @ 2:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 2/11/14
Friendly, informative guide, just purrfect tour
We had a very friendly, likeable guide. He told us a lot about the staff of mostly volunteers, the vets, the background of the reserve as we drove between cages in a golf cart. He was good at spotting the cats even as they were trying to hide in their burrows or under platforms and always had a story or two about each feline resident, where they came from or how they do. All cats had very different ways to react to the cart or us, such as purring, look curiously, running around or outright ignorance. And of course we took plenty pictures.

LorraineUlen attended Private Tue, 1/28/14 @ 11:00AM, Submitted review Sat, 2/1/14
Time and money well spent…
My friend and I booked a private tour for the purpose of photographing the big cats. Our tour guides were pleasant, extremely knowledgable, and sensitive to our needs as photographers. We were very happy with the tour overall.

dljmd4848 attended Private Sun, 1/26/14 @ 2:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 1/31/14
Excellent tour
My husband and I had a visit from my step-son, age 48, from TX. He’s an excellent photographer and I’m trying to learn. We signed up for a private tour for the purpose of taking photos. Our guide was very knowledgeable and made it a terrific learning experience (we are all college +). She also took us to the best places for taking photos. We were very positively impressed by the entire operation. Highly recommended.

Reddcatt17 attended Private Sat, 1/18/14 @ 2:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 1/22/14
Bravo! Outstanding! Excellent!
After visiting family in the Tampa Bay area for nearly 35 years, I finally stepped up and decided to visit Big Cat Rescue. I have been actively following them nearly since they began. I had driven by their site on numerous occasions over the years. Finally, I made my reservation. Due to the fact that I wanted the ability and time to take many pictures, I decided to book a “private tour” for my first visit. Upon arrival, we were greeted promptly and shown to the waiting area for our guide to arrive. Very shortly, John arrived and we began our tour. It was absolutely fabulous! John took the time to tell us about Big Cat Rescue- about how Carol started the sanctuary, about the many animals and about many of the individual stories of many of the cats. He was knowledgeable and spoke with compassion on the plights of these beautiful creatures. My only wish, was that the tour could have gone on and on and on- I could spend a lifetime at this sanctuary. I will definitely come again and will continue to support the efforts of this fine establishment. My thanks to John, our tour guide. You are a blessing and we were so pleased to have met you and to have heard your stories.

Spencer2020 attended Private Sat, 1/4/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 1/8/14
Wow it should be illegal for individual to own cat
The cats were in great hands they were well taking care of I’m so glad we went and to support a great cause and and to see such awesome cats.

JillMancilla attended Private Sun, 11/10/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 11/14/13
Highly Recommended
My husband & I visited for the first time last week, celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary. We would highly recommend visiting Big Cat Rescue. Thank goodness for these people. All of the cats have a much better life now than before, some coming from deplorable conditions, abusive people & bad situations. We took the private tour. All of the monies go toward saving these wonderful animals. It was very much worth it. I got some great photos & lasting memories. We will visit again. Thank you Big Cat Rescue for all you do.

SooGee1982 attended Private Mon, 5/27/13 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Sun, 6/2/13
A nice entertaining & informative walk
If you are going for a relaxing, informative walk, it will be enjoyable. Especially the earliest times, it can get quite hot. We are photographers, so we were disappointed in the limited shots we were able to get. Nobody’s fault really, we tried our best to get the cages out of view. Also, ask ahead of time for a Level 3 intern or higher. We did not know that, and were unable to walk the boardwalk above the tigers’ pool for unencumbered shots of the tigers. We looked at the whole experience as a donation to the sanctuary and the tour was a bonus. They do great work here and we’re proud to support it.

ToddKeating attended Private Mon, 4/22/13 @ 11:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 4/30/13
I would highly recommend this tour
My daughter age 11 loves cats – ALL cats. We took her here on a private tour along with our other daughter age 12. This was part of our trip to Siesta Key and Busch Gardens. After filing out some basic forms and being introduced to our tour guide we were off. Our guide was an intern from the UK. She was extremely knowledgeable and easy to be with. The 1 hour tour turned into a 1 and a half hour tour. We all had questions along the way while viewing various breeds of cats which were cheerfully answered by our tour guide. After the tour we hung out in the gift shop and purchased a lot of cool cat stuff. If you are or are not a cat lover – the tour is worth the time and money just from a “cause” and educational standpoint.

GmaJo60 attended Private Mon, 4/8/13 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 4/10/13
Informative Tour
My husband and I like big cats so we took a personal tour hoping to get some up close photos of the beautiful cats. Our guide was very informative and knowledgeable about all of the cats. The sanctuary seems to be very in tune with the different personalities of individual cats and ensures that they are not put on display if they are cranky or they move them if they do not get along well with their neighbor, etc. The accommodations for the cats were adequate and they were provided with stimulation within their individual habitats. We enjoyed the tour very much although we only got to see a handful of animals. While I would encourage people to visit, I’m not sure I would pay the extra $$ for a personal tour.

CDeming attended Private Tue, 2/19/13 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 2/21/13
Big Cat Rescue Private Tour–GREAT!
My wife and I have been donating to BCR for a few years and when I knew I was going to be in the Tampa area on vacation, Big Cat Rescue definitely made it onto the itinerary. We opted for the private tour and was not disappointed. Our guide was engaging, informative, and clearly loved volunteering her time to BCR. Visiting the cats and the seeing the facilities in such an intimate way was truly a memorable experience.

datz1011 attended Private Sat, 2/16/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 2/20/13
The Private Tour is Great for a Photographer…
My Wife purchased a private tour for me as an anniversary gift. She came along with me to help take pictures. This was a great way for me to step up my photography skills and see the wonderful animals. It is a wonderful tour to see how the animals are cared for and to contribute to that care. It was even more exhilarating to take pictures on my on schedule with time to set up my shots and move at my own pace. I would recommend the private tour to anyone who cares about these animals and to any level photographer.

ksleslie attended Photo Fri, 6/20/14 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Fri, 8/8/14
Big Cat Heaven!
If you are looking for something out of the norm to do that’s educational, supportive and fun please visit the cats at Big Cat Rescue! I have taken several photo tours and my only regret is that I can’t go every day! You will fall in love with the animals there, and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. There aren’t many places that you are able to get this close to lions, tigers, leopards and other rare species in a safe environment such as BCR. I highly recommend taking any of their tours, although it’s worth the money spent on the more private tours IMO. I hope you have as great an experience as I’ve had. It’s one of those life changing moments that brings awareness and fulfillment and the sense that you’ve done something good with your time and money!

Day Tour

KrystalZue attended DayTour Wed, 6/22/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 7/2/16
Happy animals
It was an awesome experience. The cats all seemed healthy and happy

crisgaldona attended DayTour Mon, 6/27/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 6/30/16
Unique experience
Our guide was very knowledgeable and engaging. The animals are treated ethically. It is obvious that their priority concerns are the wellbeing of the cats and our safety. The tour left earlier than the scheduled time due to threat of rain and storms so make sure you definitely get there AT LEAST 30 minutes prior and go straight in. Also, our tour lasted almost 2 hours. They had stops throughout that had water dispensers and paper cups so we could drink, but if you want your own drink, they only allow bottles.

paulatrip attended DayTour Wed, 6/22/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 6/27/16
Beautiful cats with large enclosures. The cats are well taken care of and it is evident that big cat rescue really wants to help.

robin1692 attended DayTour Tue, 6/21/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 6/25/16
Wonderful experience
This tour was awesome. The facility is wonderful by rescuing these beautiful cats.

MARIADYE attended DayTour Tue, 6/14/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 6/22/16
My daughter & I enjoyed the tour very much. The guide was very informative and helpful. The animals looked well taken care of and thankfully rescued by them. Hearing about each cat’s history and where they came from was upsetting. I hope more neglected Big Cats are able to be rescued and that The Big Cat Rescue stays operating indefinitely. I highly recommend others to see it and donate.

Suepurrr attended DayTour Fri, 6/17/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 6/20/16
Support these Big Cats
Such an important place with a very strong message. Wild animals are not ours to own. Due to negligence and abuse these cats now will live out their lives at the sanctuary which is run for the cats, not for humans.

Heatherlp80 attended DayTour Fri, 6/17/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 6/20/16
Informative tour
I went on a super hot day, however I enjoyed the experience of learning about the various big cats and how they were rescued. I would suggest wearing long pants to avoid being bitten by mosquitos and bring water. My only slight complaint is the tour guide who was an intern wasn’t the most nicest person and didn’t know too much when asked questions.

Shellb0802 attended DayTour Sun, 6/12/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 6/20/16
My daughter and one of her friends had always wanted to go, so us good moms took them. At the end, even though it was very hot, they both were thrilled that they finally got to go. We moms enjoyed it too.

mhoots25 attended DayTour Mon, 6/13/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 6/16/16
Great tour
Great tour! Very informative and eye opening about treatment of big cats

TyroneQuinn attended DayTour Mon, 6/13/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 6/16/16
Great tour guide..small tour group and very incite full. I learned a lot and it didn’t feel rushed. We were able to ask and received answers to all my questions. Each animal had their own story and it interesting hearing them all.

lisaabegg attended DayTour Mon, 6/6/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 6/15/16
got rained out
Unfortunately, the tour was cancelled due to T S Colin. But I did spend some time (and money) in the gift shop. The ladies there were very helpful and informative, identifying the big cats I had photographed the day before. Because it was my last day in Florida I could not reschedule my tour, but I was given a full refund. I don’t know when I will be back in Fla. but I definitely will try again. They are AWESOME!

hannagritsak attended DayTour Sat, 6/11/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 6/14/16
This was such an amazing experience! I highly recommend you come to experience Big Cat Rescue! We had a small group of people that walked around and had this great guide Danny, who has about 15 years of experience or more working with the organization. He was really knowledgable about all the cats, the work that the organization does and the mission that they have. You could see that everyone that works/volunteers there has a passion to keep all the cats safe and happy. The animals were well cared for and at no time did the guide or anyone try to have them put on a show for us. They were doing their natural thing and we were just their to watch and learn about them. I am so very grateful for the magnificent work that they do for this beautiful and truly inspiring cats. The stories that this cats have to share is heartbreaking and the knowledge I gained was certainly a wake-up call as to what is happing to this magnificent cats when they are held as pets, in the entertainment world, on fur farms and so much more. I had a really good time and was so happy to have made it part of my trip to Tampa. I got some amazing photos and left good about the work that they do. I will certainly go back when I am in town. THANK YOU BIG CAT RESCUE STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS!!! YOU ARE ALL A BLESSING TO THE CATS!!!

Jiujiteira attended DayTour Sun, 6/5/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 6/14/16
Daughters dream come true
Thank you for this educational and informational tour. My twelve year old daughter absolutely loves tigers and to hear their stories and know that someone is taking care of these animals made her and me so happy. Thank you for what you are doing for these beautiful animals!

Broughan attended DayTour Fri, 6/10/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 6/13/16
Wonderful experience
Visiting from the UK. So impressed. What an amazing place. Heartbreaking to learn what these poor animals have experienced but heartwarming to learn they are now safe & cared for. Wonderful volunteers & staff do an amazing job. Our tour guide was fantastic (Young Canadian lady (sorry forgot your name)). Can’t wait to see our personalised brick. Keep up the great work. We shall return. Carole & Sean xx

KarenFalco attended DayTour Sun, 6/5/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 6/9/16
A brief but enjoyable visit
We enjoyed our visit, though if I’m entirely honest felt a little disappointed. We were visiting from England and chose to make our visit to you on our 17th wedding anniversary as we thought it would be a real treat. I saw a programme about your work many years ago and had always wanted to visit if we were in the Tampa area. Feel the title ‘Day Tour’ is misleading. Appreciate website explains that the tour is an hour & a half, however our experience was that it lasted under an hour. We aso found it rushed as another group were coming up behind us. And while I appreciate that you put the comfort of the cats first, I think you should consider letting visitors make their own way around as I felt (personally) that I wasn’t trusted to behave in a responsible & respectful way and that I had to be supervised. Having said all that, we enjoyed meeting your cats and hearing their stories and thank you for the work you are doing ro improve their lives.

DaveGrist attended DayTour Sat, 5/28/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 6/7/16
Inspiring park display their cats with sensitivity
The Big Cat Rescue is not a zoo to wander around. A knowledgeable guide escorts the tour group around the enclosures and plays a narration about each animal that is visible (the habitats are created for the benefit of the animal’s welfare and allows them to escape from view if they wish). We saw plenty of critters over the course of the 1.5 hour tour.

Surfinkim attended DayTour Sat, 6/4/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 6/7/16
We had an amazing day! Everyone was so nice and friendly! We loved seeing how much they truly care for the cats and love they give them. We will be going back and telling everyone we know about this wonderful group!

lbump60 attended DayTour Fri, 6/3/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 6/6/16
Wonderful….except for Mother Nature
The staff and cats that we saw were great, but Mom decided to lightning on our parade! Had to cut short and run for cover!

SSchroeck attended DayTour Sat, 5/28/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 6/1/16
Help support the cats!
We had a nice morning at the cat rescue. They are very organized. It was great seeing the cats and hearing their stories. The combination of guided tour with an actual person coupled with an audio guide made a great informative experience. We saw lots of different types of cats and learned a lot. Highly recommend!

renevague3 attended DayTour Sat, 5/28/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 5/31/16
Perfect for cat lovers
This was my first time at BCR and I absolutely loved it! Some of the cats were hiding in the heat of the afternoon – more reason to go back for the night tour!

Jaqbowler attended DayTour Sat, 5/28/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 5/31/16
A Tampa must do
Must do activity if you are a cat lover. Informative and ample opportunity to ask questions during tour.

ttzbeach attended DayTour Fri, 5/27/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 5/30/16
Amazing Grace
My daughter Kelly came to visit and I’m pretty sure this was on her bucket list I can tell you that it was amazing grace all the way around from the staff to the cats thank you so much. I will be back I will donate and I will tell all of my friends about you

Plaramie attended DayTour Sat, 5/21/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 5/27/16
I learned about Big Cat Rescue while following Hoover’s story on Facebook. Upon coming to Orlando for a holiday I knew that I wanted to pay a visit to the sanctuary to see what this organization was all about. From the moment I drove into the parking lot I was impressed. An eager team of volunteers guided us into the lot and then through admission. The walking tour was easy and there was a lot of shade throughout the tour. it was also comforting to know that golf carts could be called upon if people became too overwhelmed by the heat or for other medical issues. I listened intently to all of the stories of the cats and what had led them to their final forever home there. As an animal advocate I felt so at peace knowing that every cat in this sanctuary is treated with such honor, so much respect, and are isuch loving and caring hands. What was also really evident to me is the amazing enthusiasm, knowledge and passion of all of the volunteers that were there. Thank you to all of you at The Big Cat Rescue for all that you do! I did not get to see Hoover on the tour but I watch him on his live cam and was so excited to see him swim for the first time. Everytime I am in Florida I will be coming back.

Camillicent attended DayTour Mon, 5/23/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 5/26/16
Amazing experience
Our tour guide was funny, insightful and also taught me a lot! I loved the way they handled their establishment because it was what was best for the cats! I highly recommend this place and I am so happy that I got to experience this! I would love to go to a night tour or feeding tour!

219Armbrust attended DayTour Tue, 5/17/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 5/26/16
A Day With Big Cats
I enjoyed the informative way the cats were represented by our tour guide and the audio stories associated with the cats. Oh gosh! Just not enough time to take all the pictures I would have like to taken. I think I only got about 100. I can not remember all the names but have a good picture of Rusty and Sassy, the old tiger with arthritis. Thank you for all your good work!

Rolavender attended DayTour Sun, 5/22/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 5/26/16
The Tour
We enjoyed the tour….it was overly slanted in the negatives that are present in the realities of the residents’ situations and not counterbalanced by positives….Over all it was a worthwhile experience.

sammfoster attended DayTour Wed, 5/18/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 5/25/16
I regret not knowing what I know now …I worked in DC for 44 years and could have made an impact. I will do what I can from my little retirement world. As for your staff… they could not have been more accomadating! THEIR ENTHUSIASM was infectious. I was the first to make the call in our group and shall continue to do so. You ALL SHOULD BE VERY PROUD OF YOURSELVES. If I lived anywhere near you, I would be begging to volunteer. I have shed many a tear since leaving the rescue and no longer want to touch a tiger. I had that first on my bucket list and was going so far as to take a group to Thailand. NOT NOW OR EVER!!! I will just continue to paint them and be a better person for it. We will be making a donation,but, more importantly, I will work very hard to get your rescue and message out there. You haven’t heard the last from me.I can’t thank you enough!! Sam

Litzzi attended DayTour Sun, 5/22/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 5/25/16
Meow …
What a great facility for these magestic cats ! The ones living there are the lucky ones : ) Was hard to hear the guide but otherwise very informative tour . Wish there was a tour early in the morning during the hot weather as most of the cats were in their shelters .

Oh my goodness! Everyone should go here. Very educational. Well staffed, friendly, and gift shop purchases go to the cats care and well being. I am going again (soon) with another friend. Can’t wait.!

Barbnp attended DayTour Tue, 5/17/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 5/20/16
Cat Tracks
Wonderful and educational facility that puts the health and well being of the animals first. Although we were shocked and saddened to hear the incredible stories of how the cats ended up at BCR, we were encouraged by the care given all the animals by the dedicated staff and helpers. If we lived in the area we would volunteer there. Keep up the good work!

Dpwilson2023 attended DayTour Sun, 5/8/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 5/17/16
Excellent experience
It saddens me to see such beautiful animals have been mistreated and once lived in unimaginable conditions. Big Cat Rescue is doing a terrific job by helping these magnificent animals. The staff was very knowledgable and genuinely care for the animals. I have a lot of respect for those individuals who stand up for animals. Keep up the great work Big Cat Rescue.

