Summer Gives Pets More Outdoor Time but also Increased Risk of Costly Injuries

No. 1 pet insurer recommends pet parents protect themselves from unexpected veterinary bills.

SEATTLE (July 31, 2012) – Pets, like humans, enjoy being outdoors in the summertime. However, unlike humans, most pets don’t carry the health insurance needed to offset expensive medical bills related to outdoor injuries.


Today, leading pet insurance provider Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation (Healthy Paws) is urging pet parents to research and purchase a pet insurance policy for their best friend. Since pets spend more time outside during the summer, the company sees a substantial increase in injuries and veterinary bills that can be quite costly for the uninsured.


Healthy Paws COO Steve Siadek said only 1% of U.S. pets are covered by pet insurance, which could mean financial hardship for pet parents if their pet requires extensive veterinary care.


“Pet insurance is an affordable option that pet parents should consider for financial peace of mind,” Siadek said. “With today’s economic uncertainty, many ‘rainy day’ and ‘emergency’ funds are already being tapped into for everyday expenses and might not be available to help with a pet’s medical expenses.”


Healthy Paws CEO Rob Jackson said many of the injuries pets sustain during the summer involve knees and legs and are further aggravated by the fact that many pets will continue to stay active even after an injury occurs.


“Often times, it isn’t until a day or two later when a pet parent will notice their pet start to slow down and react to the injury,” Jackson said. “Signs to be on the lookout for include lethargy and a predominant limp in pets that are still mobile.”


Jackson said it truly pays to have pet insurance, citing some of the common medical procedures Healthy Paws customers file claims for during the summer and their associated costs:


  • Knee injuries requiring cruciate ligament surgery: $2,000 – $3,500
  • Fractures: $2,680
  • Foreign body ingestion such as rocks, corncobs and sewing needles: $2,550


Jackson said a policy with Healthy Paws covers as much as 90 percent of treatment with a deductible as little as $100. Healthy Paws is the only pet insurance that offers unlimited lifetime benefits with an annual deductible.


Regardless of which insurance provider a pet parent goes with this summer, it’s important they thoroughly research policies and understand the coverage.


“A good insurance company makes it easy to understand what a plan does and does not cover,” Jackson said.


Pet parents who are interested in learning more about Healthy Paws pet insurance plans may visit for a free quote.


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