Male South American Cougar

Date of Birth: 6/89 – 2006

Squeaker came to Big Cat Rescue as a 6-month boarder on 1/9/98. His owner was relocating and did not yet have an enclosure for him. He said the cat was ruining his sex life because the cat doesn’t like women.  It has been more than four years since his owner said he would be here a week or two, but he will have a home here forever. He is neutered and declawed and has made new friends here in the volunteers and staff who built him this great new fort in his 2000 square foot Cat-A-Tat.  The white patches of fur on his side were apparently from previous wounds that had white hair growth when they healed.


“I don’t even know how to start….Squeak was the first big, big kitty cat that I met and fell madly in love with.  For the first time, I heard a cougar purr – and what a purr – stronger than any other cat!  I always thought, what a king….even lions can’t purr!  But, my Squeak was a champion.  Squeaker had those big eyes, bigger than any other cougar that would make you realize – just by one look – that he meant business. “GRRRR….I am a Cougar….don’t come toooo close….but wait…..don’t go away…..look how cute I am.”  How many times did Squeak make me smile…every time I would see him or think about him.  He would make me so happy whenever I would see him play, follow me, or any other person passing by. And how many times, now that he’s gone, does he make me cry….too many times.  But, I guess that is part of loving”……..Marie, Volunteer Keeper
“Squeaker was a real sweetheart.  This first thing I was told about him was that he didn’t like women.  On my tours, I used to tell everyone that story and also told them that he had made an exception in my case. I thought it was because I was a tomboy growing up.  Every time I would clean his cage or go by on a tour, he would come over to either help or say hello.  He would look at me with those big eyes and my heart would melt.  He always seemed to know when I was in the area because he would just show up.  He was very special and will always remain in my heart”…….Susan, Senior Volunteer Keeper
“I have many memories of Squeaker – almost too many to list. My fondest and happiest memories of Squeaker would be: Sometimes, when cleaning enclosures, I would hear banging and clanging of cage wires.  I would think, ‘Who is making so much noise?  Where is that coming from?’  I would look around and finally see Squeaks playing with his Jolly Ball.  Batting it around his enclosure and chasing it like a kitten. I remember when giving tours and walking up towards his enclosure I would tell the tour ‘you are now being stalked by a Cougar.’  I would then point to Squeaker, who was ‘hiding’ from us behind THREE BLADES OF GRASS!” …….Barbara, Senior Volunteer Keeper
“I will always remember Squeaker for what he taught me and the many visitors whom I shared his story with. Raised with inadequate nutrition and abandoned because it just got too inconvenient to take care of a big cat was no fault of his own. I would like to think his time with us was some compensation for living a life in captivity discarded by an owner whom he likely loved.  I have missed him daily since he is gone, and still honor him in telling his story to others”….Beth, Volunteer Keeper
“I think that we owe a thank you to all of our cats for their time at BCR. Yes, it is such a tragedy that sanctuaries even need to exist, but since they do, our cats act as ambassadors. They allow us to bring people into the sanctuary and educate them about the plight of all animals. So, I would like to especially thank Scratch and Squeaker for greeting all of the guests that I have led through the sanctuary. Their faces have been seen and stories told to countless people. When I first came to BCR, I was told that Squeaker was an ornery cougar who hated women. He never gave me that impression, though. Squeaker never failed to greet me every time I passed, whether he just stood up as I passed, as though to say hello, or stalk me as I approached from afar. His presence was always felt, and appreciated”……Tiffany, Senior Volunteer Keeper
“Squeaker, who had never shown the least bit of interest in me when I was a red shirt, couldn’t take his eyes off me as a yellow shirt.  It was remarkable the difference the shirt color made — I noticed it the first time I walked past him wearing my bright new yellow shirt. On tours, guests would even comment that he was staring at me – HARD!”…Patricia, Volunteer Keeper
“I will miss those large expressive eyes begging for blades of long grass that he so loved.  I adored and will miss his following me around his enclosure and looking at me smugly when I had to go through all sorts of contortions to clean his cat-a-tat.  He was always so kind with his presence to tours, especially the kid’s tours.  He never seemed to mind going over to see them”…Lisa, Volunteer Keeper


“Squeaker had the most distinctive face of all the cougars.  He was one of the most “personable,” really enjoying meeting and greeting tour guests and volunteers.  His cage was renovated some years back and he was relocated to the back portion of the property for a few months.  It definitely affected him since he spent more and more time hidden in his den.  It seemed he felt there was no point in coming out if there was no audience.  I miss him”…..Mary Lou, Volunteer Keeper

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