Chicagoborn attended DayTour Wed, 5/11/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 5/16/16
Big Day With Big Cats
Our tour guide, Ella, was excellent. Each visitor was supplied with an audio receiver and an earbud (non-reusable) with which we listened to each cat’s “story.” After each story, Ella told us a more personal story of each cat we visited. I was glad I wore closed toe shoes as recommended because the path is gravelly, dusty, and uneven. Remember, this is NOT a “pay to play” facility, meaning they do NOT offer to take your picture with the cats. You are allowed to take photos, but from safe position away from the big cats. I heartily recommend Big Cat Rescue and plan to visit again when I’m next in Tampa, maybe a feeding or night tour.

MGL031767 attended DayTour Sat, 5/7/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Fri, 5/13/16
A Sanctuary that really CARES
This was my 3rd visit in a year to visit BCR and they just keep getting better. Each visit has been different and each time you can hear and see the love and care they have for these beautiful cats! I brought many donations for the cats (supplies for enrichment) and the staff was so happy to receive and a huge help in unloading. If you are looking for a real sanctuary to support and/or visit and love BIG cats this is the place for you! The grounds are natural and beautiful. The cats are very content and you might even get to experience Mac the cougar have a conversation with his favorite keeper Matt! I love BCR and all that they stand for!

cindybender attended DayTour Sun, 5/8/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 5/11/16
I love the way big cat rescue puts animals first and foremost. They provide the best possible environment these beautiful cats can have since they cannot be returned to the wild. My son took me for Mothers Day and it was a great gift for us to share together and to know our admission will help these cats. Additionally our tour guide was very knowledgable and I learned so much. An awesome day.

reneesimon attended DayTour Sat, 5/7/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 5/11/16
Big Cat Lover
This tour was a dream of mine. I could not have been happier with the tour except for actually petting one of the cats (total fantasy request, due to the dangers I know this is not possible). Any way the staff went above and beyond. I was lost and unable to find the location on Easy Street and the staff member not only helped me to find my way, she talked me through the directions and sent the info to my phone. Because I love cats of all sizes, the tour was incredible and the dedication of the employees and volunteers was supreme. I drove from Atlanta, GA to participate with the tour.

catladylj attended DayTour Wed, 4/20/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 5/9/16
Awesome Experience
I have been dreaming of a visit to Big Cat Rescue for years. I live in the Pacific NW so going to Tampa doesn’t happen very often. I visited on April 20, 2016. I was traveling on a budget so an $80 taxi ride round trip was out of the question. I took the bus. The short walk down Easy Street to BCR was magical. The anticipation was building with each step. The tour did not disappoint. The volunteers were knowledgeable and friendly. The cats were well cared for and loved. Very clean facility. Visiting BCR was the highlight of my trip. I can’t wait to go back again some day.

merisdef attended DayTour Tue, 5/3/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 5/7/16
Awesome !
Great experience ! So nice to see a place that actually takes care of the animals that someone else took out of the wild. They do a lot for the cats !!

iloveallcats attended DayTour Tue, 5/3/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 5/6/16
Big Cat Rescue is Awesome!
After being a Facebook fan, I was so happy to finally visit Big Cat Rescue! I wish I lived nearby so I could visit more often. The tour guide was very knowledgeable, and I could tell how much she loved all of the big cats who were all so beautiful and stunning creatures. She was informative in suggesting we write to politicians about the Big Cat Public Safety Act, and I hope that others who visited do this if not already. I also liked how she demonstrated the cage comparison of the size of an animal vs. the cage it is cooped up in and how this translates to the size cage a human would be in. Finally, I am so happy these magnificent creatures have a happy retirement home to live at, especially since most came from such sad and inhumane living conditions and glad that I could help in some small way by visiting and making purchases in the gift shop.

Gramfam10 attended DayTour Sat, 4/30/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 5/6/16
learned a lot
Never realized that so many people in this country owned these types of animals.

KathyKrueger attended DayTour Wed, 4/20/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 5/5/16
Great place to visit.
I cannot believe we have lived in Florida for 5 years, visited several times prior and have not made it to The Big Cat Rescue before this! My sister and niece came to visit and we spent the afternoon seeing the most AMAZING wild cats. They are so beautiful. It was nice to be informed of the background stories of each cat. We learned so much and didn’t even realize it. I am so grateful that these beautiful cats have a place to call home. Don’t waste another moment come visit in person. Be aware of the lacking laws regarding Big Cats and do your part to preserve them in this world

JerriRWS attended DayTour Sun, 4/10/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 5/5/16
Love and Learning
It is easy to see that the animals are happy and comfortable in their environment. Each cat has so much room and privacy. It is amazing how much effort the volunteers and staff put into “enrichments” for their charges :). Enrichments such as special toys,water features, constructions of cardboard to entertain (and be torn up LOL) and even us visiting is considered an enrichment to the cat’s life. As I said before, the animals are relaxed, interested in us as visitors, and obviously healthy. thank you BCR for being here for our special cat friends.

RoxanneMac attended DayTour Fri, 4/22/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 5/4/16
Educational and Awesome!
Totally enjoyed the positive changes at Big Cat and learned even more! Delightful and will come back

rlens11 attended DayTour Fri, 4/15/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 4/28/16
Being a cat and big cat lover, it wasn’t hard to enjoy this tour. It was cool to see all kinds of big cats and learn about their lives and species. Very cool!

Jennam27 attended DayTour Mon, 4/25/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 4/28/16
Great experience
We enjoyed this very much.

stgilstrap attended DayTour Sun, 4/24/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 4/27/16
Big cat rescue
Very educational and amazing to see these beautiful creatues up close!

chiquita60 attended DayTour Sat, 4/23/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 4/27/16
Great experience
Our guide was very informative. Had a great day there. I’m thinking about going back for another visit.

EwelinaN attended DayTour Wed, 4/20/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 4/25/16
Sehr schön
Die Tour wurde professionell organisiert und geführt. Schöne Tiere die ein armes Schicksal hatten. Man merkt das sie Pfleger ihre Schützlinge lieben. Kann ich nur empfehlen ❤️

Bethhaase attended DayTour Wed, 4/20/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 4/25/16
I had been on the Big Cats Rescue website several times and was thrilled to be in Tampa , able to see the cats in person. The tour is inofrmatinal-you’ll hear the stories about how these furry creatures ended up in the sanctuary. Wear comfortable shoes because you walk a sandy dirt path. You are in and out of the sun but mostly in the sun so bring a water bottle , wear snscreen and dress accordingly. No umbrellas or hats because they can set off an animal. If you are looking for a worthwhile charity and can’t make the trip to Tampa for the tour, this one’s legit! The cats here are not being released into the wild for multiple reasons, mostly because of thier conditions, so you can actually adopt a cat by name from the webiste and know that you have made a difernce in that little or HUGE life every day!

AmyD53 attended DayTour Tue, 4/19/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 4/22/16
Wonderful afternoon.
The weather was beautiful and the animals were all very cooperative and we enjoyed seeing them all. It is also great to see how well cared for and clean everything was. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and could answer any question given to them. Thank you for providing a sanctuary for these creatures.

I am in awe of the work done here to give these cats a great last home. I learned so much as a big cat lover that I did not know before. I’m more aware of what is harmful to the world’s big cats.

sschmidt2016 attended DayTour Sat, 4/16/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 4/20/16
Great place to visit
2nd visit for my family and brought my neice for her 1st visit. Wonderful place for adults and kids to learn more about large wild cats. Each cat had its own story and a Better future at the Big Cat Rescue.

Jlm51774 attended DayTour Sat, 4/16/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 4/19/16
Must see
What an amazing place and s very knowledgeable Crew

jmawad104 attended DayTour Mon, 4/11/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 4/19/16
Outstanding! Better then I imagined.
The stories of the animals and what they have been through really made me aware of the huge problems that exist. Very informative and interesting. The guides were excellent and you can tell they love what they do. The place itself is beautiful and clean. Highly recommend a visit. Well worth the time and money!

Wonderful. I’m so happy, all cat’s are in good hands now. Big cat’s don’t have a place in small place like a house or an apartment. That have there own place, and go in holiday in a beautiful yard of 2 1/2 acre.

Philhrv attended DayTour Sun, 4/10/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 4/13/16
Big Cat Rescue is doing a great job
BCR is doing a great job rescuing these poor cats from the ill treatment they have received from humans. The people there are dedicated and very knowledgeable. As we are from the UK and it is not allowable to own anything bigger than a normal domesticate cat it is unbelievable that in the USA it is possible not only to own a Big Cat but keep it in poor condition and badly treat it. Our guide was telling us there are more tigers in cages in Texas than in the wilds. Come on USA join the civilised world and put a stop to this. Then places like BCR would not be needed. The cat at BCR look very contented and in good condition, listening to their individual stories brings tears to the eyes. we were really impressed with the cats vacation cages, it’s just about as close as they can get to being in the wilds. Hopefully the BCR team will keep being well funded and providing a great service to these fantastic animals as long as they are needed. Thank you for a wonderful couple of hours

Bobcat55 attended DayTour Sat, 4/9/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 4/12/16
I wish the cages were a little bit wider and bigge
Would like to see the cages longer wider and bigger Especially for the cougars . Would’ve liked to have seen the other Savannah tour guide said there wasn’t enough time . King tot is who we didn’t get to see . Maybe you can give them bowling balls to play with .

lesliedann attended DayTour Fri, 4/8/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 4/12/16
Meet some new furry friends
Visiting the Big Cat Rescue is very educational and a must for cat lovers

JACKIEDENISE attended DayTour Fri, 4/1/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 4/11/16
lovely for cat lovers
We went here whilst visiting Tampa recently. I love cats and booked up before we arrived in Florida. This place is not as Zoo where you look round on your own but a rescue centre for all types of cats, some are rescued from circuses and from when they have been kept as unsuitable pets. The cats are very well cared for and are very contented. We did the tour of the whole Big Cat Rescue, you are taken round and each cats story is explained in detail. There are opportunities to take photos as you go round, you stop for a while at each enclosure. All proceeds go to the centre to look after the cats so it’s defiantly worth every penny. The staff are dedicated and take good car of cats, they have lovely enclosures and also get time out. These cats would never survive back in the wild so will be here for life, so much better than what they had before. I am so glad I decided to visit and would recommend.

daarianna attended DayTour Sat, 4/2/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Sun, 4/10/16
Beautiful big cats
I enjoyed our visit so much, and will be back. We learned so much about them and their needs. Thank you so much for being there and taking such wonderful car of them. They are so lucky to have a place like this to be rescued to.

jtautscher attended DayTour Mon, 4/4/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 4/7/16
Ein besonderes Erlebnis in Tampa
Die Einfahrt ist leicht zu übersehen und auf der holprigen Straße bekommt man schon Urwaldgefühle. Wir wurden sehr freundlich empfangen und nach kurzer Wartezeit kam unser Guide, ein älterer Herr, und holte uns ab. Es folgten fast zwei Stunden Rundgang durch das Gelände. Wir sahen Luchse, Servale, Ozelot, Tiger und Löwen. All diese Tiere finden hier ihr Gnadenbrot, denn es sind teilweise beschlagnahmte Tiere, zum Teil aus Tiershowauflösungen oder Tiere, die wegen Krankheit oder Tod ihres Besitzers übernommen wurden. Unser Guide erzählte zu jedem Tier die Geschichte und war sehr bewandert in der Materie. Ein Besuch im Big Cat Rescue ist auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen

Radsprite attended DayTour Fri, 4/1/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 4/4/16
Nic Cat Awesome
My wife and I had a great time in the tour which was full of interesting facts and tidbits. Great photo ops abounded which we took full advantage of.

Janetrock attended DayTour Fri, 3/25/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 4/4/16
Great tour!
Very educational. So nice to see the cats resting comfortably after the horrendous lives a lot of them led before being rescued.

Gator36330 attended DayTour Sat, 3/26/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 4/1/16
Great Big Cats
Everything was awesome. The only slight negative is the actually entrance road is not paved and VERY bumpy. If you have a very low car, like a Corvette, beware to go slow. Also, not a lot of parking for big RV’s or trailers/boats. So be prepared for such problems if you are on vacation and decide to swing by for a visit. If your into cats in any way, it’s a must see regardless!!!!

Aprylrays attended DayTour Mon, 3/28/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 3/31/16
Enjoyable afternoon learning about big cats
This is a very nice activity for the cat or wildlife lover, although be warned that the cat’s stories may be sad as most if not all were abused or neglected before making their way to this wonderful habitat. The interns who did the walk were very knowledgeable and accommodating.

Javdaneh attended DayTour Mon, 3/21/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 3/31/16
Big cat rescue is a haven for cats in need
With each cat came a story that could break your heart, but Big Cat rescue is truly a harbor and happy ending for cats that have had a very rough life, these are the few that have had a second chance to live without fear of abuse or neglect.

jgangone26 attended DayTour Tue, 3/22/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 3/25/16
Awesome experience
Tour was very informative! It was awesome to see these majestic animals up close and to learn about them. It was great to hear their individual stories as well. Definitely recommend this tour!

artena attended DayTour Tue, 3/8/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 3/24/16
What a Fantastic Day!
Great guide and just majestic to watch all of the animals! Peaceful and serene.

kimsch1977 attended DayTour Tue, 3/15/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 3/23/16
Beautiful cats!!!
My husband and I did this on recommendation from my cat loving sister-in-law who did the tour a few years ago. We both really liked it but have to say the second part was much better than the first part. The first part we had headphones on and the guide would just use a Ipad to play the animals story. After awhile a young man with “Intern” on the back of his shirt took over and the tour got much more interesing. He personally told the stories and hardly used the Ipad at all which was so much better. He was so personable and really knew his cats. The cats are absolutely beautiful but have to admit I had a hard time listening to some of the stories, Pretty sad but we are glad we went. Happy with the gift shop also, very reasonably priced.

davideg attended DayTour Sun, 3/20/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 3/23/16
Its GREAT, I recommend BIG CAT RESCUE for every one to see, its the best experience you will ever have, what a great day out, we love these CATS.

Travisgdow attended DayTour Mon, 3/14/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 3/22/16
What a great place
A great experience and learning adventure. Excellent guides.

Kspratlin attended DayTour Fri, 3/18/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 3/21/16
Heartwarming experience
My family and I enjoyed the tour very much. What everyone does for all of these cats is absolutely amazing. We are a family of veterinary technicians and to hear the stories of the past history was very sad, but to know they have a perfect place to live the rest of their lives freely is breathtaking. Thank you to everyone at Big Cat Rescue.

GJLipsky attended DayTour Wed, 3/9/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sun, 3/20/16
Worthwhile Visit Near Tampa
Well-maintained facilities. Interesting rescue stories. Knowledgeable and polite staff. Most humane treatment of cats.

Rolexmd attended DayTour Sun, 3/6/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 3/17/16
Had friends in town from Texas
Had visiting friends from my home state of Texas and we chose big car rescue because large wild cats rock! You don’t have to be a cat lover to enjoy this activity. Anyone with any kind of taste will enjoy. Big Cat Rescue seems pricey but the reality is that you help feed these animals. Very educational and well worth the money. Heck, I’d go again!

Mollie5466 attended DayTour Mon, 3/14/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 3/17/16
I’m so happy that there are some many people that care not only for these animals but for animal rights all over the world. The tour was informative and it was so nice to see the beautiful animals being taken care of and having so much love after the rocky start most had. The staff was friendly and it was an absolute pleasure to walk the park with these professionals.

Pecantan24 attended DayTour Sun, 3/13/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 3/16/16
Outstanding and helpful to all!
My mother is disabled from a stroke so she cannot walk far. The big cat rescue was so understanding and had a golf cart waiting for her! They also took the extra time to explain and show things to her because it takes longer for her to understand!! Thank you for making her feel like a person and for making this a very delightful and easy experience for us both!!

wizzie59 attended DayTour Sat, 3/12/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 3/15/16
informative and fun
So nice to see how the cats are so well taken care of.

tandmlj7 attended DayTour Sat, 3/12/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 3/15/16
We learned alot!! Very fun time
Guide very knowledgeable and informative…good timing and walking

ANGODWIN attended DayTour Sun, 3/6/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 3/15/16
Great place for the Big Cats!
We loved the tour, and all of the staff and volunteers are very friendly and knowledgeable. The cats are amazing and beautiful, it was nice to be able to hear their stories and learn how they came to BCR. 100% recommend.

ArtGlass attended DayTour Wed, 3/9/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 3/14/16
Leader in humane big cat care & advocacy
Tour reservations required…essential. This is not a zoo or a “pay to pet” facility. Big Cat Rescue is a non-profit facility dedicated to the care of exotic big (and small) cats who cannot otherwise be released back into the wild. The compound houses the cats in caged off sections of woodland and meadows, so that the cats are not housed on concrete or in tiny cages. Most of these cats are rescued from private owners who made the mistake of thinking it would be “cool” to own a dangerous wild animal. Some are retired circus performers. Some are there because of injuries from automobile accidents which make them non-candidates for re-release. Most of them are very old; living out their retirement years in a safe, comfortable, caring environment full of health care and enrichment activities. The day tour is about 1 1/2 hours long, walking along paths which take you between the enclosures. For those who cannot walk unassisted for that long of a time in Florida heat, golf carts are available. There are two water stations along the route. The animals do not perform for visitors; they are free to choose to come up for a visit or not. On the day we visited, the tigers, servals, and leopards were active, while most of the bobcats and lions were resting or sleeping. Big Cat Rescue also is a fierce advocat for legislature to make non-licensed owning of big cats illegal. They have an advocacy center on-site for calling your state representatives and senators to encourage them to support legislation. There is a gift shop with lots of items for sale. You can also sponsor a big cat. Finding the driveway to Big Cat Rescue was a bit of a challenge. Their driveway is a one-lane dirt road almost totally hidden between urban development. But once you are on the dirt road, the sounds of suburbia melt away. We recommend this for education and advocacy tours. There are very specific restrictions concerning young children and pets, so please check with their website before booking your tour.

Slider727 attended DayTour Fri, 3/11/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 3/14/16
Very informative. Intern was awesome.
Very informative.

