Venus Black Leopard



Female Leopard

1991 – 2002

Tributes to Venus Leopard

“Venus was the first neighbor I had out here on Easy Street. When Scott moved out of my old trailer so I could move on grounds, they also moved two cougars (Fleetwood and Enya) over by his new place. That opened up space for them to bring one of the front leopards up and they moved over this ornery, old female black leopard named Venus. I nicknamed her “V” and every day I went in or out of my house “V” would greet me with a cute snarl. Her enclosure came up to within a few feet of my old place and I would watch her at times outside my window. It took a long time to win her over to the point where she wouldn’t snarl but she would just stare at me like I was the animal. She wasn’t beautiful like Lola the leopard or strong looking like Simba, but she showed me that all animals had their own unique personality. I still remember the bad feeling I got when the van came back from the vet from a check up and it didn’t make the turn to come put her back in her enclosure that I was adding logs to. My “V” had gone.”…..Brian, Senior Volunteer Keeper

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