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Cloe Snow Leopard Butterfly by Jennifer Gwynne Oliver

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RNC visits Big Cat Rescue Lioness
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Canada Lynx

Gilligan   Play Exotic Cat Story



Chaos Play Exotic Cat Story

Cyrus  Play Exotic Cat Story



Ares   Play Exotic Cat Story

Artemis   Play Exotic Cat Story

Orion   Play Exotic Cat Story



PurrFection   Play Exotic Cat Story

Savannah Cats

Beacher Play Exotic Cat Story

Diablo   Play Exotic Cat Story

King Tut   Play Exotic Cat Story

Loki Play Exotic Cat Story

Simba Savannah Cat



Desiree   Play Exotic Cat Story


Frosty   Play Exotic Cat Story

Ginger   Play Exotic Cat Story

Kricket   Play Exotic Cat Story

Nala   Play Exotic Cat Story

Pharaoh   Play Exotic Cat Story

Servie   Play Exotic Cat Story

Sheena   Play Exotic Cat Story

Zimba   Play Exotic Cat Story

Zucari Play Exotic Cat Story


Siberian Lynx

Apollo   Play Exotic Cat Story

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  • Richard Randazzo


  • Donna J Coffey

    Indian Summer, you were so beautiful. I'm trying SO hard to get your memorial plaque…for some reason you just touched my heart so deeply.

  • Marlene Medvick

    Do you have a Big Cat Calendar for sale? Didn't see one. Would definitely be a big seller.

  • Anna Staddon

    I love your place its amazing!

  • Katelyn Fischer

    cool cats dude!

  • Angela Regina

    How do you become a forever sponsor?

  • Marriah Cholette

    I will miss Rufus's Videos Even if these wonderful people don't know me.

  • Tiana Lovlie

    aww I don't see any cheetahs in Big cat recue.

  • Deana M. Kinney

    Many of your video links in the tributes do not work. I read everyone one of them and I am so happy that you helped make their lives better for however long you had them.

  • Alia Babapulle

    Thank you for this, it's very interesting.

  • Mary McKay

    Like Dan, I was unable to view any of the videos on my iPad. Voice-overs worked fine, with good sound quality, but no video. I tried the first 3 leopard files, all 3 lion files (Joseph'swouldn't come up at all), and the first tiger file before I gave up. This looks to be an awesome resource. I hope you're able to work out the MacBug soon!

  • Stacy Brandt

    How very wonderful that you have this audio option. I haven't listened to all but will eventually. Wasn't aware that you housed so many cats. Thanks and keep up the great work. ♡

  • Charlene Latimer

    I adore your beautiful cats and your work with them.Thank you for sharing your link with me.

  • Lee Ciarcia

    I asked when I was there in October….they don't have any. That's probably a good thing…it means there aren't a lot of cheetahs in need of rescue!

  • Jaki Pajaziti

    Awesome Organization i'm proud for youu ❤

  • Eve

    Where are China Doll and Shere Khan?? I didn’t saw any video about them going away or dying..

    • BCR

      They died last year.


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