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Bobcat Kitten VS Adult Photos for Tracking Rehabbers who rescue bobcat kittens and release them back to the wild have […]

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Nova DOB Appx: 12/27/16 Arrived 1/31/17 Released into the wild: 7/20/2017 Nova was brought to Big Cat Rescue on January […]

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Bobcat Rescue Call in Estero FL Dec 21, 2016: When people call to report an injured bobcat I usually insist […]

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In Memory Of Chief Spotted Eye Thanksgiving night, we set out to rescue a Florida bobcat that got hit by […]

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Mr. Claws Has Been Set Free Mr. Claws has done a great job of healing and preparing for life in […]

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Poseidon Bobcat Rescued in Port Charlotte Rescued 2/16/2016 10:40 PM 3504 Ogden St Port Charlotte, FL Died 2/19/2016 I would […]

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Phoenix and Captiva (Warning to chicken lovers, there is a photo on the page of the bobcat eating a chick. […]

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It’s not even 2 days into the new year and I got another bobcat call. I was on my way […]

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Tommie Girl Female Bobcat DOB appx 10/1/11 – 12/13/15 Rescued 3/6/12     On Mar 5 we got a call […]

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