CEO Performance

Big Cat Rescue’s Annual Review of CEO Performance Policy


The Board of Directors will review the performance of the CEO for that fiscal year and at its discretion year to date in the current year and provide feedback to the CEO.


Responsibilities of the CEO


The knowledge, skills and abilities assigned to the CEO’s role may vary depending on the mission and size of the organization. However, if an organization is to be successful, the CEO must give time and attention to strategic planning, financial oversight, internal business processes, employee growth and development, customer relations, and the impact of the organization on society.

Typically, the responsibilities of a CEO include the following:

1. Leader:

– Provides for the motivation of employees in the delivery of the organization’s programs and services

– Promotes the organization to stakeholders and the community

CEO Ensures Everyone Gets Along
CEO Ensures Everyone Gets Along

– Creates implements and evaluates strategic and financial goals


– Sets an example by demonstrating a high level of personal integrity in all dealings

2. Visionary:

– Assesses the future for change opportunities

– Makes sure the Board and staff have current and sufficient information

– Serves as the interface between the Board and employees as well as

the organization and the community

3. Decision Maker:

– Views problems as opportunities and facilitates a constructive, organized process to resolve them

– Guides staff action in operations activities

4. Manager:

– Oversees operations

– Manages directly or indirectly the financial, physical and human resources of the organization

5. Board Developer:

– Assists in the selection, orientation and evaluation of Board members

– Acts as an advisor to the Board

– Formulates policies and recommendations

– Works with the Board to develop the organization’s strategic plan

– Supports the Board’s evaluation of the CEO



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