ARahner21 attended DayTour Sun, 3/6/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 3/14/16
Amazing Trip!!
I’ve been on an African Safari in Tanzania, and while the animals you see are not roaming free around you, I was closer the lions and tigers than on the safari. The tour was so much fun it felt way to quick. They give you about 2-3 minutes at every in closure and history of the animals and how the acquired them and he health care provided. It was an excellent trip and made a great date. Even my girlfriend loved it. She even called one of the sleeping female lions (Nakita) by her name and she looked up at us. The whole trip was wild and I highly recommend not only visiting the rescue but also supporting the legislation that the organization is trying to pass regarding the handling of big and exotic cats!!!

ryhendrix attended DayTour Fri, 3/11/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 3/14/16
Cute with feeling
Me and my friend both love big cats, so while visiting her we knew we had to come here. So we did! And it was great. Getting to see all the big cats, hear their stories, and see how much happier they were and how much better they were doing was heartwarming. I’ve been watching their youtube videos for months and months, and getting to see these beautiful cats in person like this was astounding. You won’t regret going.

paannie attended DayTour Tue, 3/8/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 3/11/16
Beautiful animals
We had a wonderful tour with a very knowledgeable guide. Thank you so much for the work you are doing to rescue and care for these innocent animals.

Tammarin attended DayTour Sun, 3/6/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 3/9/16
Great visit to Big Cat Rescue!
We took our 10 year old daughter to visit Big Cat Rescue in Tampa and we enjoyed seeing these big cats happy, healthy and very well cared for. You can see the love and attention that these cats (who have already been through so much trauma and chaos in their lives) get. Every employee/volunteer we talked with was very knowledgable about the cats too. The Day Tour was very informative, sometimes heartbreaking to hear of the atrocities and shameful circumstances that they were rescued from. It really boggles the mind that some humans can take these beautiful creatures and lock them up in circus cages, tiny spaces with concrete flooring or deep, dark basements and subject them to unspeakable cruelty. I am so happy that Big Cat Rescue exists to offer these gorgeous animals a safe haven and an awesome forever home where they are cared for, spoiled with treats (bloodcicles, balls, Christmas trees, boxes and pumpkins) and games to play with and enrich their lives. They are also given the medical care that they need from their injuries that they have received while in their previous hell hole environments. It was fun to see them each have their own little personalities and that they are well-fed, have shiny fur coats and have very little human contact except when medically necessary. The staff who gave the tour were very knowledgable, kind and showed real affection for these cats. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Priegel attended DayTour Tue, 3/1/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 3/9/16
Interesting and Educational
My husband and I took the tour. A friend at work had taken the tour and recommend it. We enjoyed that the tour guide gave us the name and history of each of its rescues. That was awesome along with what progress they have made since coming to the rescue. Each story touches the heart and backs the reason why certain people or organizations should not be allowed to have wild animals. We support the cause. The tour really puts it in prospective. The cats seemed continent and happy. Although I think bigger quarters would be better I think they are making good use of the space they have. So glad we were able to tour. Kathy & Dave IL

leejarcure attended DayTour Sat, 3/5/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 3/8/16
Amazing caring place
BCR is a great place to go and see beautiful cats being well cared for. Go there, give a donation and make the call of the wild. I will go back the time I’m in tampa.

mjcolbert1 attended DayTour Sat, 3/5/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 3/8/16
We have support BCR for many years but first time visiting We will be back.

tamiblevins attended DayTour Fri, 3/4/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 3/8/16
Don’t Miss This!
Very entertaining, educational, & unique experience. Amazing volunteers, extremely organized & well-run activity.

Evbook attended DayTour Sat, 2/27/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 3/7/16
Very interesting
Loved hearing the background of the animals. Loved seeing them. Felt the caring in the guides. Very clean.

Ashleyrobyn attended DayTour Wed, 3/2/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 3/7/16
My boyfriend and I visited the rescue while we were on vacation in Tampa. We were kind of bummed that we could only participate in a walking tour instead of venturing on our own. However we are so happy that we did! The tour was so informational and organized. We learned about each cat’s story and how the rescue is helping them. We weren’t rushed to the next cat and the group we were with kept up the pace! Our guide was so informed and answered all of our questions! This was our first trip to a sanctuary (we normally go to zoos). I have so much respect for this rescue because their huge spaces for the cats and no contact policy makes the animals much more relaxed and happy. The animals weren’t on display like a zoo so if they wanted to hide, they could. Luckily the cats were so happy they usually came to the fence when called. I left the experience telling all my friends about the benefits of this sanctuary and I definitely plan to donate to this great nonprofit. Thanks for a wonderful experience Big Cat Rescue!

Suncat66 attended DayTour Sat, 2/27/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 3/7/16
Get up close and learn about the big cats!
My friend and I had a spectacular time on the Big Cat Day Tour. An opportunity to see them up close and learn about them and their personal stories. Our guide was enthusiastic and knowledgable. Highly recommend visiting and supporting Big Cat Rescue.

LarryFimbel attended DayTour Sat, 2/27/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Sun, 3/6/16
Love seeing Big Cats
Big Cat Rescue to very organized and you can tell they love their animals. They are taken care of very nicely and that warms my heart. Great place to enjoy the outdoors and some amazing wildlife.

doctorD attended DayTour Tue, 3/1/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 3/5/16
Informative and Interesting
Our family of three attended the tour and found it very comforting that these big cats are cared for in the best way possible with love and consideration. The walking terrain is rather rough in places and it should be noted in the tour guide and that one needs to be in fairly good shape, if its hot, to make the journey. My wife booked took the golf cart and was very happy she did. Even some younger people than us had to sit on the golf cart for a spell. You must be able to walk for 90 minutes, over dirt and small rocks to complete the tour. Still an excellent tour if you really love animals.

Kjbuchanan attended DayTour Fri, 2/26/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 3/1/16
Very informative and super fun
The cats are beautiful and well cared for. It was Very uplifting. I learned so much, our tour guide was excellent.

TiffWarner attended DayTour Mon, 2/22/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 2/25/16
Wonderful day at Bug Cat Rescue!
They do a wonderful job saving all the beautiful bug cats, definitely work a visit to hear there stories. Humans can be so cruel.

MariiaStep attended DayTour Sat, 2/13/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 2/25/16
Excellent combination of fun and knowledge
Watching animals at zoos is usually not so educational and while enjoying fantastic creatures, I can’t stop thinking those animals as jailed. But Big Cat Rescue sanctuary is a different thing. All the cat’s stories, so heartbreaking! Though every story has to have a happy ending and those cats have their ‘lived happily ever after’ for sure. I would recommend to take the tour to single travellers, couples, families with children, to everyone. You’ll never regret.

LashaunaB attended DayTour Sun, 2/21/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 2/24/16
Great Place
I loved this experience

hiramasa attended DayTour Sun, 2/14/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 2/23/16
worth the time
The tour was interesting and informative. We learned about a Serval cat that we never heard of before. The compound was clean planned in an interesting fashion. You will not be wasting your time if you visit.

Susieqday attended DayTour Wed, 2/17/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 2/23/16
This is a wonderful experience!!
This organization is doing a great job for these rescued big cats! Even though the cats are not in the wild, the environments provided are the next best thing. PLUS, they get the medical attention they wouldn’t get if they were in the wild. We were very impressed.

fruney96 attended DayTour Sat, 2/13/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sun, 2/21/16
A Day to Remember!
This was our last tour of the day and it was just wonderful! My family and I spent the day wandering around the Big Cat Sanctuary ~ we did the feeding tour and the keeper tour and then the day tour. Every tour was filled with stories and information and experiences that were breathtaking! I can’t say enough about the passion that was evident on all of the tours. Every guide was open and honest about all the wonderful cats that live on the property. My personal declaration at the end of the day was……I have finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up! Be a volunteer at the Big Cat Sanctuary! I can’t think of a more rewarding experience!

alanmoore415 attended DayTour Sat, 2/13/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Sun, 2/21/16
Excellent tour !!
My partner wanted to visit for her birthday. We did the 10am tour. From the moment we got out of the car. We were greeted by staff who were genuinely friendly and welcoming. The tour was 2 hours which was great because it was only suppose to be 1.5. Tour guide was great. Easy to listen to

RobinIan attended DayTour Tue, 2/16/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 2/19/16
Excellent experience!
You will amazed at the care and beautiful surroundings these once sick and abused animals receive at the hands of dedicated volunteers and professionals. It’s a place of great serenity and healing, both in body and mind. Everyone goes out of their way to educate visitors and show the need to protect the big cats and all wildlife. Amazing!

Dunkleyk attended DayTour Mon, 2/15/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 2/18/16
Great experience for my 10 year old son
My son loves anything that has to do with helping animals. He liked hearing about how BCR rescues the cats, and the availability of the guides to answer questions about them. He says he wants to work in a place just like this when he grows up.

mbrooks62 attended DayTour Sun, 2/14/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 2/17/16
Love the cats
Loved seeing and hearing the stories of all the cats. As a cat person myself, I loved watching these big cats roam in a relatively natural habitat and see the amount of love put into their care! The thought of helping these cats is awesome; if I had the money I would financially support a cat for the entirety of its life!

Montes1 attended DayTour Sun, 2/14/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 2/17/16
Beautiful Day
It was wonderful to get to see such gorgeous animals so close and knowing that this sanctuary only rescues and would never by animals to be displayed.

slrenner71 attended DayTour Tue, 2/9/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 2/13/16
Really enjoyed this
My husband and I took the tour and enjoyed it very much. The stories of the cat rescues will tear your heart out. It was relaxing and made you feel good in the end your money was going toward feeding and caring for them. They are beautiful creatures. My only advice is if it has rained recently wear old shoes.

Kat13181 attended DayTour Mon, 2/8/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 2/12/16
Truly amazing!
I always try to visit whenever in Florida! Amazing to see these big cats up close!

BigMama81 attended DayTour Sat, 1/30/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 2/5/16
It was Awesome!!
I got awesome picures!! My friend and I went on a nice, pleasant day. Not too hot out. We saw lots of big cats. We felt totally safe. Our tour guide was great! The animals seemed so happy and pleasant. We are definitely going back.

lkrause1997 attended DayTour Sun, 1/31/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 2/4/16
We had a wonderful time visiting the cats. We especially loved Cameron the lion. The cats looked happy and healthy and have very nice enclosures. The staff was really great too. Will definitely come back.

Sagefemme3 attended DayTour Sun, 1/24/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sun, 1/31/16
Amazing tour, especially for animal lovers!
You can tell that the people who work at Big Cat Rescue really care about the animals! Sorry I ever doubted it. It was amazing and heartwarming to see how well the cats are cared for, as evidenced by how long they live. Not to be missed!

Mycatleo attended DayTour Wed, 1/20/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sun, 1/31/16
Girls visiting that love cats (all size cats)
My friend and I loved the cats. It was very nice to see the cats close to the fences so we could see them up close and personal. They seem to be content in their homes and well cared for. We also were pleased to see that all past cats were buried in a special place of honor. I only wish that it was possible to play with them

esautter attended DayTour Wed, 1/20/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 1/30/16
Great tour
Staff is great, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, a genuine interest and care for the animals.

erk75s attended DayTour Wed, 1/20/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 1/30/16
Great tour. We really learned a lot about big cats
This was the second visit for two of the four of us in the group, and it was still fascinating and educational.

gingiheather attended DayTour Sun, 1/17/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 1/26/16
A friend and I were in town for only 3 days, so it was important to us to spend our time wisely. We certainly do not regret our hour with the big cats! What majestic creatures. While their stories were heartbreaking, it was a comfort to know that they have found a safe place to live out their days. Thank you, Big Cat Sanctuary!

Lorilovescat attended DayTour Sat, 1/23/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 1/26/16
Wonderful time!
We really enjoyed the tour and big cats. It was informative, and seeing these magnificent big cats was amazing this trip was a birthday present for a friend that can’t stop talking about it and showing pictures. We were glad to see they had so much space, although she did wonder if the leopard should have a lil more tree limb space on the top . their spaces were appropriate because these animals do live outdoors not in apartments or homes in their natural environment. They have respected the cats and don’t treat them as pets. All in all fabulous.

mirdkelly attended DayTour Wed, 1/20/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 1/25/16
This facility was remarkable. We loved every minute of the tour. It was extremely informative and the guides were great. A head set was also provided so everyone could learn all of the animals stories. The grounds were very well kept. Most of the animals had extremely sad back stories, and they seem truly happy to have a life that they deserve at Big Cats Rescue. I highly recommend attending a tour.

Janeldavis attended DayTour Sat, 1/16/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sun, 1/24/16
Amazing and caring organization
We were very impressed with the knowledge of our tour guide and the obvious love and care that is given these beautiful animals. Will definitely be back again (many times).

xinawotitdo attended DayTour Wed, 1/13/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 1/23/16
Fun, safe, and informative way to see the cats
I’ve followed BCR online for years, and was thrilled to find myself local to them. I took the regular day tour. Highlights will vary based on which cats are visible at the time. The animals are the priority. Regular enclosures and vacation habitats included. Trails are dirt, follow their closed-toe shoe suggestion. Gift shop filled with souvenirs at a range of prices. Would do again.

terri111447 attended DayTour Tue, 1/19/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 1/22/16
Long awaited experience
I have been following Big Cat Rescue on Facebook for about a year. When my sister in Sarasota invited me to visit, I told her only on the condition we would visit Big Cat Rescue! It was SO awesome getting to see the cats I have been watching and looking at on FB. It was incredible seeing them up so close. I felt like I was actually meeting old friends! Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor. I can cross off one of the things in my bucket list!

Cnedaria attended DayTour Sat, 1/16/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 1/21/16
Wonderful tour
This was a wonderful tour, and we got to see many cats from as close as about 4 feet away. Some cats didn’t want to come see us, but there were many who didn’t mind checking us out as we admired them. Our tour leader was very informative, and able to give us a number of anecdotes about the cats, and answer all our questions. I am not a particularly fit individual, but did not have any problem with the 90 minute walking tour. (There were benches and water station along the way). My kids 12 and 15 really enjoyed it too.

Lkemp6133 attended DayTour Tue, 1/12/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 1/20/16
I’ve been going for 20+ years
I’ve been probably 6 times in 20 years and it’s amazing how much it’s changed for the better! Love that you can’t pet the small cars anymore & can’t stay in the Honeymoon suite either (always worried about that)! The headphones are genius. I bring someone new every time I come and they always rave about their experience. I’ll be bringing my granddaughter next since she just turned 10. Thanks to all the volunteers & Sponsors that make this place possible for the cats.

clambourn attended DayTour Wed, 1/13/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 1/19/16
We took friends who were down in Florida visiting us and we thought they would really like Big Cat. We had been there a few times before and have always loved it. The volunteers are amazing and so informed about all the cats and their backgrounds. This is a fantastic sanctuary and these people do everything right when it comes to care and rescue. They deserve all the donations they can get for the wonderful work they do.

Laurabarz1 attended DayTour Sun, 1/10/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sun, 1/17/16
An amazing educational visit
I am a huge follower of your rescue and have donate on many occasions, I love your park,the volunteers were friendly & very knowledgeable, my group of four who attended that day are all in law enforcement and needed a good relaxing & fun day. My friends are from Lakeland FL and my husband & I from RI. We have told all of our friends about this amazing rescue and they are very excited to visit in the near future. Thank you all for what you do and allowing these amazing animals to have a second chance to live out their final days with much care and love!

mpeach0723 attended DayTour Sun, 1/10/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 1/13/16
A Great Experience!
I went with 2 of my friends last weekend and we had the best time. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and friendly – she definitely added another level to the experience. I also loved how she knew every single story behind each of the cats – where they’re from, how they came to Big Cat Rescue, their personality traits. It was really great to be able to hear first-hand experience, working with these beautiful exotic cats. Not only are the animals stunning but the work that Big Cat Rescue is doing to ensure the cats are living long, happy lives is amazing. I especially loved getting to see where the cats “vacation”. It was truly a great experience and I would highly recommend to any and everyone!

Wenschuler attended DayTour Wed, 1/6/16 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 1/12/16
Impressive and Educational!
We love visiting the Big Cat Rescue facility! It never ceases to amaze us how much time and energy the staff and volunteers invest in these beautiful cats! Even though we visit every year we are in town, we learn something new each time. They do such a phenomenal job educating the public about the nationwide problem of wild cats being kept (and usually neglected) as pets. I highly recommend a visit to Big Cat Rescue! You won’t be disappointed!

Draco098 attended DayTour Wed, 12/30/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 1/11/16
Amazingly Educational
We love to take our daughter to places that not only excite her, but also educate her about the animals and their lives. Big Cat Rescue hit on both in spades!

naumanns attended DayTour Wed, 12/30/15 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Sun, 1/10/16
great experience
Our tour guide was awesome. The animal enclosures are amazing. This place is wonderful and does wonderful things for the cats.

LaurelNickey attended DayTour Sun, 1/3/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 1/7/16
Great place they really care for the cats well
We went on the keeper tour it was a little more expensive but we’ll worth it.It is a really great place with well over 100 big cats

Lcoop21 attended DayTour Sat, 1/2/16 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 1/7/16
Fantastic up close experience with big cats!
We’ve been coming to Big Cat Rescue for 15 years and love the place! Great tours, it’s a cool experience to be SO close to these animals in their spacious habitats and to hear their stories of rescue. The property is beautiful and the cats so well cared for. I HIGHLY recommend visiting – fun for out of town visitors, families, bday parties, etc.

swainken attended DayTour Mon, 12/28/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 1/5/16
Great day trip
My wife researched Big Cat Rescue and decided she wanted to see it. So her mom, I and the wife drove from New Smyrna Beach to visit. I was more than pleased with the visit and have told many friends about and will continue to promote the park.

