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Open Letter to Beyonce

Open Letter to Beyonce   Beyonce, I’d like to begin by saying that in some ways I truly admire you. Perhaps we have different views on some (or many) social issues, but I do see in you a deep desire to be kind to others. You seem to put great effort into being a progressive and independent woman and a role model not only to entertainment-obsessed masses, but to the youth of America (this includes your young daughter). I think it was, perhaps, a mother’s love and the need to provide your daughter with extraordinary opportunities, Read More

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Elizabeth VJ Day Celebrity

Today Big Cat Rescue hosted a celebrity.  Her name is Elizabeth and she was the woman in the background of this famous photo. Iconic VJ Day Sailor and Nurse in foreground and Elizabeth to the left behind them. After news of the Japanese acceptance and before Truman's announcement, Americans began celebrating "as if joy had been rationed and saved up for the three years, eight months and seven days since Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941", as Life magazine later reported. Fast forward 69 years... Elizabeth came to meet Amazing Grace the Ocelot Read More

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Cat Documentaries   Cats : Documentary on the Widespread Popularity of Cats in the Western World by Joanna Lumley.     If you love cats and documentaries about cats, you will love this video.  Use Chromecast to stream it from your phone to your T.V. Want to give the best catnip on the planet to your cats or as a gift?  Visit the Catnip Cartel, run by Big Cat Rescue. #UNSelfie, #GivingTuesday Read More

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Big Cat Rescue goes on Shore Leave

  Thanks to the ROARING generosity of The Royal Manticoran Navy, the Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, representatives from Big Cat Rescue recently tabled and spoke as part of the 35th Annual Shore Leave Science Fiction Convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland. The Royal Manticoran Navy is comprised of an international group of incredibly talented and passionate animal advocates who have generously supported Big Cat Rescue’s fiscal and advocacy initiatives for a number of years, including approximately $3000 raised during Shore Read More

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Celebrities of Big Cat Rescue Big Cat Rescue has had the honor of being visited by and/or working with a number of big name celebrities including Bo Derek, Harrison Ford, Leonardo DeCaprio, Jane Goodall, Kate Walsh, Barbara Niven, Jack Harris, Jim Fowler, Jack Hanna, Bill Murphy, Tippi Hedren, Tim Harrison, Arch Deal, Congresswoman Castor, athletes from the Tampabay Bucs, the Lightning, the New York Yankees, and the casts of Wicked, Mary Poppins and the Jersey Boys just to name a few. We have had many local celebrities come to love us such Read More

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Quinton Aaron of The Blind Side

On Sept 27, 2012 Quinton Aaron came to Big Cat Rescue, after filming a piece for Barack Obama, and filmed a PSA for Cox Radio to run for us on their 6 stations. You will probably remember Quinton Aaron best for his co starring role with Sandra Bullock in the Oscar nominated 2009 film called The Blind Side. Hear the PSA: QUINTON AARON BIG CAT RESCUE PSA   Quinton Aaron Visits Big Cat Rescue   Actor Quinton Aaron, most famously known for his lead role in the movie The Blind Side along Read More

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Arch Deal

Arch Deal PSA Big Cat Rescue Hear what Arch Deal has to say about Big Cat Rescue.  Play clip above. Download HERE   In 1968, Arch found what would be his new first love, skydiving.   “As a newsman who was also a licensed pilot, I found skydiving was the fastest growing sport in the nation and wondered why people were jumping out of ‘perfectly good’ airplanes,” Arch says.“I saw it as an exciting news story. In developing the report, I did several dives and found it to be an extremely addictive sport Read More

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News Broadcaster Sue Zelenko

News Broadcaster, Sue Zelenko   Local News Broadcaster, Sue Zelenko with Lionell our Lion Mascot at the St. Francis Walk A Thon to raise money for spaying and neutering dogs and cats.  Big Cat Rescue is more than just a big cat rescue mission. We do our part in the community to provide a better life for all animals. Mary Ann Reed is dressed in the  costume here and she does most of our mascot's appearances.  By day she cleans cages and gives tours. Read More

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New York Yankees

Yankees on Deck Watch the New York Yankees visit Big Cat Rescue above. Yankees Invade Big Cat Rescue.  Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte and former multiple Gold Glove winner and current hitting coach Don (The Hit Man) Mattingly visited the sanctuary in February.  Watch the video:   Back to Big Cat Rescue Celebrities Read More