Female Geoffroy Cat
“The last time I saw her she was the most proud girl!  We had handed out enrichment to many of the cats and when we arrived at her home what we had left was a large paper towel tube with two chicks in it!  The tube was bigger than she was but she proudly and ferociously picked it up and it was all but vertical in front of her face and even though she could have hardly seen around it she marched over to her den box.  What a sight and what a way to show us that size or lack of it doesn’t matter”……Lisa, Volunteer Keeper
Saratoga was a challenge to me at first.  Jen had asked me to work with her because she liked to hide in her den and not come out, except at feeding.  At first, I thought maybe I was not going to make much progress.  I sat and talked to what must have looked like an empty cage for weeks.  Then I would get a nose peaking out of the den.  Once she realized I brought food with those talks, I had a friend.  She had a giant personality for such a little body.  I always thought she was a tiger trapped in a Geoffrey cat.  She enjoyed spending time near Nico’s cage, so much so that I used to bring treats for both of them.  Even though she is gone, I still go to share treats with Nico and remember her”…..Kathryn, Senior Volunteer Keeper
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