Beatlefanfcb attended DayTour Sun, 12/27/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 1/4/16
Outstanding Experience
We had a wonderful experience at Big Cat Rescue. Our guide, Mark, was very knowledgable and did a great job of managing his tour group. Regina did an excellent job in assisting a visitor in a wheelchair so that he was able to see everything. Wherlchair users must be able to transfer to a golf cart, We saw many beautiful animals and enjoyed learning about the good work done be the organization. We saw a lion, a white tiger, Bengal tigers, Bobcats, Cougars, and Servals. I would highly recommend the tour to anyone with an interest in animal rescue. I will definitely visit again the next time I am in the Tampa Bay Area.

KristenLeaWo attended DayTour Sun, 12/20/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 12/23/15
Lovely kitties!
Great informative tour and well taken care of animals.

Nicoletalbot attended DayTour Sat, 12/12/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Fri, 12/18/15
Wonderful Time
We visit Big Cat Rescue every year at this time while we are visiting family for the holidays. We try to bring additional people each time. Our tour guide this year, Denny, was by far the best tour guide we have ever had. He was very knowledgeable and extremely well-spoken.

LMecum attended DayTour Sat, 12/12/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 12/15/15
Enthusiastically Recommended
The tour guide and volunteers were all very well-knowledged and friendly. We enjoyed hearing all the cats’ stories. Would recommend to anyone. Entrance signage was just a bit difficult to find.

HelenBoy attended DayTour Wed, 12/9/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 12/15/15
Fabulous Felines!
We visited on a Wednesday afternoon and found the volunteer staff helpful, informative and enthusiastic about their big cats. We learned about the history of each cat, their breeding and habits. There were times we could get a very close up view of tigers, leopards, lions and many African Servals. Our tour was a walking tour through the preserve for about $38 per person – and well worth it! You are allowed to video and photograph the cats so we have some beautiful mementos of our visit. If you are at all interested in big cats and their preservation, do not hesitate to visit. It is a non-profit organization so any money spent is utilized for cat rescue and cat care.

LindaTiger attended DayTour Sat, 11/28/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 12/2/15
Interesting and Full of Information
Our tour guide, Rachel, was wonderful. Very talkative, very thorough, and very knowledgable. She was patience with the children asking questions as well as assisting a deaf participant in the group. The facility was very well organized and spread out. Very impressive with everything.

JoAnnF attended DayTour Mon, 11/16/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 11/19/15
Enjoyable and informative!
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and we were pleased to see the sanctuary was clean and the animals cared for in a good environment!

SusanC46 attended DayTour Tue, 11/10/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 11/13/15
Happy Cats, happy people
We spent a wonderful afternoon walking around BCR and seeing all the wonderful cats. This is a totally hands off facility which is better for the cats. It is so wonderful to know that there are such caring people who will spend the time to care for the big cats for the cat’s benefit and not for the people’s benefit. Our tour guide, Rachael, was knowledgable and entertaining. It’s a great way to spend the day.

VickiPilosen attended DayTour Sun, 11/8/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 11/11/15
Big Cat Rescue is fabulous
I have been to the Big Cat Rescue many times. It is always a wonderful experience. With each visit I learn something new. All of the guides I have had are very well informed. I have taken other family members and friends there who are visiting and each person thinks it is a highlight of their trip. What a great outing especially for animal lovers.

pgrierson attended DayTour Wed, 11/4/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 11/5/15
Loved my first visit to this location
I have been living in this area for many years and finally made it to see Big Cat Rescue up close today. I was amazed at the animals and thought their enclosures were very nice. It is obvious a lot of love and care goes into this place every day by staff, volunteers and visitors. I have submitted an application to become one of their volunteers and hope to start there in the near future. Beautiful location and well run.

lindag2015 attended DayTour Sat, 10/31/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 11/3/15
Beautiful Cats…Sad Stories
The cats are beautiful…the grounds you have provided for them are wonderful and we thank you for all you do. The tour was wonderful and very informative. Have highly recommended a day with you to all my friends and family.

Cappindave attended DayTour Tue, 10/27/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 10/30/15
Interesting and Educational
I am a 45 yr environmental engineer working in both environmental chemistry and microbiology. I was concerned it would be a bunch of unrealistic “tree huggers”…not so at all! I was impressed by the highly educated and interesting staff that obviously tremendously cared about the individual big cats and their well being going forward. I still do not understand their much so “hands off” attitude apparently for more than just safety reasons. A couple of the tigers came over to us making soft “kitty” noises, looking us in the eye and rubbing the fence – sure looked to me like they wanted to be petted, not just sizing us up for lunch but not to be. FIne. It was very interesting and a lot of fun. I learned a number of things over the course of two hours. Handicap accessibility for fine via golf cart.

CynthiaCrane attended DayTour Sat, 10/24/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 10/28/15
Big Cat Rescue Recommendation
Big Cat Rescue was exactly as they advertise…no unexpected disappointments! Our guide was extremely informative and was even willing to offer advice on our own domestic cat situation! The grounds are immaculate, the cause very worthwhile, the animals well cared for, and very friendly staff and volunteers. Zerve was convenient because everything was complete with the online purchase…no filling out forms when we arrived. We were even blessed with beautiful weather for our visit!

Cindymarlene attended DayTour Sun, 10/11/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 10/14/15
Big Cat Sanctuary is passionate about animals.
Big Cat Sanctuary is passionate about the welfare of Big Cats. The Big Cat Sanctuary is trying to change laws for the Cats in captivity. People are only required to have cages that allow the animals to get up and turn around. This is heart breaking. The sanctuary wants to change that and they are passionate about keeping their animals healthy and happy. I respect their passions and believe in their cause. Their animals were beautiful. The people that worked at the sanctuary were also warm, friendly and informative.

worzies attended DayTour Sat, 10/3/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 10/13/15
Great Experience
Very informational and worthy cause. Well worth a visit – this was our fourth.

Ashleeb23 attended DayTour Fri, 10/9/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 10/12/15
I enjoyed myself. Dress comfortably.

Kjaded83 attended DayTour Sat, 9/19/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 9/23/15
So cool learning about these beautiful animals and awesome seeing them that close and knowing they are wild beautiful beast I love everything this business represents go show some love and support to a great cause!!!

paulineham attended DayTour Sun, 9/13/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 9/17/15
A must visit to support the animals.
Lovely secluded area for the cats. Initially was very concerned at the small areas the cats were in. However, after being told about the vacation areas this was a relief. An amazing idea ! and so much more enjoyable for the cats. Everyone is doing an amazing job and would come again if in the area. So heartbreaking when told about the past history of the cats, some people are unbelievably cruel. Hope your campaign is successful.

laura144 attended DayTour Sat, 9/12/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 9/16/15
Very detailed and a great learning experience
The older gentleman who guided our tour was extremely knowledgable. I liked the way he explained how the cats lived and survived. He seemed to be really caring towards the cats, and didn’t try to “showboat” them which was great. My fiancé and I are huge animal lovers and this is such an amazing operation. Thank you!!

aleec81 attended DayTour Sat, 9/12/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 9/15/15
An informative and worthwhile visit to the cats
The cats were beautiful, the staff was friendly and pleasant. I especially liked hearing the back stories of each cat, hearing their history really made me empathize with the efforts of Big Cat Rescue. If I lived in state I would be a volunteer there, but the best I can do is donate to the cause. I definitely recommend anyone visiting Tampa to go on this tour!

deddy69 attended DayTour Fri, 8/28/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 8/31/15
The tour was great. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and we learned many interesting things about the dangers to big cats and the Rescues effort to help the cats in need. I would definitely recommend this tour to family and friends.

Tracy0108 attended DayTour Wed, 8/19/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 8/26/15
Highly Recommend supporting Big Cat Rescue
My teenage children and I had a wonderful time visiting BCR. The stories of each animal were interesting to hear narrated through the headset they provide and really makes you want to support BCR efforts with helping these amazing animals. This is a wonderful place to visit for everyone of all ages. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to do some walking.

mjsheehan attended DayTour Tue, 8/11/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sun, 8/23/15
Amazing Educational Fun
If you’ve ever thought it would be fun to view and learn about Big Cats the only place to visit is the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida. This is NOT a zoo, or some sort of tourist stop where you see big cats stuffed indoors, or in small cages. Rather, this is about as close to living in their natural habitat as possible. My family and I had a blast. We learned a lot about these magnificent animals and the amazing work this sanctuary does every day. If you love big cats, you have to go to Big Cat Rescue!

Becerra8485 attended DayTour Sun, 8/16/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 8/17/15
Great place to go to
Beautiful and amazing sanctuary. Most of the big cats were out today and some roared and meowed for the tour group. Some big cats were hidden and never came out. This is not a zoo so cats are running their appearances on their own time which is amazing. Thats the way it should be. We learned a great deal of information and history on the cats that were rescued. It’s a great learning experience. I love cats and big cats! Keep an eye out for the hybrid cat as she loves to parade herself and show off in front of tour groups 🙂

mikepooler attended DayTour Fri, 8/14/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 8/17/15
Beautiful animals
Beautiful animals, approximately 40 guests per day so much more personal than the “Big Attractions” great to see an animal welfare group that actually takes humane logical action for their mission/goals

DeeMetzger attended DayTour Tue, 8/4/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 8/11/15
Enjoyed our Visit
This is our second visit. We visited six years ago. The waiting area was vastly improved with seating, an overhang for shade and a video presentation. Listening devices were given to assist with presenting information on each cat along with verbal presentation by the tour guide. Our tour was at 3 pm and a lot of the cats were sleeping, however, we could still see most of them. The tour was very educational and we loved it.

worzies attended DayTour Sat, 10/3/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 10/13/15
Great Experience
Very informational and worthy cause. Well worth a visit – this was our fourth.

Ashleeb23 attended DayTour Fri, 10/9/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 10/12/15
I enjoyed myself. Dress comfortably.

Kjaded83 attended DayTour Sat, 9/19/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 9/23/15
So cool learning about these beautiful animals and awesome seeing them that close and knowing they are wild beautiful beast I love everything this business represents go show some love and support to a great cause!!!

paulineham attended DayTour Sun, 9/13/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 9/17/15
A must visit to support the animals.
Lovely secluded area for the cats. Initially was very concerned at the small areas the cats were in. However, after being told about the vacation areas this was a relief. An amazing idea ! and so much more enjoyable for the cats. Everyone is doing an amazing job and would come again if in the area. So heartbreaking when told about the past history of the cats, some people are unbelievably cruel. Hope your campaign is successful.

laura144 attended DayTour Sat, 9/12/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 9/16/15
Very detailed and a great learning experience
The older gentleman who guided our tour was extremely knowledgable. I liked the way he explained how the cats lived and survived. He seemed to be really caring towards the cats, and didn’t try to “showboat” them which was great. My fiancé and I are huge animal lovers and this is such an amazing operation. Thank you!!

aleec81 attended DayTour Sat, 9/12/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 9/15/15
An informative and worthwhile visit to the cats
The cats were beautiful, the staff was friendly and pleasant. I especially liked hearing the back stories of each cat, hearing their history really made me empathize with the efforts of Big Cat Rescue. If I lived in state I would be a volunteer there, but the best I can do is donate to the cause. I definitely recommend anyone visiting Tampa to go on this tour!

deddy69 attended DayTour Fri, 8/28/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 8/31/15
The tour was great. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and we learned many interesting things about the dangers to big cats and the Rescues effort to help the cats in need. I would definitely recommend this tour to family and friends.

Tracy0108 attended DayTour Wed, 8/19/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 8/26/15
Highly Recommend supporting Big Cat Rescue
My teenage children and I had a wonderful time visiting BCR. The stories of each animal were interesting to hear narrated through the headset they provide and really makes you want to support BCR efforts with helping these amazing animals. This is a wonderful place to visit for everyone of all ages. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to do some walking.

mjsheehan attended DayTour Tue, 8/11/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sun, 8/23/15
Amazing Educational Fun
If you’ve ever thought it would be fun to view and learn about Big Cats the only place to visit is the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida. This is NOT a zoo, or some sort of tourist stop where you see big cats stuffed indoors, or in small cages. Rather, this is about as close to living in their natural habitat as possible. My family and I had a blast. We learned a lot about these magnificent animals and the amazing work this sanctuary does every day. If you love big cats, you have to go to Big Cat Rescue!

Becerra8485 attended DayTour Sun, 8/16/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 8/17/15
Great place to go to
Beautiful and amazing sanctuary. Most of the big cats were out today and some roared and meowed for the tour group. Some big cats were hidden and never came out. This is not a zoo so cats are running their appearances on their own time which is amazing. Thats the way it should be. We learned a great deal of information and history on the cats that were rescued. It’s a great learning experience. I love cats and big cats! Keep an eye out for the hybrid cat as she loves to parade herself and show off in front of tour groups 🙂

mikepooler attended DayTour Fri, 8/14/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 8/17/15
Beautiful animals
Beautiful animals, approximately 40 guests per day so much more personal than the “Big Attractions” great to see an animal welfare group that actually takes humane logical action for their mission/goals

DeeMetzger attended DayTour Tue, 8/4/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 8/11/15
Enjoyed our Visit
This is our second visit. We visited six years ago. The waiting area was vastly improved with seating, an overhang for shade and a video presentation. Listening devices were given to assist with presenting information on each cat along with verbal presentation by the tour guide. Our tour was at 3 pm and a lot of the cats were sleeping, however, we could still see most of them. The tour was very educational and we loved it.

LudaSemeniuk attended DayTour Mon, 5/18/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 5/22/15
Eye Opening
I learned a lot of interesting facts to help me understand these animals and how our self esteem or lack there of has damaged the balance of our Eco system that these wonderful cats are a part of. God created them for a darn good reason and in the long run we are just hurting ourselves when we hurt them.

Petlover2711 attended DayTour Sat, 5/16/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 5/19/15
Frequent visitor
big cat rescue is absolutely amazing! I have gone twice a year for 9 years now and it never gets old. They always have something new. Be it new facts or new cats it’s always a new experience. My 12 year old goddaughter and I absolutely loved it! I always look forward to my next visit and am always sad when the tour ends. Definitely recommended!

bindymontoya attended DayTour Fri, 5/1/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 5/12/15
Great Visit Except for a Bossy Tour Guide
As a regular donor and a lover of big cats, I was thrilled to finally get to visit Big Cat Rescue. After receiving a warm welcome at the gate we joined the rest of the group and had an orientation before beginning the tour. Although our tour guide was an intern she was very knowledgable and did a great job leading the tour. Our only dissatisfaction with the tour came from another presumably more experienced intern that was observing her performance. That person was crabby, bossy, never once smiled, and reminded me of a hall monitor or some other person that seems to thrive on whatever authority they have over people. She was constantly scolding people for blocking other people’s view and then scolding again when they stepped too far away while trying to get out of the way. After 10 minutes my husband wanted to go wait in the car but I talked him into staying. The enclosures were all roomy and had plenty of lush vegetation and enrichment objects and were spotlessly clean. The layout was really quite impressive with a network of enclosed walkways leading from every enclosure to a large vacation habitat that all the cats get to visit in rotation. I appreciate the fact that they respect the cats’ privacy and only stopped to talk in front of enclosures where the cats were in plain view. We would stop and listen to a narrative about that particular cat on our headset and then our guide would add on more. She was very informative, but we couldn’t listen to the entire recording before the bossy one told us to move to the next enclosure. We would get scolded for lagging even though the recording wasn’t over yet. Although many cats were laying out of view we did get to see many cats including servals, bobcats, lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, and more, including domestic kittens that the interns foster for the local shelter and Humane Society. At the end of the 90 minute tour we were shown tiny enclosures that the state and federal governments say are adequate for housing big cats. They were shockingly small and it was sad to think of cats being forced to live in them. Thankfully all of the cats at Big Cat Rescue will never have to live in such dismal conditions. Overall I feel it was a good tour with the exception of the resident grouch. While some may complain of the $36. entry fee, I have no trouble with that as it all goes to help these beautiful animals. In the future, I would love to see BCR have the tours led by people that are personable and have good communication skills. I would think that most of the people that spend the money to take the tour are all big cat lovers and are naturally respectful of the animals and don’t need to be treated like a group of unruly kindergarteners. Overall though, I respect the mission of Big Cat Rescue, appreciate everything they do for big and exotic cats, and am happy that they allow us to see these majestic creatures.

uscav8808 attended DayTour Sat, 5/2/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 5/6/15
great for cat enthusiast
Great information on cats that I never knew. Enjoyable but wish I could have seen more of the bigger cats.

Tjmallard attended DayTour Sun, 4/19/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 4/22/15
Impressive. Educational and fantastic.
I had researched the facility beforehand and knew its goal and mission. Having said that, I was still impressed with the mission this group has to caring for these beautiful and unfortunate cats. This was not a facility to make money for themselves or to “be cool” I could see the desire to educate and inform people of the truth behind these big cat rescues. They have found a way to inform and provide sanctuary and still be caring. We had some amazing photo ops and we were all impressed with being so close to these cats without interfering with their naps. Haha some interacted with us some slept. But we enjoyed the walk-about and hearing the lion roar in the back ground. I would definitely return for the feeding tour if I’m ever in the area again.

Jsisco attended DayTour Fri, 4/17/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 4/22/15
My second visit…arguably better than the first
Our visit to BCR (April, 2015) was my second visit; the first was in Aug, 2013. Both visits were incredible but I did like the recent a bit better than the first. The rationale behind this comment is based on two reasons even though the first visit was a private guided tour (3 in our group + the guide) whereas the second was a tour group of 20 people. First, we saw many more big cats this time than the first, which obviously is a function of the big cat population at the facility. Second, I really enjoyed the electronic recordings detailing “The Story” of most of the cats we saw. I my opinion, this was an exceptional supplement to the guides comments and wonderful addition to the tour since the initial visit. At both visits the guides knew their material very well answering any and every question thrown at them. With that said, I have to give a slight preference to Sharon as my favorite of the two. This is purely based on the raw emotion she exhibited when discussing many of the cats. It’s abundantly clear every individual working at BCR cares deeply for these remarkable creatures. Do yourself a favor and visit BCR. The humans who work there are exceptional but the cats, big and small, young and old, are extraordinarily beautiful, graceful, and now are unconditionally loved in their forever home. I’m finding it difficult to conjure up appropriate words in expressing my appreciation to both the humans and cats for providing a truly memorable day.

