AdvoCat 2012 05 Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day


Celebrate Your Mother with one of these Wildly Unique Gifts

Benefit WinesIf you are like me, you have given your mother a lot of really useless gifts over the years, like that necklace you made out of macaroni, the clay cat statue from 3rd grade, and all of the sappy signs and dust collectors her shelves can hold.  This year, how about giving her something really terrific that helps the big cats too?

Roar Reserve wines are the purr-fect way to show mom you care.

The Roar Reserve wines available include – Cabernet Sauvignon featuring Shere Khan the tiger, Merlot featuring Armani the leopard, Pinot Noir featuring Saber the black leopard, Chardonnay featuring Joseph the lion, Malbec featuring Precious the bobcat and Sauvignon Blanc featuring Enya the cougar are imported from LaFortuna Vineyards in Lontue Valley, Chile. These vegan friendly wines are produced using certified organic grapes by a fair trade certified vineyard.

Want something even more unique? How about funding an enclosure expansion for Nikita the lioness in her honor?

You contribution will help fund the construction of a 3,750 square foot enclosure expansion for Nikita the lioness that will double the size of her current home.  This vast new space will give this beautiful girl lots of room to romp. The cost of the new expansion will be $19,000!

For $20 you will receive this gorgeous portrait of Nikita.  The bottom of the photo reads; I helped fund a 3,500 sq. ft. enclosure addition for Nikita the lioness.

For $30 you will receive the Nikita portrait and an adorable plush lioness toy.

For $50 you will receive the Nikita portrait, plush lioness toy, and a Lion Supporter Sponsorship Kit with a Certificate of Adoption for Nikita the lioness.

Special Offer: The first 25 contributors of $500 or more will be invited along with one guest to attend the grand opening of the enclosure addition so you can watch as Nikita enjoys her expansion for the very first time.

Click HERE to help fund the Enclosure Expansion for Nikita!



Geoffroy Cat Dental Surgery

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Big Donations for the Big Cat Clinic!

Thanks to the very generous support some wonderful friends in the healthcare industry as well as a Big Cat Rescue volunteer, our onsite Big Cat Hospital is now better equipped than ever to tend to the medical needs of the magnificent animals that call Big Cat Rescue home.

Employees at St. Anthony’s and St. Joseph’s Baycare hospitals recently heeded the call for medical equipment and literally leaped into action! Dean Waters at specialty healthcare supplier Tri-Anim and our friends Dave Wagner, Brigitte Ordonez, Brian Craig and Robyn Anderson helped provide a cordless/rechargeable set of electric clippers and 50 replacement blades as well as a Nonin 2500A Pulse Oximeter with lingual clips. The pulse oximeter is used to closely monitor a cat’s heart rate and blood oxygen level while under sedation.

Our very own Senior Partner volunteer Pam Rodriguez generously funded the purchase of a Cardell BP Vet Specific Blood Pressure Monitor.

Also leaping into action in support of the cats was Mr. Stanley G. Tangalakis, Chairman, CEO of Mercury Medical in Clearwater, Florida and Product  Specialists Dave Mieras and Steve Tyson. Their very generous donation of a Datascope Passport 2 Multi-parameter monitor and a Colin Blood Pressure and Pulse Oximeter will enable the sanctuary to provide the highest level of care for the big cats both in the Big Cat Hospital as well as in the field.

Everyone at Big Cat Rescue (especially the cats!) would like to extend a HUGE ROAR of gratitude in recognition of the generous support of these individuals and organizations! If you would like to make a contribution towards the veterinary care for the big cats click HERE.


Rufus the Baby Bobcat Succumbs to Seizures

The Rufus bobcat kitten Bounce
Fondly Known as The Rufus Bounce

Last December, Rufus was found injured and in a comatose state on the side of the road and taken to the Carolina Wildlife Center in South Carolina.  The two month old bobcat had broken jaw that was repaired, however, once he awoke his caregivers discovered he was blind.  In the weeks following his rescue Rufus also battled seizures.  Knowing that he would not be a candidate for release the center contacted Big Cat Rescue to find a permanent home for the kitten.

Upon his arrival Rufus was seen by a variety of specialists to determine the cause and the severity of his blindness and brain damage.  Thanks to the gracious generosity of our supporters Rufus had and MRI that helped narrow down the possibilities for which a supportive treatment plan was put into place.  While his blindness was irreversible, medications and supplements were given to Rufus to help ease his seizure activity.

Unfortunately his brain damage that was the cause of the seizures could not be healed completely and on April 26th Rufus had a massive seizure and died suddenly. Every attempt was made to resuscitate him, but sadly they were unsuccessful.

Rufus will be missed dearly by everyone who got to know him. He was a special little kitten who touched many of our hearts. One of the Skip-A-Holics, the group who helped keep watch over him night and day, sent us this screen shot of him playing during his last days with us. It reminds us of the happy moments with him. His bravery and enthusiastic disposition were inspirational.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us provide a great home to Rufus during his short time with us.

You can read his Keepers memorials to Rufus here:


The Mane Event

Join us for a very special event this month to support the big cats.

Hello Beautiful Colour Salon & Art Spa Presents

“The “Mane” Event” at the Green Iguana (Stadium) in Tampa

Sunday May 19th, Doors Open at 7:00 PM

A Fantasy Hair, Fashion & Art  Event –  Featuring “The Rosewoods” a local Tampa band, casino games, surprise entertainment & more!  Followed by a dance party with DVJ Crew Entertainment Mike Sean.  The event is being held in support of both Big Cat Rescue and Equestrian Inc. Horse Rescue.

Tickets cost $20pp +2.50 service charge
Ages 21 and over, 7 PM until 2 AM.

Tiger Parts Openly Traded on eBay and Craig’s List

Tiger pelts and tiger bones were being offered for sale on eBay in the U.S. and the U.K. in April and May of 2012.

Big Cat Rescue filed complaints with eBay and the USFWS but these kinds of illegal tiger products are openly traded online. Unfortunately government agencies are overwhelmed and sometimes unable to regulate the trade in endangered species and that is why it is so important to ban the private possession of big cats.  See the proof:

eBay and Craig’s List are great about removing such items once they are aware.  If the open trade in tiger parts just makes you see RED, there is something you can do about it.  Send one of our easy email letters to your Representative in Congress here:  This bill would end the private trade in big cats.


Big Cat Rescuers Go Ape

A group of Big Cat Rescuers recently enjoyed a special visit to the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, FL. Howard Baskin wrote, “We were particularly impressed with how massive and expensive the enclosures have to be and the safety precautions that are required in dealing with very intelligent animals with imposable thumbs, who can check to see if locks are really locked!  One striking example of their intelligence was an ape named Noelle who had been taught to sign.  From a distance of over 20 feet she first noticed the tour guide Patty was wearing lipstick and signed her comment.  Then she noticed a small scratch on Patty’s arm and asked in sign language if Patty was hurt.  It is a wonderfully maintained facility where the love of the animals is abundantly apparent when you meet the staff and volunteers and observe the excellent care.  It was a great experience for our staff and interns and we encourage others to visit.”



Did you know tigers talk?

Learn what a tiger “chuff” means in this cute video.


More Mother’s Day Cards, eCards and Games


Thank you from everyone at Big Cat Rescue!


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  1. Love your updated website! I visited last year on a Keeper Tour and hope to return this summer! Your efforts in caring for these cats are inspirational! Even though I live in MA, I tell everyone about BCR and the work you do.

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