Samantha Ocelot

Samantha Ocelot


Female Ocelot

Date of Birth: 3/1/85-8/8/06

Samantha came to Big Cat Rescue on 7/7/94, after her previous owner was sent to prison. The cat became the unwelcome guest of the owner’s 95-year old mother, who called a pet shop to help find a suitable owner. The pet shop owner also had a female Serval who had become too big and too much of a liability to keep on display, so she called Big Cat Rescue. We say we rescued Samantha and the Serval but Samantha would tell you that she created her own better reality. Samantha knows that you are the only one who creates your reality.  She took responsibility for hers and now she lives in a beautiful park, has room service twice a day and is surrounded by those who love her.  What can you imagine? On August 1, 2006 Samantha silently passed over the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 21. Who knows what exciting new life she is imagining now?


“When I started doing operant conditioning work at Big Cat Rescue, my first animal was Samantha, a very sweet, but old ocelot.  I was warned that she might go at any time because of her age. No one could be certain – but it didn’t matter. Samantha was the first animal that recognized my voice and responded to it.  Even though I knew she was a favorite among the volunteers, she was “my baby” when I was with her.  When I officially started working with Samantha was when I heard that wonderful sound Ocelots make. (I heard it before, but it was not so intense)  I could not believe that she could actually chew, swallow and “growl” all at the same time. (That was probably a hello and come no closer growl as well.)”……Edith, Volunteer Keeper

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