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White Female Siberian/Bengal Hybrid 5/15/00 – 3/25/19 Rescued 5/3/04 About one month after losing her lifelong companion, Cameron, Zabu’s kidneys shut down as she gave up the will to live.  Now they are together forever.         Zabu was born at a circus and roadside zoo in New England that has since closed….

What are Snow Tigers?

Snow Tigers? There is no cat species known as a “snow tiger” What are snow tigers?  There is no single answer to that question, because there is no cat species known as a “snow tiger”.  It could be that people are referring to Snow Leopards, a gray cat with charcoal spots that lives above the…

Support Real Conservation

White Tigers at Field of Flight Carnival Outrages Public Shame on all of those who allowed the abhorrent display of white tigers at the Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival this year. The contemptible practice of breeding white tigers carries a sole benefit: income for the human breeder. White tigers result from generations of…