Extinct22 attended DayTour Sat, 4/18/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 4/21/15
The Big Cats are Amazing!!
Awesome! I have been 3 times & had a great time everytime. The cats are amazing. I could spend all day there. Most of the staff was friendly. Knowledgable tour guides, who actually care about the cats. I had known about it for years & never went. When I finally went, I was very impressed. I highly recommend.

daddlelee attended DayTour Tue, 4/14/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 4/17/15
This tour gives you a greater appreciation of big cats. I love cats in general and this experience just made me love all cats that much more.

Zaocat2000 attended DayTour Fri, 4/3/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 4/6/15
An Amazing Adventure
This was my sixth time coming to BCR. The care these cats get is phenomenal. Many of my friends and family have come here on my recommendation and they all loved it. The stories are amazing for each individual cat and BCR has giving them special care and treatment to make their life comfortable and enjoyable for the rest of their lives. Many cats have passed away since I have been coming which is very sad but warms my heart knowing they were finally in a good place when they left this earth. I would highly recommend visiting BCR.

midnightdrea attended DayTour Sat, 3/28/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 4/1/15
Amazing one of a kind experience!
I had the chance to visit Tampa with my family and as an animal lover and advocate of animal welfare, Big Cat Rescue was a must-see spot! Living in Ontario, Canada, there are near zero places where you can see a tiger or a lion in person, and it was very important to me to support such great causes like this one. The 10AM tour was unfortunately sold out, so we purchased the 3PM spot. The tour was an eye-opening experience to the amazing creatures housed there; they provided headsets to listen to each animals story (although most were grim tales of abuse and/or neglect, the important part is that they are in the right place now!). Lions, tigers, panthers, leopards, ocelots, lynxes – we saw them all and there were many more. Several were asleep or lounging in the sun, but that’s not something you can plan around and it didn’t diminish the whole experience. If you find yourself in Tampa, I highly recommend a tour here (and book well in advance to avoid your first choice selling out)! In a world where cruelty laws are lacking and animals are used mainly for entertainment, Big Cat Rescue is fighting the good fight and educating people about these big cats. Most importantly, they are a sanctuary, not a zoo. Thank you for everything you do, Big Cat Rescue! The ticket purchase process was simple and I had no problems using Zerve.

FrancesGoode attended DayTour Wed, 3/18/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 3/23/15
Worth every penny
Big cat rescue was very well organized. The place was amazing. We did the feeding tour followed by a group and the feeding tour was much more personal but the group was good because there was a lot of extra info. I would not take little kids as it’s not cutesy. More for middle grades and up because they do talk about rescue and animal cruelty and the importance of raising awareness at local, state and national levels. The shop sells a lot of typical items like tees, hats and cuddly toys but all were half the price of items found at local theme parks and the money at least goes to the animals. They have only 10 staff and 100 volunteers, no fat cat (ha!) salaries here. The animals had huge enclosures, it was spotlessly clean and obviously very well run. A wonderful establishment but a shame that it has to exist.

DCDwave attended DayTour Wed, 3/11/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 3/21/15
Pretty good
Not the best tour ever….but acceptable. Went during March, 2015. Would be very hot during summer. Earbuds for tour info were cheap & uncomfortable. Should have told us to bring our own. Disappointed we could not see resident traditional male lion named Joseph. Were told he “doesn’t like people”. I get that, but he is pictured as part of tour. Water station was empty. We were not permitted to view tigers either. Needs improvement.

Arnold13 attended DayTour Sat, 3/14/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 3/18/15
This is our third tour at Big Cat Rescue and the tour never ceases to amaze. The big cats are all extremely well taken care of and genuinely loved by everyone at Big Cat Rescue. Thank you for all of your hard work.

nzagaria attended DayTour Sat, 3/14/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 3/17/15
Happiest cats ever
This is a great way to see cats that have been abused and mistreated and the end result of being rescued and given a home that’s comfortable, and stress-free for them! Most of the cats were sleeping/relaxed/calm. This is an interesting insight if you compare to a zoo kept big cats. The tour was detailed, informational and amazing to hear of how some of these cats were treated. I would love to go again, the grounds were well kept, no smell as the cages were clean and the cats were happy!

niprai attended DayTour Fri, 3/13/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 3/17/15
Highlight of our trip!
This family of four (with teens) loved this tour! The cats are beautiful and majestic and you get to see many of them quite close. It is a very personal tour – the groups are small, and you get to hear how each cat came to live at the sanctuary and how the sanctuary came to be. They are doing great work to ensure these animals get to live out their remaining days in a happy and healthy environment and not isolated in someone’s backyard or performing in a circus. Big cats have managed to survive for over a million years and it is only man who has hunted and abused them almost to extinction. Our tour guide was very informative, engaging and funny. Golf carts are available for those with mobility issues and there are water stations throughout. A great way to spend the afternoon and a must see!

sarahgregory attended DayTour Mon, 3/9/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 3/12/15
I liked how cared for and loved all the animals were and how informative the tour was. The only problem was that 80% of the cats were asleep and not very active. However that’s more natural for them than their behaviors in zoos so I expected as much. Next time I will take a feeding tour so I can see more of them. 🙂

thetester attended DayTour Wed, 3/4/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 3/9/15
Educational part could be improved
The Big Cat Rescue (BCR) facility is easily missed if you are unaware of Easy Street being a tiny, unpaved side road. We missed it on the first try and were wondering why the GPS started demanding an U-turn. Once in, the waiting time is very short. You are required to be 30 minutes early to your scheduled tour (15:00h, so be there 14:30h), but we were there an hour early. Nevertheless, enough people were there early, so the tour started early. The tour itself is conducted by an intern who leads you through the premisses. Most of the story telling / explanation is provided over a radio headphone system with pre-recorded texts from an iPad (in fact, if you have the BCR app installed, you could use you own device). The stories provided are of the cats origins and how they ended up at BCR. Sadly, that is about it. For the fact that BCR claims to be an educational facility, we would have expected significantly more information on the cats. When asking the guiding intern direct questions, information was provided promptly and accurately (e.g. life expectancy in human care versus in wild life). However, the main message, namely big cats are no pets, is made very clear, so this is a pro on the education aspect. There are water stations along the tour, so one does not have to carry a water bottle along. Also, mosquito repellant is provided before the tour starts (in the waiting area where the audio guides are handed out). The BCR facility is neighboured by a pig farm, so be prepared for some serious odours. The unpaved ways through the facility tend to be very muddy after rains, so have boots handy. For a surcharge of 10 USD a seat in a golf cart is provided (first come, first get). However, the golf cart follows the group at the end as the second guide (backup) needs to mark the end of the group. Hence, when you are in the olf cart, you sometimes don’t get to see the cats as long as the rest of the group as you have to wait until the view is cleared of the other group members, and then the golf cart will move on, already. All tours start and end in the gift shop which is definitely worth going through. The BCR staff is friendly and provided information promptly when asked.

waisanhart attended DayTour Mon, 3/2/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 3/5/15
Wonderful experience
The people here are doing great work and it is clear that they know what they are doing. The tours are well run and informative. I’d highly recommend Big Cat Rescue. Both adults and children would enjoy it.

cynocencio attended DayTour Sun, 3/1/15 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 3/4/15
Great tour
This was a wonderful place. They truly care about all the large cats that have been placed in their care. It is a wonderful learning experience. If I ever go back to the Tampa area I will visit again, They have over 100 large cats there unlike a zoo the animals are not forced to be out so if they want to be seen they will be if not thats ok too. All the animals seem happy and healthy. Even animals who have passed away have a special memorial so they are never forgotten. Plus this is a non-profit so your visit benefits these beautiful cats.

Adamslynette attended DayTour Tue, 2/24/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sun, 3/1/15
Enjoyable,informative tour

hershinmad attended DayTour Mon, 2/23/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 2/28/15
Fantastic facility dedicated to wild cats
Not a zoo, not a place to go where you can interact with the cats. If you believe the best place for a wild animal is in the wild, this is the place for you. Some of the stories of the cats are heartbreaking, but to know that they have found a home that respects them and will take care of them for life is fantastic.

SandyGa attended DayTour Mon, 2/23/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 2/27/15
Educational Feline Encounter
A beautiful tour of wildlife rescue and awareness.

Antonette71 attended DayTour Tue, 2/24/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 2/27/15
A fabulous experience
My husband and I had a fantastic and educational experience. I’ve been following BCR via Facebook and Twitter for some time now and going to your facility was something I always wanted to do. We finally visited your facility and are so glad we did!

timeschatter attended DayTour Mon, 2/23/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 2/26/15
Beautiful cats and a wonderful tour
I’ve been a fan of BCR on Facebook for years, so it was a real treat to be in the Tampa area and have a chance to visit. Our tour guide (Denny) was personable and knowledgeable, sharing background stories and interesting details about the cats as our group of about 25 people trekked through the paths surrounding the fences around the cats’ habitats. Saw lots of cats napping, walking, playing, hissing, etc., and got some memorable pics. Not a zoo, thankfully, but hit or miss whether a particular cat wants to show itself or not. Highly recommended!

Alice21 attended DayTour Sun, 2/22/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 2/26/15
Long awaited visit
Over all this place was amazing and what you do is very commendable. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and we learned a lot of things we didn’t know about the cats in the wild and how many people think it is OK to make these animals pets. Two things our group felt needed improvement was we were rushed thru, not enough time for picture taking, as the group had about 20 people not everyone could get close enough. 2nd we felt your web site had way more cats than were actually there, an updated list (monthly) of which cats were there would be very helpful, then you are disappointed when you arrive. Again this place was great and everyone loved it and had a fantastic day.

tgeorge0817 attended DayTour Sat, 2/21/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 2/24/15
Great way to learn about beautiful fur-babies!
A wonderful way to learn the background of each of these wonderful animals, and how they came to their fur-ever home. Some stories are sad, some just make your eyes roll but in the end, these amazing animals are in a wonderful home & being cared for, fur-ever. And a beautiful area is the memorial wall, gone but not fur-gotten. It is a wonderful way to remember each animal. I’m glad that I was able to visit, learn, and enjoy each of these animals. Even those that prefer we not roam around their home 🙂 I would highly recommend a visit to learn more about what this facility is doing for the care of these mistreated animals.

SarahLMoore attended DayTour Mon, 12/1/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 2/24/15
Excellent and informative
Big Cat Rescue is a really interesting day out. I learned a lot about the plight of big cats kept in captivity in the United States and was shocked by how lax the law is in regard to their well-being. The cats themselves are beautiful and very well cared for. I honestly can’t recommend Big Cat Rescue highly enough.

lmcanale attended DayTour Wed, 2/11/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 2/18/15
Wonderful place and very informative experience!
I have wanted to tour BCR since I discovered their website and then Facebook page. I finally did in Feb. 2015, with my husband and 23 year old son. We were on a 7 day vacation on the west coast of Florida and BCR was on the top of our list of things to do. All three of us were impressed and grateful for all this Non-profit does for abused, abandoned, and rescued cats of all sizes. We all had the same feelings of sadness for the way the cats come to be at BCR but happy that there is such a place for them to be properly cared for and live the rest of their lives in peace. Our visit ended up being the highlight of our trip and would visit again when in the area. I will continue to support BCR in all ways within my means and encourage others to do the same.

DarleneLesch attended DayTour Fri, 2/13/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 2/18/15
Animal Lover
I have lived in the Tampa Bay area for 30 yrs. and for 30 yrs. I have wanted to visit the Big Cat Rescue because I have heard such wonderful things about it, but of course I could never make time. I was shocked! I expected a bunch of old circus animals in cages. Not only was I overwhelmed by the wonderful habitats and care that were provided for EACH cat ,but also the care and concern from EACH employee and volunteer. At one point the animal caretakers needed to take some blood from a tiger and they asked the PEOPLE to please move because we were upsetting the tiger. That is exactly the way it should be. We should be honored to visit there home and make them comfortable and feel safe. I also was impressed that we were in small groups. We had plenty of opportunities to take pictures and visit with each animal and listen to each animal story. I can’t tell you what a wonderful experience this was. I am telling everyone I know. I am also telling them do not go there unless you are willing to donate to Big Cat Rescue. Don’t go there to “take pictures” go there to HELP and PROTECT these animals. Thank you for giving the opportunity to visit their homes. You have made a life time supporter of me!

zonamaree attended DayTour Fri, 2/6/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 2/13/15
Beautiful Big Cats
We enjoyed our Big Cat Tour. They were beautiful to see and we are very happy that they have a spacious place to live out their days after being rescued from horrible conditions.

irenehudson attended DayTour Fri, 2/6/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 2/9/15
It was a nice surprise to find the sanctuary in such a busy area. I felt that the staff there really care about what they are doing there and that was very nice. It did bother me a little to see them in the cages but their lives are a lot better than they use to be and that is what is important.

elliswr attended DayTour Tue, 2/3/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 2/6/15
Wonderful organization, tour was very educational
If you want to find out about the issues the Big Cats are facing in this world this is the place to come. The tour guides are really informative. The way the Cats are cared for is very professional. The grounds are really well maintained. The Cats all seem to be relaxed and happy with their enclosures. I will definitely come back the next time I am in Tampa.

Vecicka attended DayTour Sun, 1/25/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 1/28/15
excellent place
excellent place, tour guides are very nice and have excellent performance during tour, love rescue camp a lot, cats have a lot of space which is great and they look very beautiful and healthy.will come again and BIG HELLO TO MY FAVE BOBCATS MAX AND MARY ANN

Mdonahue1964 attended DayTour Fri, 1/23/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 1/26/15
Tour of big cat rescue
This was a very informative, 90 minute guided tour of the big cat rescue sanctuary in Tampa, FL. Our guide was very knowledgeable about all the residents of the sanctuary and their histories. There was a nice gift shop and plenty of parking. I would recommend this to any animal lover!

DonnaJWatson attended DayTour Sun, 1/18/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 1/21/15
worthwhile and enjoyable
We visited bcr for my daughter’s 23rd bd. She and her boyfriend and myself thoroughly enjoyed the big cats and all of their stories. So good to know that bcr is available to help these glorious exotic and wild cats. Will definitely return.

drakeu85 attended DayTour Tue, 1/13/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 1/20/15
BIg Cats are a Big Hit!!!
I recently visited the Big Cat rescue with my wife. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and were impresses with the sincere amount of caring that the staff demonstrated towards the animals. Many of the stories involving the big cats are tragic, but what you see when you visit Big Cat Rescue are those animals that have been luck enough to be chosen for this facility. The tragedy remains that there are so many other exotic animals that need our help and there is so little funding to make sure that happens. My wife and I plan to continue our association with Big Cat Rescue and plan to tell everyone we know that Tampa has a very valuable resource for education and supporting the lives of the animals that make our planet such a wonderful place to live. Hats off to the staff and crew of Big Cat Rescue. I salute you!

Tantailus attended DayTour Fri, 1/16/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 1/19/15
A Wonderful Place of Caring
If you have a heart for wildlife this is a wonderful place to see rescue and caring in action. The staff, interns and volunteers were all pleasant and knowledgeable about each of the cats in their care. I highly recommend visitng them online and in person.

rheaultk attended DayTour Fri, 1/9/15 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 1/12/15
educational and interesting
we strongly enjoyed the tour, enjoyed getting information on the animals and seeing how they are being cared for

SandyKatz attended DayTour Wed, 12/31/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 1/6/15
A great experience!
Our tour guide was great…very informative and knowledgeable about the cats. Everyone was very friendly and one can see their passion for their work at Big Cat Rescue. If I am ever in Tampa again, I plan on booking another tour as there are plenty of cats to still see and learn about. I loved shopping in the gift shop afterwards.

rodierno attended DayTour Wed, 12/31/14 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 1/5/15
My Granddaughter Loves Tigers
My granddaughter, visiting from New York, loves tigers and we decided to do the Big Cat Rescue tour. It was a fun ninety minutes seeing a variety of big cats (and smaller ones including some lynxes and ocelots) in amazing habitats.

venusk attended DayTour Mon, 12/29/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 1/1/15
We very much enjoyed the tour, would go again
It was nice to see the facility, which I have learned about through their Facebook page. The tour was very informative and professional, and I enjoyed meeting all the cats who wanted to see us, and respected that they don’t bother the cats who want to be left alone. I enjoyed learning about rescuing wildcats, their individual stories, and “vacation rotation”. The sanctuary fulfills a sadly much-needed role, and I was happy to support their mission through my tour dollars.

emassari attended DayTour Tue, 12/23/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 12/29/14
A Kiss of Life
The Big Cat Rescue is like a balm for your soul. You hear all the stories about what the cats went through and now you see them enjoying their time in the calm and beautiful area of the rescue. They are truly loved and it is felt from every employee that works there. Highly recommend this place. It is also very educational so I would recommend for kids over 10. You will be able to see all kinds of cats from fairly up close. Great place and I am so happy it exists.

kaiserph attended DayTour Wed, 12/17/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 12/22/14
Loved animal care and rules.
You have a very beautiful facility except I noticed the cat (tiger) that does not like people was put in an enclosure closest to the walkway. Other than that, no problem and a very well organized facility. Friendly staff who knows what they are providing… Keep it up and keep the cats purring!

meowmix68 attended DayTour Wed, 12/10/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 12/15/14
Great Way to Spend the Afternoon in Tampa!
This is a wonderful non-profit accredited sanctuary that specializes in the care/feeding of rescued exotic cats. It is a very up close and personal tour that I am still thinking about days later. Please help support the mission of this wonderful organization by going and seeing all the cats!

chachkah attended DayTour Mon, 12/8/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 12/12/14
If a Cat Lover, Big Cat Rescue is Not to be Missed
The 90 minutes spent touring the Big Cat Rescue was probably the best 90 minutes of my recent vacation. Although the weather was cool and raining, we got to see more cats than expected. Even our tour guide who was great was surprised so many of the cats were out and about in their own personal habitats. You can tell the cats are happy, healthy, well adjusted, cared for and loved by everyone that works at the rescue. Run, don’t walk to the Big Cat Rescue. You won’t be disappointed. Will definitely go back the next time I’m in the area.

