Female Snow Leopard

1997 – 2003


Tributes to Zoe Snow Leopard


“ By their very nature, snow leopards are very shy animals.  But, for some reason, Zoe never tried to hide when I was near.  When I was approaching or sitting nearby at Scratch’s cage, she would always sit at the edge of her cage and stare at me.  To get me over by her, she would chuff at me.  When I would finally go over and see her, Zoe would just sit next to me at the edge of her cage.  Hercules, the male snow leopard in the adjoining cage, has always had a dislike for me, and Zoe’s sister and cagemate, Cloe, was always indifferent to me.  But, for whatever reason, Zoe saw something in me that she liked.

In August of 2003, Zoe did not come out at feeding.  I fed a few more cages, then went back to check on her.  I found her in her den box….that was the saddest moment of my life.

After Zoe was gone, it was obvious Cloe missed her.  She kept looking for her sister, and life-long companion, but could not find her.  I would sit with Cloe, and this formerly standoff-ish cat soon bonded with me.  We helped each other deal with the loss of Zoe.  Now Cloe and I share a very close relationship.    It just goes to show that for every cat we lose, there is another that needs our love and attention”…….Matt, Senior Volunteer Keeper

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