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Greetings everyone,


I would like to update all of you on the progress of the National Tigers for Tigers Coalition. We are extremely thankful for your support and the students are excited for our bright future. I could not be more proud of the students and their passion for the cause. I truly believe that we have something incredible here.


All of the schools are forming their own Tigers for Tigers clubs on campus and are currently developing their own initiatives with the National T4T Coalition. Many are focused on obtaining new members and developing goals for the semester. Below are some of the club highlights:


University of Missouri T4T is developing a budget and list of speakers for the 2014 2nd Annual National T4T Summit.


Colorado College T4T is proposing to have more sustainable palm oil products on campus. They have also convinced their university to order tiger stamps.


At the upcoming LSU vs. Auburn football game, LSU T4T is hosting a Tigers for Tigers tailgate event to promote our campaigns. To commemorate the cause and organization, both tiger mascots have agreed to take a photo with the National T4T Coalition banner.



Clemson T4T teamed up with their athletic department to promote the Save Vanishing Species Stamp. They developed a PSA that is displayed to over 80,000+ Clemson fans at home football games to generate awareness and take action. They have developed PSAs with their university president and head football coach. They are also working with Tigers in America to develop an essay contest to generate awareness about the big cats issue here in the US.


SUNY Cobleskill T4T and Trinity T4T are looking to develop partnerships with local zoos while expanding their own clubs.


Brenau University is getting a tiger statue on campus and is hosting an event in early October. Brenau T4T is trying to find a way to make the event conservation related and to incorporate the National T4T Coalition and T4T club.


Towson T4T just got an advisor to help spearhead their organization. They are focusing on recruitment to obtain interest and membership.


We have arranged a trip to India for the students with Dr. Tonkyn, Anjana Gosain and Tiger Trust in January. The students will walk away from the experience with a greater understanding of tiger conservation and purpose.


We were approached by an elementary school in Florida. A select group of students will be collaborating with the National T4T Coalition to develop awareness programs at their school.


We are looking to return to Washington DC in October with David Houghton of NWRA to promote policy decisions and to meet with staff of USFWS.


We have been working with Austin Scherer, a marketing/branding consultant, and Krishna Roy of USWFS to promote the tiger stamp on our campuses.


We are in the process of developing a national letter writing campaign to promote the big cats bill and save vanishing species stamp.


The campaign will run from September 15th – October 15th. The title of the campaign is called “Write a letter, Save a tiger.” Our goal is to send at least 500 letters to congress by the end of the campaign.


We are also working to get more schools on board this fall.


For more information regarding the National T4T Coalition, please visit:






If you have any suggestions or thoughts, I am more than happy to discuss them with you. Thank you for your time and support. Go Tigers!



Sean Carnell

National Coordinator

National T4T Coalition




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