Servalcycle attended DayTour Sun, 11/30/14 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 12/4/14
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Big Cat Rescue! I love how the cats are treated with such respect. Nothing about this organization is exploitative of the big cats. They all have very nice, spacious enclosures and are given lots of enrichment activities. All of the cats looked content, and so many were out and about during our tour. They’re all so beautiful. The intern who conducted the tour was very knowledgeable and gave us personal information about every cat. I will definitely be returning to Big Cat Rescue in the future.

JVRIOS attended DayTour Fri, 11/21/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 11/24/14
Excellent Place to visit
I was an active contributor prior to my visit and to see it in person was an amazing opportunity. These animals needed a place to live due to mistakes people did to keep them as pets. What the sanctuary is doing is to right a wrong that was done. These animals need our help.

jsegvich attended DayTour Wed, 11/12/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 11/22/14
Awesome experience not to be missed
My sister and I were visiting from San Diego and went on the tour and loved it! We saw so many big cats and a lot of activity. We learned a lot about the cats while listening to the very knowledgeable guide and the stories on individual cat’s background through headphones included in the tour. Our group was just the right size and there was plenty of time for pictures. I highly encourage everyone in the Tampa area to visit this big cat sanctuary. A lot of these cats were rescued from poor living conditions having been owned by private individuals, which is legal in several states. It was eye opening to see how inhumane these cats are treated by others, and it was gratifying to know the proceeds from the tour fee are used for such a great cause. The shop has some wonderful items, including for gifts.

dawnthom attended DayTour Sat, 11/8/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 11/17/14
We live locally just a few miles from this big cat sanctuary. We have lived in Tampa over 20 years and have never been there before… Wish I would not have waited so long… but glad to finally visit. A life long domestic cat fanatic and big cat fan, I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about these animals. It was very educational and our tour guide was great . I did not feel rushed and he answered all questions from our group. Our group had approximately 18 people from all over the country. I want to attend again and go on the feeding tour to get an entirely different view and perspective of these beautiful animals. This place is the real deal ! It is a legitimate charitable cause that needs to be supported. Go there and have fun, learn a lot, get inspired, and support the big cats and small cats at Big Cat Rescue!

Dawn814 attended DayTour Wed, 11/5/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 11/13/14
I would recommend this to all my friends.

aubreymae attended DayTour Sat, 11/8/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 11/11/14
A Purr-fectly wonderful day!
Knowing we were headed to Tampa, we found out about Big Cat Rescue the night before and changed our plans that minute because we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Amidst the busying of the city is such a vastly serene and quiet place filled with so many happy and helpful volunteers alongside their many well taken care of cats. Words can’t describe just how pleased I was with this place. This is no zoo fellow readers. This is a place that gives you a real up close and personal experience with the cats, takes such care of each individual one and provides a wonderful educational experience for all visitors. I loved seeing the cats just as much as I loved learning about them. We were lucky to have Denny as our tour guide and his many years with Big Cat Rescue really brought a lot to the table for us to learn from. There were quite a few times I teared up during the tour, not just because of the cats rather horrendous situations they were pulled from (as my husband and I are vegan and animal rights activists and unfortunately all to familiar with the many shades of animal cruelty out there) but the way they take care of them. I loved it so much I went home and watched every video on their (beautifully displayed) website. I signed their petition and once home called my representatives to let them know I don’t think it’s okay for residents to have big cats as their pets. My husband and I travel the country full-time and we’re trying to visit and highlight as many sanctuaries as possible and this one really struck a cord with me and I’ll never forget our experience there. I can’t recommend it enough.

ysabet attended DayTour Sat, 11/8/14 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 11/11/14
Absolutely wonderful!
I’ve wanted to visit this place for several years, and I wasn’t disappointed in any way when I finally made it there. The cats were calm and relaxed (something you seldom see), stress-free and living in large enclosures that were almost shockingly clean; their caretakers knew and explained their histories and the kind of details of their personalities that you only get when you know and love your charges. I would *definitely* recommend touring Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary to anyone who cares about the biodiversity of our planet; my sister was with me as a slightly dubious guest, and she was blown away by the tour and left talking excitedly about returning with her husband and sons and about sponsoring a cat. That says a lot, I think. Thanks, BCR; may your charges flourish and live out their lives in peace and happiness!

crzwadlo attended DayTour Fri, 10/3/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 10/6/14
Awesome cats and even better learning experience.
We found this on “things to do in Florida”. As newly moved to the state, we were looking for something to do with our 30 year old son on his visit. What a great learning experience!! He at one time wanted to get a large “domestic” cat. Now, he has decided to sponsor a rescued cat instead. The amount of time and care that these volunteers give to these animals is awe inspiring. I wish they were not needed because people would learn to not try to take in wild animals as pets, but since we will probably never learn, it is so generous of these folks to love and care for the big cats that are rescued. The tour is informative and the animals are entertaining. Thank you, Big Cat Rescue.

Nica717 attended DayTour Fri, 9/26/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 10/1/14
Excellent, informative tour
Amazing facility. Seeing a big cat up close and personal (5 – 6 feet away) is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I will definitely be booking the photography tour once the weather cools down!

fcizmar001 attended DayTour Sat, 9/20/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 9/24/14
An educational, fun, and inspiring experience
I saw the ad for Big Cat Rescue when booking my airline tickets for a business/vacation trip to Tampa. I emailed a local coworker about it, and she responded that it was an “AWESOME experience!” After visiting, my wife and I wholeheartedly agree with my coworker’s assessment. The tour is very well organized from the very beginning when guests receive their color coded wrist bands, through the introductory videos (some of which bring home the plight of these majestic animals), the offer of headsets that enable everyone to hear the tour guide clearly, the tour guide’s knowledge of each of the animals, and up to the end of the tour, where tour guides show the stark reality of how lax or, in many cases, no laws, allow people to abuse these animals. My wife and I were truly moved by the experience. There are many ways to ease the burden of these beautiful animals, such as donating to Big Cat Rescue, participating in the Big Cat adoption program, and signing the petition to enact laws against private ownership of exotic animals. As our tour guide said near the end of our tour, it would be wonderful if Big Cat Rescue did not need to exist. I encourage everyone reading my review to visit, to become involved financially or otherwise, and to spread the word about the miraculous work of the volunteers at Big Cat Rescue that provides a worthy environment for these beautiful animals to thrive.

Lamin67 attended DayTour Tue, 9/16/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 9/19/14
Fantastic experience
This was one of the coolest experiences ever! It was a little confusing to find, but it was worth it. It was a one and a half guided tour where you are five feet away from lions, tigers, and other awesome big cats. The bugs like to feast on visitors, but they do supply bug spray. We got caught in a monsoon and had to walk back to the visitor center in it, so I suggest you bring a poncho just in case!

tildesk attended DayTour Mon, 9/15/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 9/18/14
I love this place!
I really enjoyed my visit. The tour was great and led by Denny, a wonderful tour guide of 13 years. He knew a lot about each cat and was able to answer most of our questions. I like the whole thing-atmosphere,, education on environment, cats, fur and wild animal trade, how to help big cats, and of course the stars themselves, the cats! I will definitely be going back. Thank you Big cat rescue for all of your hard work!

Dianeest attended DayTour Mon, 9/8/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 9/11/14
BigCatRescue – a must see
Following the Big Cat Rescue on Facebook made me more aware of this sanctuary. Going to visit the Tampa area made this a “must see” place. We took the walking tour and learned lots about the various cats from a very knowledgable volunteer. He told many back stories with great skill and educated everyone in this group. It was hot and humid so the cats were not real active but they were plentiful. Many sad stories on why these cats are living here now but they seem very well cared for and are lucky to be here. Unfortunately, not all cats are taken in here, but they do thebest they can. I highly recommend visiting this place. The very dedicated interns, volunteers and employees need our help with these majestic creatures to make their life better!

SJDRIZZI attended DayTour Sun, 8/31/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 9/3/14
Tour with pretaped audio recording & guide
I don’t like using earphone in one ear. Preferred the comments and information of guide. Recording was a bit repetitive on certain information. Great to see the cats have a good environment and are well taken care of by this group!

cnargi attended DayTour Mon, 8/18/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 8/26/14
wonderful sanctuary
The Big Cat Rescue is a great place to be able to see these beautiful creatures in a relaxing environment for them. Even though they are not roaming “free” they are safe and protected from those who abuse, neglect and use them for their own purposes. The Big Cat Rescue does a great job caring for these animals in their remaining days. I love this place and Have taken my family there and will continue to bring friends and family there to see these beautiful animals for years to come. Thank you Big Cat Rescue for all that you do.

clwrona attended DayTour Sun, 8/24/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Sun, 8/24/14
I have always wanted to go here. I am a leopard enthusiast. I think they are incredibly beautiful creatures and to be able to see them up close was wonderful. They have background stories on a lot of the cats and some had me tearing up. Had to keep myself from crying in front of the group of strangers! It makes it more personal. The guides are there to ask questions and give you a ton of information. It was great and i would recommend for anyone any age to go!

sciacca attended DayTour Wed, 8/13/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 8/18/14
Holy CAT!
We were processed quickly and the tour went like clockwork. My mother was returning after 15 years and they had a golf cart available which made it very accessible to her. The staff was knowledgeable. The audio tour fantastic. THough it was August it was surprisingly pleasant under the trees. The place is clean and the cats are obviously happy. They came to greet us, some slept, though close enough to get a good look at them and some, being cats, were seeing us but hiding from our view. LOVED it. Doing great work there. Also Zerve really worked with us when one of our family could not make the event and they refunede their ticket within minutes on line! Great day.

drusinik attended DayTour Sun, 8/10/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 8/13/14
Improvement Needed
I have been on this tour about 5 times. This particular tour was disappointing. Every time we stopped at a cage, the guide played a recording of the animal. If there were a few animals in the same cage, we listened to a blurb about each. Sometimes the information was repeated and we heard the same details about the rescue. It became very boring. I have informed Big Cat Rescue about my concern. The guide did little else than play the recordings.

Sheila608 attended DayTour Sat, 8/9/14 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 8/12/14
Loved Big Cats
The Big Cat Rescue folks obviously adore their charges, Staffed by mostly interns from many nations and volunteers, the shelter provides a safe, forever home for the big cats surrendered by owners who can no longer care for them or taken from abusive situations. Their charges are housed in outdoor fenced compounds that provide many places for the cats to find privacy if they don’t want to interact with visitors. They have shelters, climbing platforms and activities to stimulate them. During your tour you will find out how they(the cats) came to be there and how they are provided for. Although the general tour does not allow for children under ten, there are other tours that do, since we saw younger children leaving before our tour started. The tour was not rushed but if need a golf cart, with a knowledgeable driver, is available for an additional charge. The gift shop is neat with a wide verity of goodies for all ages. At the end of the tour you are encouraged to sign a petition and call your congressman but there is no hard sell to do so,

clevewallace attended DayTour Mon, 7/28/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 8/2/14
Great overall experience!
Great stories associated with the rescue of these beautiful cats. Only negative was that the volunteer tour guide wore her headset microphone around her neck instead of on her head which put the microphone well away from her mouth. Could barely hear her but the prerecorded stories about the individual cats was at full volume. Otherwise a wonderful experience.

HeroThgeCat attended DayTour Sun, 7/20/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 7/23/14
Woonderfull experience for young and old
It was a great time seeing the cats and hearing their stories. At times it was difficult to hear the sad histories, but refreshing to know that the cats are now in a good home. It’s WELL WORTH THE TIME AND MONEY, much more so than a zoo! If you’re not going, you’re missing out!

bbonell attended DayTour Sun, 7/13/14 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 7/16/14
Educational and respectful
I love that this was the real deal instead of a kiddy zoo. You learn about the big cats and the organization and have opportunities to broaden your view of the world. The cats are incredibly taken care of and every inhabitant has a story. Loved it and will go again!

jeningalls attended DayTour Sat, 7/12/14 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 7/15/14
Great re-visit
I love going to BCR and try to go every time I am in Tampa. This time was different with the head sets. I preferred the personal tour with the volunteers. I found them always informative and personable. The headset seemed a little impersonal and lacked the welcoming feeling from before. As always the cats were amazing to see! I would have liked an option for the AAA discount as I found out about it after the tour.

j0diaz attended DayTour Sat, 7/5/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 7/8/14
Great place to experience Big Cats up close
The Big Cats sanctuary was amazing. Very great time enjoying peace and tranquility with the cats. I highly recommend any cat or animal lover to visit the rescue. And a plus, all money paid to enter the park tour is donated to the cats. The only one thing I didn’t like was the way the gift shop owner “KEEPER” treated us when leaving the place– I understand being under the weather is bad but that doesn’t give you the right to treat your happy customers with disrespect.

vklohness attended DayTour Wed, 7/2/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 7/8/14
Fantasic, GO often!
I so admire what BCR and all their staff and volunteers are doing. This is not a zoo experience, the way these cats are cared for and housed is the most humane Ive ever seen. You won’t believe how relaxed and content these cats are, as well as willing to interact with the keepers by chattering, chuffing and various other wild cat sounds. I go as often as possible and it is a different experience each time. Nice added feature this time was the ear bud pack so you could hear stories and commentary on each cat as well as being able to hear the guide very well as we moved through the compound.

RobDawson attended DayTour Mon, 4/21/14 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Sun, 7/6/14
A really wonderful experience
I had wanted to visit Big Cat Rescue for some time, but it will be the top of my list next time we visit Florida. It was a truly amazing experience and such a privilege to see the cats looking so well cared for and happy. The staff and volunteers are very knowledgeable and committed to the cats . I would thoroughly recommend a visit to for any age to see for yourself what a terrible life some of the cats have before coming to BCR.

AmyEBennett attended DayTour Sat, 6/28/14 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 7/2/14
A wonderful organization and a great tour
I volunteer heavily in domestic cat rescue in New York City, so this is an issue near and dear to my heart. To hear the stories of these rescued big cats is saddening, but to see them stretched out in their sanctuary, happy and healthy is priceless. The organization puts the cats first, so they do not do tricks nor must do anything they don’t want to do. It’s a beautiful place. Every glimpse you get of a big cat is exciting, and the volunteers know their stuff.

HeidiCarlson attended DayTour Sun, 6/22/14 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 6/25/14
This is a very informative Tour!!
The staff at Big Cat Rescue really care about the cats and their facilities that they are housed in. The guides are very enthusiastic about their jobs. They know their stuff and happily answer all questions with informative answers. I would highly recommend this tour to anybody!

safarisister attended DayTour Sat, 6/21/14 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 6/24/14
Beautiful animals and Great Education
Our “Sisters Safari” Group has visited other rescues and zoos. We have enjoyed all of them. Big Cat is the best combination of fun and education. We loved and were often saddened by each cat’s story. we appreciated the rescues commitment to wild cats now and in the future.

DrewWelker attended DayTour Fri, 6/6/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 6/10/14
Fun and Educational
We did a standard tour and were in a group of about 20 people. Although the group was fairly large, the provided radio and earpiece made hearing the tour guide and history of each cat effortless. The tour guide was knowledgeable about all the big cats we visited. She gave a few bits of information on each cat before turning on their ‘history”. This was a couple minute piece of audio that played through the earpiece; it detailed the history of the cat and how it came to be at the Big Cat Sanctuary. While most of these stories were extremely sad (many of these cats had very rough lives before coming to the sanctuary), it made me appreciate what the folks at Big Cat Sanctuary were doing even more. Most all of the cats were in subpar living conditions with either owners who intentionally mistreated them or did not have the knowledge/means to properly care for them. After hearing these stories it makes you happy to know how well the cats are being treated in the sanctuary. They receive treats on their birthday (meat cakes) and on all major holidays. They also have a ‘vacation time’ where they are let into a cage several acres in area so they can stretch their legs and really run around. Overall a very good and eye-opening experience. I was unaware of the abuse big cats like these are subjected to and the scale at which it is still going on. The tour guide a great job educating the tour guests about the issues these cats face, why they face certain issues and what the sanctuary is doing to help the cats. You can tell from the tour guides’ stories how much everyone at the sanctuary cares about these big cats; almost like they’re family. I would definitely go on another tour.. maybe a feeding tour this time!

juancavp attended DayTour Mon, 5/26/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 6/3/14
Nice ride
The animals are beautiful. I recommend help the felines with donations or buy in store. Thank you.

sujoba attended DayTour Sun, 5/25/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 5/29/14
I never knew that there are few to no laws governing wild animals as pets. I found the tour to be very interesting even though not many of the cats were out since it was raining.

terryfitz attended DayTour Wed, 5/21/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 5/26/14
We had a lovely day. The tour guide was very Informative.

Cvincent78 attended DayTour Tue, 5/20/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sun, 5/25/14
What a great way to spend a few hours. The people at BCR are amazing for taking care of these wonderful cats.

Ajsmommy attended DayTour Sun, 5/11/14 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 5/14/14
Perfect Mother’s Day!
We took our mother here for Mother’s Day and could not have asked for a better time. The staff was friendly and quite knowlegable. Our tour leader answered any question we had. We loved seeing the cats and learning about their history and how BCR is working with them now to give them a forever loving home. We will definitely make a trip back!

