The Elephant in the Living Room was awarded the Genesis Award

The Elephant in the Living Room was awarded the Genesis Award this past weekend in Hollywood!!


We are so proud to earn this award! Director Mike Webber and Outreach for Animals Tim Harrison were both in LA to accept the award (photo below).


Coming to Tampa theaters in April.  Big Cat Rescue will let you know when and where.


Tim Harrison was a winner of Big Cat Rescue’s Guardian Angel Award.


WINNER – 2011 GENESIS AWARD! Nominated along side Disney’s epic film OCEANS, THE ELEPHANT IN THE LIVING ROOM wins Best Feature Documentary!


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Howard Stern Talks About Idiots Who Get Big Cats as Pets

Howard Stern talks about The Elephant in the Living Room.

Directed by Michael Webber and staring animal protection advocate Tim Harrison, the movie blows the lid off the American subculture of raising the most dangerous animals on the planet as common household pets.

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  1. Tim Harrison is an American hero, unlike phoney Jack Hanna and the other so-called Big Cat conservationists who exploited exotic animals for the sake of their own glamorous careers. And who worked against the new act to protect big cats from private ownership.

  2. Finally, a Howard Stern show that I enjoyed listening to!!! Now, off to watch that movie, The Elephant in the Living Room.

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