What are Snow Tigers?

Snow Tigers? There is no cat species known as a “snow tiger”

What are snow tigers?  There is no single answer to that question, because there is no cat species known as a “snow tiger”.  It could be that people are referring to Snow Leopards, a gray cat with charcoal spots that lives above the permafrost line in mountain tops at the top of the world.  If that is the cat you are thinking of, you can read more about them at Snow Leopards.

Some people refer to tigers who live where it snows, as Snow Tigers, but that would be Siberian Tigers which are also known at Amur Tigers and you can read more about them at More About Tigers.

There has been a huge deception played out by the entertainment industry that there is such a thing as a Royal White Bengal Tiger and these are sometimes referred to as Snow Tigers, but they are not a species of tiger, but rather an inbred and cross bred version of tiger that was created only because people will pay to see a white tiger. They cannot be used for conservation breeding and suffer all of the problems associated with inbreeding.  You can read The Truth About White Tigers.

The White Lion and White Liger also come from severe inbreeding, just to get the white coat, causing serious birth defects and you can read more about that at Ligers.

The White Servals in the slide show above were the product of indiscriminate breeding as well and have been neutered to prevent future generations of cats who would suffer from birth defects, just to fill an ignorant market caused by people who don’t know where that white coat really comes from.

White tigers do not live to adulthood in the wild and do not live in areas where it snows.

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  1. there are 5 snow tigers owned by one of the magician. he stands 8ft, and is huge, hes all white with faint black stripes

  2. this makes me SO INCREDIBLY SAD, seeing HUMAN greed WILLINGLY ??CAUSING?? injury to TOTALLY INNOCENT animals via known birth defects, simply for the ALMIGHTY dollar. that is ALLLLLLLL KINDS OF ______’d UP. humans as a WHOLE, should be ASHAMED to be in the same species with anyTHING willing to even THINK ABOUT such sick, cruel depravity. let’s gather up all these humans, inbreed THEM, then skin ‘em YOUNG (since these deformed ones don’t LIVE VERY LONG, gotta skin em ‘fer they die. ugh!) & sell THEIR pelts!

    oooooooo & don’t y’all KNOW karma is getting em GOOOOOD & will continue until each learns their lesson (HA. fat chance of THAT happening!). but they’re likely TOO STUPID to KNOW the hell they live in in their innermost core, IS THEIR OWN DOING.

    FAR TOO MANY ppl on this planet r getting raised apparently, by NEANDERTHALS…w/TOO FEW humans getting RAISED ??RIGHT??…that is with love, stability, guidance, positivity, & full-fledged & open-minded, loving, emotional support…NO MATTER WHAT.
    i am AGAIN, heartbroken @ the selfishness of my human race.

    1. this is so sick i cant believe that we do this to innocent animals for our entertainment!
      no white tigers are not wild they are inbred and so many deaths result in our cruelty!
      its so hard to believe there is hope for humanity when we treat living beings like this
      every animal is part of the beautiful system of life and with each one we torture or kill of the system gets weaker
      we are hurting ourselves and others just to see entertainment and get cash
      when we cut down all the trees and poison the rivers we cant eat money

  3. Cute but it doesn’t explain why there were white Bengal tigers seen centuries ago in the wild (yes rarely) before the entertainment fad you mentioned.

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