JaneKolias attended DayTour Sat, 5/10/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 5/13/14
beautiful setting/great organization
The tour of the facility was very well orchestrated. Our group was about 20 individuals…we all had individual hearing devices that were supplied by the tour guide. She spoke into a microphone and everyone could hear what she was saying without crowding around her. The facility is spotless with lovely grounds and the cats all seem to be happy and well taken care of. The tour was 1 1/2 hours of walking, though easy walking on flat ground. They provide a golf cart for those who cannot walk for that length of time. The animals come from varied backgrounds but most are abuse cases or from owners who could not or would not care for them properly. I highly recommend the tour…it’s both fun and educational. I also encourage you to support this organization and the work they do for these cats.

goldey02 attended DayTour Sun, 5/4/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 5/8/14
The most interesting/rewarding attraction in Tampa
Go in the morning if at all possible. I went on 1pm tour and a lot of the cats were sleeping after just being fed. However, I was very happy to have seen the habitat, the people on staff, and the remarkable big cats living in an atmosphere of respect and understanding. Please visit, and please donate as much as you can. This is a very worthy cause, and will need support as long as owning wild animals is legal in some states, and as long as circuses continue to abuse their animals by treating them like dumb entertainers.

lilabean67 attended DayTour Sat, 4/26/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 5/1/14
cats are sleepy creatures
Several of the cats were napping when we toured right after lunch on an unusually hot April day. That didn’t bother me much but I think some people in our overall group were disappointed.

Carolheff attended DayTour Sun, 4/27/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 4/30/14
Big Cats can have a nice retirement
While it is unfortunate that these magnificent animals have to be caged, it was nice to see the habitats that they had. Most of them had come from terrible situations and at least they will be able to spend their last years in comfort. Since it is not a Zoo, there is no guarantee that you will see all the animals but we were able to see a lot of them.

Mooper attended DayTour Mon, 4/21/14 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 4/24/14
WOW! Learned a lot and saw some awesome cats!
The big cat rescue is fun, entertaining and quite educational. It is shocking and very sad how some people have decided to treat animals. Thankfully there are organizations such as this to help out. You can’t help but want to donate some money when you leave after seeing how these cats are now living – so much better!!! If I am down near that area of FL again, my family and I will go back. Great experience!!! 🙂

paula76 attended DayTour Tue, 4/15/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 4/23/14
It was nice to get a well informed tour of the sanctuary. Thankful the weather held off for the duration. Only wish we could have spent a little more time with each cat, and got to see a few more. Overall though, lovely tour and a great group of professional guides.

ddegroat910 attended DayTour Wed, 4/2/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 4/10/14
Enjoyed it very much, the beautiful cats, the tour guide was awesome, she told us a lot about all the cats. Will go again!

randycm attended DayTour Wed, 4/2/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 4/7/14
I will visit again
I will visit again

mene000712 attended DayTour Tue, 4/1/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 4/4/14
Wonderful, informative tour for a great cause!
I absolutely loved this tour at big cat rescue. It was just amazing seeing the cats, hearing their stories and knowing just by being there I was helping them by going on a tour and buying stuff from the gift shop. This organization is truly amazing, if you cannot make a tour date, at least donate to them, they deserve it!! The organization is at the end of a dirt road, we did miss it initially, if you have any trouble just call them, others from the tour called to get directions and the people gladly helped them find their way. Great people, great cats, great cause! I would 100% go back again!

sbeveridge attended DayTour Wed, 3/19/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 3/27/14
Eye Opening Experience
The cats are incredible to view. The tour guide was informative,fun and humorous. Wasn’t aware of the history behind all the cats. I will try to spread the concern to others.

eye opening experience.
I learned so much about the BCR and the residents. The BCR is making such a positive impact on cats big and small. A harmonious atmosphere from staff to cats. If you can not go on a tour please support there efforts by making a donation to this private non-profit. If you do go don’t forget to see a bearcat called “Thing”!

drmicm attended DayTour Tue, 3/18/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 3/21/14
I was very pleased with my visit.
My 92 year old mother is the one who wanted to visit. Her mobility issues were our greatest concern, however after a phone call to the office, I was assured that a golf cart would be available for her. During the tour both of us were impressed with the care that was given to make sure my mother didn’t miss a thing while sitting aboard the golf cart. The personal audio devices were also greatly appreciated as her hearing problems were also a concern. With the ear phones that were distributed, my mother missed very little of the tour guide’s explanation.

clbruce55 attended DayTour Sun, 3/16/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 3/21/14
Don’t get to go often enough!
I love BCR and was happy to share the experience with family. I hope to do one of the longer tours soon. I would love to do the feeding tour or keeper’s tour. Big Cat Rescue is a very special place and you won’t regret taking your family. These animals are so well cared for and are as contented as they can possibly be in captivity. I am saddened that a place like BCR is necessary, but very thankful that it is there.

CKarlson1277 attended DayTour Sun, 3/16/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 3/20/14
Awesome family outing!
Can’t wait to go back!!! Had a great time, learned so much! My kids and I would go every weekend if we could!

dukegray attended DayTour Sun, 3/9/14 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Fri, 3/14/14
Great tour brought my teenagers they loved it
My teenagers wern’t very excited, but once they got to the park they took over a hundred pictures and loved it. It was one of those spots you shouldn’ miss.

hollach attended DayTour Wed, 3/5/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 3/10/14
Definitely worth it but just wish they would show you more animals esp the ones you see online. Bring a camera!

fingars attended DayTour Wed, 2/19/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 2/25/14
A Role Model for all Animal Sanctuaries
My husband and I visited Big Cat Rescue in February. We absolutely loved it! It was wonderful to see the animals up close, in more natural surroundings. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable not only about the species but also about each cat’s personality and history. As a humane educator, I was extremely pleased that Big Cat Rescue doesn’t exploit their animals and educates and encourages visitors to do what they can to protect all big cats. Big Cat Rescue is a role model for all animal sanctuaries.

SusanFearney attended DayTour Fri, 2/21/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 2/25/14
Humane philosophy
The general tour was long enough to see most of the animals, but a bit more time at each exhibit should be added because the cats moved, often out of sight while they moved to a new position. Attendees who were in front also obscured views. Perhaps a minute or two should be made to allow tour attendees in front to move to the back. The guide was interesting, giving a very good presentation.

laflamme attended DayTour Tue, 2/18/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 2/21/14
Great day out
Loved the fact of the “ipod”. Our guide was very knowledgable and didn’t mind at all, when we asked questions. I would have liked to stay longer at some exhibits. What was the greatest was that we saw animals (cats) that I didn’t even know existed. Thanks

Hollister64 attended DayTour Sat, 2/15/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 2/19/14
Beautiful and educational
We loved seeing the beautiful cats, although their stories before rescue are sad. As always it is educational to know what can be done to create laws and support the ending of abuse for these animals. The grounds are so well maintained and the staff show the love for what they do as well as the animals loving the staff

natashax4 attended DayTour Sat, 2/15/14 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 2/18/14
Big Cat Rescue Well Worth the visit
Wonderful job they do. Informative guided tour with so many types of cats to see. Suggest morning or later in day tour as mid day-lots of sleeping cats.

annsofia attended DayTour Wed, 2/12/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 2/17/14
Wonderful place
Despite the threaten g weather, our guide made every effort to give us a full tour…almost succeeded Big Cat needs to update the iPad descriptions of several cats

furgysgal attended DayTour Wed, 2/12/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 2/17/14
Well worth the money.
I’d do it again! Very informative and it is for a great cause.

pbfrankel attended DayTour Mon, 2/10/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 2/14/14
Exceeded Expectations–well worth it.
The tour was extensive and the tour guide was knowledgeable and very personable. We gained a real appreciation for the extraordinary commitment of the founder and the volunteer staff. Highly recommended.

klynnkat attended DayTour Sun, 2/2/14 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 2/6/14
Absolutely loved visiting Big Cat Rescue!
Enjoyed the Big Cat Rescue tour very much. Such beautiful animals. Seeing these cats close up and hearing the stories that brought them to Big Cat Rescue made it an awesome experience. They are doing wonderful work to save these discarded and sometimes abused cats. You will definitely be glad you visited. Don’t forget your camera!

vgibbs attended DayTour Fri, 1/17/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 1/27/14
A great experience for a great cause.
This is something that is fun to do for all ages – the cats are kept very well, they are beautiful and the people that work there truly love their job and the purpose of the job. I thank Big Cat Rescue for what they do as someone needs to step up and take care of cats that others cannot or should not of ever owned. The grounds are pretty and the price for admission mostly goes to the cats, there are workers and many volunteers – it is worth the cost for admission – you are giving money to a great cause and a cool place! We did this experience on a cool day with two teenagers and we all enjoyed it.

TomMichele attended DayTour Tue, 1/14/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 1/17/14
A Very Worthy Cause
This is one of the most eye opening, informational tours an animal lover can experience. Every dollar of the tour goes to the cats. Also, be sure to sign the petitions and make the calls to your state senators at the end of the tour!

Oneilkeys attended DayTour Mon, 1/13/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 1/16/14
Fantastic close up of felines
The visit surpassed my expectations. Expert guide with two hours of close up views of the cats.

twoodvioc attended DayTour Fri, 12/27/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 1/9/14
As a volunteer keeper aide, at a local zoo, I was very inspired. The animals had heart warming stories that made my family realize what people do with exotic animals. I went in to big cat rescue thinking they wouldnt like it, but I was very wrong. My family was amazed by these wonderful Animals and the staff. We hope the rescue will last forever. I will always recommend people to come by and visit big cat rescue!

mlmaclaren attended DayTour Fri, 1/3/14 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 1/7/14
This is a “do not miss” activity
I took my two girls to the Big Cat Rescue and it really opened our eyes to the abuse of big cat abuse. The Big Cat Rescue has taken on the awesome task of not only rescuing these animals, but creating, maintaining, and constantly improving their quality of life. They do everything within their ability to make sure these animals are individually cared for paying particular attention to their special needs. The staff is visibly very affectionate for these animals. We plan on taking some of the other tours as well. You will not be disappointed and will even discover a favorite of your own.

vash6201 attended DayTour Fri, 1/3/14 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Mon, 1/6/14
a paw-mazing time
To be so close to a large variety of cats is amazing as thier recite stories. A great price to pay, knowing your ticket is paying for thier food!!!!!

hrleven attended DayTour Sun, 12/29/13 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Sun, 1/5/14
Informative, Entertaining Views of Lots of BigCats
We toured BCR on a cloudy day with on and off rain. We worried we wouldn’t see lots of cats – we shouldn’t have worried! We saw lots of lions, tigers, leopards, bobcats, lynx and servals (maybe others, but I can’t remember their names). Our tour guide, who is an intern at BCR was very informative and told us lots of stuff about the unique characteristics of each cat we saw – where (s)he came from (including the awful circumstances in which BCR rescued them), if the cat had other feline friends in his/her enclosure, tricks (s)he liked to play on other felines. The intern also told us how BCR started, which was very interesting. Much better than a zoo. Great to know all of these cats, which cannot be returned to the wild because they wouldn’t be able to survive there (never having lived there, or having been mistreated by idiotic folks who want to own wild animals as pets) are receiving the life they deserve. ALL of your tour fee goes to support these cats – ALL of it! Check them out on Charity Navigator – they are a top-rated charity.

cjrock31 attended DayTour Sat, 12/28/13 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Sat, 1/4/14
A great experience
This was a very educational experience. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the animals they care for. They show respect for their animals by having a no contact policy and even steered us away from a cat that seemed stressed out by all of the guests. It was amazing a fun experience, only 1 1/2 hrs long.

SRSQUARED27 attended DayTour Sun, 12/29/13 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 1/2/14
Roaring Recommendation
Even in the rain this tour was fabulous. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable about the animals, the facility, and its mission. She described the personalities of the individual cats on the tour route; one of the highlights of our tour was when a tiger who is particularly fond of her came out to greet her and “talk” to her. Spectacular!

a2j4ever attended DayTour Sun, 12/22/13 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 12/26/13
Cats are awesome!
Not only do you get to see adorable kitties, you also are taught about the horrible lives these cats led before being rescued and how screwed up current laws are in regards to big cats. The gift shop has great stuff in it and all proceeds go to the cats as most the staff are volunteers. If you love cats this is the place for you.

ajschmidt attended DayTour Sun, 12/22/13 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 12/25/13
What I expected.
Exactly as advertised. Big cats in large enclosures. A good place to spend a few hours. Our tour was ended about 30 minutes short. Do your own time keeping and if they end early ask to try and see the cats that were reclusive. Most of the staff is unpaid, and most of the costs go toward food for the cats (yes, I did the math). As with all “rescue” groups, prepare yourself for a lecture on animal abuse.

Moondrifter3 attended DayTour Wed, 12/18/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 12/24/13
Everything was awesome

wjaventer attended DayTour Mon, 12/2/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 12/5/13
What an amazing place!
I hate zoos, cages where animals are pacing up and down. I was very hesitant to go (being from Africa where the big cats mostly roam free, I don’t like to see them in cages) This is so different. The animals are in excellent condition, the enclosures well designed,the staff highly knowledgeable and their focus is on the well being of the animals where it should be. Well done!

bobackley attended DayTour Wed, 11/27/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 12/2/13
Loved it and our Family enjoyed very much!
My husband and I took our two granddaughters after picking out a Christmas Tree in Tampa. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and very nice. We walked the facillity and just loved the intervention with the Cats. My husband took my grandson about 10 years ago and enjoyed it very much at that time also. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. We hope to schedule another Feeding Time Tour sometime in the future.

MCespedes attended DayTour Sat, 11/23/13 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 11/26/13
Purrrfect day….
This is my second time visiting BCR. The first half of the tour was interesting as our guide was very knowledgable on the cats. However the second half, the guide turned it over to a young lady in training. Aside from looking at the beautiful cats, the tour went downhill, as she has not had a lot of practice in public speaking. She was very repetive with phrases like..”and so..” Also a lot of “uhhmmms”. She even used the word Hell, in describing the cats life in cages. Now don’t get me wrong, I fully understand people need to be trained. And took this new one with a grain of salt, it was what it was. But please don’t let that deter you from visiting BCR. They are a fabulous group and have my 100% support. Thank you for taking care of the cats.

reinhart attended DayTour Fri, 11/1/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 11/18/13
Outstanding tour and highly educational
Tour guide Stephanie was very knowledgeable about the facility and the current animals there. There’s no other place like it. You learn above and beyond whatever information is fed to you at zoos and at theme parks like Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I would recommend it to any tourist who is visiting central Florida. And older children would definitely appreciate it, too — for the wow factor and the educational value.

tlarien attended DayTour Wed, 10/30/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 11/4/13
fantastic experience
Big Cat Rescue tours are one of the most interesting and informative around regarding the rescue of big cats. The habitats for the cats are amazing and extremely spacious, the staff is extremely well informed, and the tour guides give you a brief history of every cat seen, plus others that don’t choose to show themselves at that particular time. I’ve been to Big Cat many times, but the couple joining us this time had not been, and were suitably impressed; had never seen anything like Big Cat. Highly, highly recommended. All proceeds from tours and the gift shop go toward upkeep of the cats. Try the feeding and night tours, also. Quite an experience.

KGC1980 attended DayTour Mon, 10/28/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 10/31/13
Informative and humbling
This was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. We saw well over 50 wild cats from a small African desert cat to a 500 pound Bengal tiger. That was amazing as well as a little humbling…if the circumstances were different, I would have been dinner. The tour guide was well versed and very knowledgeable about the cats and the operation in general. Taking this tour is a great way to support the mission of Big Cat Rescue. Be prepared to be a little sad, though. The stories behind how these animals came to be here is depressing and sometimes cruel. Kudos to Big Cat for all they do for these animals.

Usagi93190 attended DayTour Fri, 9/20/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 9/23/13
wonderful experience
I greatly enjoyed my visit to Big Cat Rescue. I am glad there is an organization who seems to truely care about natures creatures. I wish more people did. I found my experience informative and rewarding. The volunteers were very kind as well as professional. I would love to come again, maybe volunteer!

singrassia attended DayTour Sun, 8/25/13 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 9/7/13
A must See !!
This place is Great !! They are taking in injured Big Cats and giving them homes. Plus , allowing the public to donate and learn more about these Cats. You can tell from the people who work there and the healthiness of the Cats that this place is worth every penny. The tour was very informative and I will be going back for the other tours. They are not afraid to tell you how they started and ways to help keep these cats in the wild. Take a day and learn something . You will not be disappointed.

RitaBS attended DayTour Sat, 8/31/13 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 9/6/13
Very interesting. Fun for the entire family.
Brought my granddaughter who just turned 11. She loved it. Was fun and she learned a lot about the big cats. Staff was very friendly and loved the little gift shop. Had a nice selection of items. Would recommend to anyone that loves animals. The tour guide was very knowledgeable. Granddaughter wants to do the feeding tour next. Look forward to that tour.

dmr1967 attended DayTour Sat, 8/31/13 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 9/4/13
knowledgable and concerned staff

strawberryqt attended DayTour Sun, 8/18/13 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Sun, 8/25/13
Amazing Knowledge and Care
We really enjoyed our visit at the Big Cats Sanctuary. It was great being able to see these amazing animals up so close but was most interesting to listen to the knowledge your staff have of each of your animals. So many sad stories regarding the start in life your cats have had but what a great place they have ended up in rather than the more disturbing outcomes some cats have met. It truly was an informative afternoon and we had an excellent time! We will remember this experience for years to come and will inform friends and family of the experience we have had at the Big Cats Sanctuary. It is so sad to see what destruction and despair humans can cause and create but so reassuring that there are fantastic people like your team that try an undo the bad that has been created. Thank you and keep up the fantastic work!

donabelle attended DayTour Tue, 8/20/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 8/23/13
this is the best show on Earth..not the circus!
If only everyone took the time to think about what really goes into handling a large animal, then maybe they wouldn’t try and adopt one. This sanctuary provides education and a safe haven for mistreated animals. I never knew there were so little if any laws to protect these beautiful creatures…times are changing and now is better than ever to save big cats!

waswild attended DayTour Sat, 8/17/13 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 8/20/13
Amazing Place, Amazing Cats, Amazing People
My daughter was visiting from California, so I purchased tickets to take her to Big Cat Rescue for the Saturday morning tour. I moved to Tampa last year, but hadn’t yet visited. The facility is amazing and we learned so much from our tour guide, a BCR intern. This is a “not to be missed” attraction in the Tampa Bay area. Your admission is actually used to feed the cats….so you’re not only experiencing this loving, caring sanctuary…but you’re contributing to the car of the big cats. Don’t miss this!

cbentz attended DayTour Sat, 8/10/13 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 8/14/13
Totally amazing! You learn so much.
I was so taken with the peacefulness and beauty of Big Cat Rescue. Our guide was fantastic and shared many beautiful stories and cat knowledge. I will go back and bring friends, so they can learn and experience this unique world of what one woman started and built into a safe and respectful habitat for all their rescued animals.

blcthatsme attended DayTour Fri, 8/9/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 8/12/13
Amazing Experience!
I really enjoyed my visit to the Big Cat Rescue – it was amazing seeing all the beautiful animals that call the sanctuary home. The lion, Cameron, made himself known through most of our visit by roaring loudly enough to be heard throughout the park! It is wonderful the things that the workers and volunteers do for these animals. Our tour guides were very knowledgeable and told stories about the different cats – how they came to live there, funny things they have done, “friends” that they had, and their personalities – and you could tell that they loved their job. I would definitely recommend visiting this sanctuary and helping the efforts of the organization.

Linda5757 attended DayTour Wed, 8/7/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 8/12/13
Wonderfully inspiring tour!
My daughter and I are avid guests of the website and the cat hospital att Big Cat Rescue. On our trip to Miami this year to visit relatives (we’re from Sweden) we made sure to include an adventure up the coast. The tour was amazing, the cats are amazing, the people working there are fantastic! We so appreciate that they are helping these wonderful animals to a good life!

cf52266 attended DayTour Sun, 8/4/13 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 8/7/13
A Must See!!!
The tour is wonderful and so educational! Some of the stories about how Big Cat Rescue came to have the cats are so heartbreaking. It’s nice to know these beautiful animals can live the remainder of their lives in such a great place with room to roam and no more abuse. BCR provides a much needed home for abandoned or abused lions, tigers, leopards (golden and black), cougars, servals, Canadian lynx, bobcats, ocelots and others. You will see a good number of the cats and learn their stories. A must see if you are in or passing through the Tampa area!

MariaLuttrel attended DayTour Sun, 7/21/13 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 8/6/13
Thankful for this place.
My visit was bittersweet. It was amazing to see wild animals so up close. But it was sad to learn of their previous life and know they will never be free again. Thankful for the Cat Rescue for all they do. Wish people weren’t so selfish or just plain ignorant and would leave these precious animals alone where they belong with their own. The tour was well organized and I felt safe inside the compound. I admire the workers doing what they do as volunteers and the knowledge of each of their cats background. Good luck. Wish some rich person would go there and help you all out!

NinjaK1026 attended DayTour Sun, 7/7/13 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 7/20/13
Fun and different!
Everyone working there (volunteers and staff) were friendly and knowledgeable. The tour was fun and the cats are beautiful. It was interesting to hear their stories! It’s a fun adventure!

susancub attended DayTour Sun, 7/7/13 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Fri, 7/12/13
INFORMATIVE and Educational
I went with My Family loved this tour , I went with three kids ranging in ages from 14, 20,24 all who thought this was a great idea to go to . they really enjoyed this . My youngest son was amazed at all the animals but couldnt believe some of the stories that were told about the cruelty that were done to these undeserving beautiful creatures . would defenitely recommend this event to anyone

JulieAHart attended DayTour Fri, 7/5/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 7/12/13
Educational & Awe-inspiring
It is amazing to be able to see these beautiful animals up close although sad that they are there through the neglect and foolishness of humans.

MVrbancic attended DayTour Sun, 7/7/13 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 7/11/13
Great place!
Words can’t do it justice. Go! You will come away with a new understanding of why humans must share the planet with wild animals, not just the Big Cats.

arenshaw983 attended DayTour Wed, 6/19/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 6/25/13
A Roaring Good time!
The day tour was fantastic. The staff is friendly and very informative about the work they do and share stories about where all the cats came from. You get an up-close look at tigers, lions, servals, mountain lions, bobcats, etc. It is well worth the trip!

hazelmartin attended DayTour Sat, 6/8/13 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 6/17/13
Great tour at Big Cat Resque
We had the Saturday afternoon groep tour and our guide was Danny. It was very hot so the Cats were all sleeping, but we saw a lot of them anyway. My girlfriend and I became $100 sponsor and will definitely come back to this wonderfull place for a feeding tour in 2 years.

brluvmusic attended DayTour Sat, 6/8/13 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 6/12/13
Highly Recommended!
Well worth the money, and all money goes to help the cats! Nowhere else can you (humanely) get this close to these big cats. Plus, you feel good that you are helping their mission with every dollar spent! Just wish I lived closer so that I could visit more often.

ENCORE725 attended DayTour Wed, 5/29/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 6/4/13
a bit expensive
it was a bit expensive but enjoyable. would have been nice to have a student , senior or AARP discount admission like other attractions.Guide was very knowledegable..

tiger2bright attended DayTour Sat, 5/18/13 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 5/24/13
Big kitties–what’s not to love?
The day was a little warm for the cats, but there were still plenty of photo ops. Where else can you get within 3 feet of a large male mountain lion, hear it “talk” and purr, and watch it roll around in cinnamon? Better yet, actually see, close up, how huge a tiger really is? The husband and I had a great time. The staff was helpful and friendly, and our guide, Denny, was absolutely great. The sanctuary itself was clean and fresh smelling–no litter box smells here! The work the folks at the Big Cat Rescue do, both within the sanctuary with/for the cats themselves, and with pushing for legislative changes to protect future big cats, is well worth the relatively cheap price of admission (as compared to the larger zoos and theme parks). This is a place of peace. I’ll be going back, probably when the weather is cooler, for more photos, and to purchase a brick or two to help support their cause and upkeep.

ellisonet attended DayTour Sat, 5/11/13 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Thu, 5/16/13
Great time for a great cause!
We had a blast seeing all the big cats and love what the group is doing there in Tampa. Lions, Tigers, Servals, Ocelots, Cougars, Bobcats and so many more were among the trails of our tour. The offer golf carts for those in need for the hour and a half tour and the newly introduced sound system makes sure you hear all the tour guides commentary during the walk. Will definitely do another tour soon as the wife would like to do the feeding tours next trip.

jandldale attended DayTour Fri, 5/10/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 5/16/13
enjoyed learning, knowledgeable guide, like the guided tour rather then walking around by yourself

cramerlutzke attended DayTour Fri, 5/10/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 5/15/13
Nice afternoon activity
My husband and I enjoyed out afternoon at Big Cat Rescue. It was interesting to hear the story of the place and all the good they are doing to help these amazing animals. It was a hot day bur the tour was comfortable with lots of shade, water stations, and some benches. Staff seemed very knowledgeable about the animals and rhe organization. Thanks for all that you do!

jscutting1 attended DayTour Sat, 5/11/13 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 5/15/13
This was fun and time and money well spent
The facility was excellent. The tour guide was knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. The cats were gorgeous. I took my mother and wife, both who have difficulty walking for long periods of time. The golf cart allowed them to enjoy this experience. I took over 100 pictures. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I’d recommend this to anyone.

ajarrell19 attended DayTour Sat, 4/13/13 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 5/4/13
Wonderful Experience
We purchased tickets to the 1 pm tour. Even though many cats were sleeping in their dens or in shady parts of their enclosures, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the cats that were active. Our knowledgable guide talked about their backgrounds and characteristics. Most of the cats were rescued from terrible living conditions. Please support legislation that prevents these magnificent animals from being sold as pets. Highly recommend the entertaining DVD, available in the gift shop, of the cats at different times during the year.

Propershare attended DayTour Fri, 4/26/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 4/29/13
Enjoyed all The Various Cats
We did a Saturday 3pm tour and first couple cats weren’t visible which made us nervous on what to expect through rest of tour. Third cat was out, a beautiful Bengel Tiger and all the cats we passed on tour were visible even in the afternoon heat. I was surprised and a little disappointed at the size of the enclosures, but understand it is much larger than what many of them grew up in. I was also very surprised to learn there are breeders and fur breeders for many of the smaller (big) cats. I hope the day comes soon that can be outlawed.

CoryDavis attended DayTour Fri, 4/12/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 4/20/13
When buying tickets
The issue I had was when I buy tickets, there is no where for getting a discount; in which I was a AAA member and was unable to get that discount.

donnafreie attended DayTour Sat, 3/30/13 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Fri, 4/5/13
Highly Recommend!!
Dennis was our tour guide and he was amazing! He was very knowledgeable about the cats. He cracked jokes & had a great time with the group he was leading. When someone asked a question, he gave an excellent answer. The atmosphere on the tour seemed relaxed – I didn’t feel like we were rushed along. I am hoping to go back again! I really want to go to a feeding, and maybe even a night tour!

LindaMagnus attended DayTour Sat, 3/23/13 @ 1:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 3/27/13
3 generations/ shared interests
My granddaughter has shown an interest in animals since she was very young. Now 13, with her visit timed right, we decided BCR was a purrrfect venue. The guide we had was very knowledgeable in so many areas of “cat” life, our visit was both enjoyable and entertaining. It was sad to see so many animals being deserted or otherwise abandoned , but BCR does an honorable job providing shelter and health care for these cats. For those with handicaps, there are golf carts, driven by their volunteers who do their best to get you a vantage point to see what the guide is describing.

mome2bri attended DayTour Sat, 3/2/13 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Sat, 3/23/13
Happy to support such a great facility
Our intern guide was a great embassador for the BCR. You can tell she truly believes in the mission. I was impressed by her knowledge. I hope they can raise even more money to make better enclosures for their cats that will live out their lives in a better place.

brebluei attended DayTour Wed, 3/6/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 3/18/13
Very Profound and Interesting!
This was my second time on the tour! I really liked learning about all of the big cats and their stories of how they came to be at Big Cat Rescue. It was great seeing the cats very playful and enjoying themselves!

The3BigCats attended DayTour Sat, 3/9/13 @ 10:00AM, Submitted review Sun, 3/17/13
Very informative tour of the big and small cats
The tour guide was very interesting and enthusiastic about the cats. We learned a lot about the cats and their stories. It was a very nice and pleasant tour. I recommend it to all the people of love cats, big or small.

spunkeegal attended DayTour Fri, 3/1/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Sat, 3/9/13
Very informative, cats are well taken care of
We will definitely return to the BCR when in Tampa again. Thanks for a great tour!

nlenburg attended DayTour Mon, 2/18/13 @ 3:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 2/21/13
We found our Big Cat Rescue tour to be both informative and eye-opening as to the circumstances that bring the animals here. Impressive work being done at the Big Cat Rescue that is worth a visit.

Kids Tour

lesthibod attended KidsTour Sat, 6/4/16 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 6/16/16
Impressive Creatures
Walking through this sanctuary and viewing the cats was quite heartening. We visited on a very hot and humid day; the cats may not be visible as they could be sleeping under cover; but the ones we did see were amazing. The guides were very informative and kept the group moving through the trail. The gift shop was also reasonably priced and proceeds go to supporting these wonderful majestic creatures and the folks that care for them. Worth the visit !

Hammy123 attended KidsTour Sun, 5/29/16 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 6/2/16
Great family day!
Tour guides were very knowledgeable and even though it rained a bit it was still a great day

sanderscf attended KidsTour Sun, 4/17/16 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 4/20/16
Pleasant surprise
I was impressed with the comprehensive care the cats receive. What a neat place

Ariemke attended KidsTour Sun, 4/3/16 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Mon, 4/11/16
Fabulous tour
We had a great time. My daughter loved seeing all the big cats and especially the little ones too. The tourguide was knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend this tour.

Vitasta attended KidsTour Sat, 3/26/16 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 3/30/16
The best educational tour ever
We went on a kids tour with our two children ages 7 & 11 and also the grandparents. I can say with confidence that the tour was completely enjoyed by all of us! Very educational and a lot of fun. They are doing a fabulous job and both the kids walked away with a lot of compassion for the cause

AnneRas61 attended KidsTour Sun, 3/6/16 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 3/9/16
We went on tour with our two grandchildren 13 & 9. I had our 9 yr old watch video of Cats before we went. He retained much of the information! It made the tour that much better. The cats are beautiful and the guide was great! Information on why these animals should not be used for entertainment or owned by people is clear. I plan to go again! By our 9yr olds reaction think they will have another volunteer some day! Hope there is no reason to rescue these animals some day…..because they are all where they should be in the wild. A tour that touched my heart!

tedsettle attended KidsTour Sat, 3/5/16 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 3/8/16
Saturday Children Tour
Tour group included grandparents, parents, and grandkids, and our granddaughter’s significant other. At a leisurely, but steady pace we walked around a good part of the Big Cat Rescue grounds. We saw a good variety of “big” cats and our tour guides were full of helpful information and answered all the questions asked. At the end of the tour, several of the tour guides spent another hour talking with us. This was very special for our oldest granddaughter whose college major is related to the work of Big Cat Rescue.

jimmyroger attended KidsTour Sat, 3/5/16 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 3/8/16
Great Sat. Morning
Took Grandson and my daughter. Nice size tour We enjoyed the guide Everything was great

Sharon1954 attended KidsTour Sat, 2/13/16 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 2/24/16
So much more to see than we thought.
It was so nice to see cats that we had never even heard of. Of course the big cats were unbelievable but every animal there is outstanding. It was fun to hear the stories behind some of the cats. Keep up the good work. We will be back.

lzimmer123 attended KidsTour Sun, 2/14/16 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 2/18/16
Fun and Informative Day
My friend and I took two girls, 7 and 11, and it was really interesting and fun. The guides were very knowledgeable and engaging with the small group – about 20 – that we had. You’ll see the cats up close and personal. The cause is to support these old and tired cats, to educate people, and to lobby local and national governmental regulations. Very worthy, very worthwhile, and very fun!

nathanchase attended KidsTour Sun, 11/22/15 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Thu, 11/26/15
Good Way To Meet a Lot of Big Cats in One Visit
Our family (including our son, 7, and daughter, 4) enjoyed the kid’s tour of Big Cat Rescue. The tour guide made it personalized for them and answered all their questions well. It’s a good way to spend an hour if you’re in the area!

Bluehose99 attended KidsTour Sat, 7/18/15 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 7/21/15
Wonderful experience
This is a great experience for small children. The initial “wow” of seeing the cats up close was really exciting for them. But given the FL heat at noon, they were pretty exhausted by the end of the hour tour.

arndtvickers attended KidsTour Sat, 6/13/15 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Tue, 6/16/15
Kudos to Big Cat Rescue for making such an enjoyable visit. Tour guide was great with the kids, very knowledgable about Big Cat Rescue, the cats that live there, and cats in general. Even though it was a very hot day (90’s), we still saw some amazing animals. I could not fault any cat that wanted to stay in their a/c dens. I can’t wait until my little one is old enough for the other tours! We will be back for sure. Had no trouble spending money in the gift shop knowing all the profits were going to the cats.

aprila1975 attended KidsTour Sun, 3/22/15 @ 12:00PM, Submitted review Wed, 3/25/15
We love Big Cat Rescue
We go every year and we love Big Cat. Our kids enjoy showing off their knowledge during the tour.

hjpowers attended KidsTour Sun, 12/28/14 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 12/31/14
third visit and great as always
passionate staff provides you with an excellent, informative tour and the cats are obviously well care for it.

rproseberr attended KidsTour Sun, 7/20/14 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 7/23/14
Great Experience
Well worth the price of admission, I would recommend you go and visit this location if you want to see big CATS close up!

dculbertson attended KidsTour Sun, 7/20/14 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 7/22/14
Super tour!!
This was fantastic!!! We went on the Sunday kids tour at 9:00. All the employees were very kind in getting us checked in, and our tour actually started a little early bc everyone in our group had arrived. We had 2 guides, both worked very well w all the children in the group and answering any and all the questions they had…. We had several water stops along the way if people needed it which was nice. The kids lived seeing the cats up close and even hearing them roar!! At the end if the tour almost all of the adults from our group signed the petition to ban road-side zoos and personal ownership if these cats, the guides were beyond grateful for it. We bought a couple items in the gift shop which were priced fairly (even a little too low) for some items I believe! It was informative and fun and will definitely be back the next time we are in tampa!!

jlcsmith attended KidsTour Sat, 7/12/14 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Tue, 7/15/14
Great with a few suggestions
We loved having the opportunity to take my Grandson, who is 3, on the Saturday morning Duck tour. The guides were great and very knowledgeable. Here are a few suggestions to make it better and would be helpful for us in order to return for another visit. 1) The tour doesn’t allow for time to take pictures and discuss with the child. It felt hurried. We would have like a little bit more time to look at the animals, ask questions, take pictures, etc. Not a lot more time, but adding another 30 minutes to the tour would have been perfect. 2) It would be great to have a brief overview of the Sanctuary as part of the tour. Maybe a little bit about the history, how many cats total, some of the “special” ones, latest happenings, etc. I felt like that was a missing component. 3) As a brand manager and marketer, I would also suggest that the Sanctuary capture the information of the people who are touring because they should/could be future donors, supporters, etc. I would also recommend that they promote their social media so people can connect. I hope these suggestions are useful. The first two are important to us returning anytime in the near future. The third one is just a bit of advice. Thanks! Janet

Mattisa attended KidsTour Sun, 6/8/14 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Wed, 6/11/14
Birthday group of 8 year olds
Took my husband, daughter, granddaughter and 4 of her friends. We all had a great time, although we were mostly in the shade it was pretty warm, but that’s Florida this time of year. I would suggest doing the 1st tour of the day before it’s too hot. Unfortunately my granddaughters birthday is in June. In spite of the heat it was more than worthwhile. Beautiful grounds, animals and educational to boot. I bought a week of day camp for her next month, she’s excited to go back.

katynana47 attended KidsTour Sat, 7/20/13 @ 9:00AM, Submitted review Fri, 7/26/13
Loved it!
This trip was my 9 yr old daughter’s birthday surprise….she just LOVES tigers, leopards, all big cats! She was thrilled with all the cats, and learned a lot about them from the guide. The animals are beautiful, and it’s so nice to get close enough to really see them. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

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