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What is the Call of the Wild?

It is the most important thing you can do to help big cats!

The Call of the Wild is a quick call to your members of Congress to ask for their support of the Big Cat Public Safety Act, a federal bill that would end owning big cats as pets and stop cub petting, the #1 cause of big cat abuse. You can make sure this law gets passed by making the Call of the Wild!

It is not often in our daily lives that we get to do something that really makes a difference, but you can make a difference with one call. The only way the Big Cat Public Safety Act will pass is if legislators hear that enough of their constituents care about this issue.

Two Ways to Make the Call:

1. Go to BigCatAct.com, provide the required info, and click the FIND LEGISLATORS button, then the CALL ME button. You will receive a call from our system, which will automatically connect your members of Congress. You will either speak to a staff whose job it is to answer public calls or receive an answering machine.

2. On your cell phone text the word CATS to 52886. Follow the prompts to connect with your elected officials. (Message and data rates may apply. Text Stop to opt-out. Help for help. )

Please note: this video was made before our bill was introduced in the Senate.

Government, Legislation, and the Big Cat Public Safety Act

This 20-minute presentation by our Director of Outreach, Jennifer Leon, is a go-to overview of government basics and how a law is passed. It also explains why our federal bill, the Big Cat Public Safety Act, is necessary and why it is the key to ending big cat abuse. Just click play to watch!

Making the Call of the Wild – Step by Step Instructions.

Making the Call of the Wild is easy and only takes a few minutes!

ONE: Go to BigCatAct.com or text the word “CATS” to 52886 and follow the link that is sent back to you.

TWO: Type in your name, address, zip code, and phone number into the form. IT IS SECURE!! Why does it need my info?  So the system can identify your legislators and connect you to them.

THREE: Click the FIND LEGISLATORS button. The system will identify your members of Congress.

FOUR: Review the script and press the CALL ME button to be connected with your federal legislators. The system will call you.

FIVE: Answer the phone. You will be connected to either an answering machine or a person who is taking messages for your elected official.

SIX: What do I say? Well, that is easy, too! Follow the script provided on the call card, phone, or in the recorded greeting you receive when you answer the phone. Don’t hang up! Press the star button after your first call is done to connect​ to your second, and then third, legislator.

That’s it! It’s a quick and simple call that will make a huge difference for big cats. And you can make the call as often as you want!

Visit TigerRescue.org too see what states have had the most calls. If you know ANYONE who cares about cats, please explain to them what the Call of the Wild is and why it is so important for them to participate. The cats cannot make the call – they need YOU to be their voice. 

Questions From Viewers

Question:  How can I find out of my Representative or Senator is a co-sponsor or not?

Question:  If my Representative or Senator is already co-sponsoring the bill, what else can I do now?

  • Answer: If your Representative or a Senator signs on as a cosponsor, that’s great! The next time you make the Call of the Wild, please thank them for cosponsoring and ask them to champion the Big Cat Public Safety Act. Legislators are more likely to be actively involved in a bill’s progress when they know their constituents appreciate their support of a bill. On future Calls of the Wild, you can still ask your other legislators to cosponsor the bill while bypassing anyone who has already signed on. Here’s how:

1. Make your Call of the Wild as usual. After Carole’s announcement, the system will say, “We’ll now connect you to (official’s name.) After your call is done, press star and we’ll connect you to your next official.”

2a. If the named official HAS NOT cosponsored, say: “Please ask your boss to end ownership of big cats as pets and abusive cub petting by cosponsoring the Big Cat Public Safety Act, HR1380.” Then press star and you will hear, “We’ll now connect you to (official’s name). After your call is done, press star and we’ll connect you to your next official.”

2b. If the named official HAS cosponsored: Press star as soon as you hear a ring or a voicemail to bypass that official. Instead of someone answering, you will hear, “We’ll now connect you to (official’s name.) After your call is done, press star and we’ll connect you to your next official.”

3. Continue through your legislators by following either 2a or 2b depending on whether they have cosponsored.

Question: What is the difference between Co-Sponsoring and Championing?

  • Answer:  Co-Sponsoring means they will vote for it.  Championing means they will actively try to get their friends and colleagues to Co-Sponsor as well.

Question:  My Representative or Senator sent me a form letter.  What should I do now?

  • I would send them something like this: “I appreciate your response, but it seems like a form letter saying that you aren’t going to actively champion this bill when it comes for a vote. That is why I asked you to cosponsor the bill. As you know, that shows your fellow members of Congress that you support this common-sense bill that ends the practice of exploiting lions and tigers as pets and for abusive cub petting schemes. Please show me that you really care about this issue by adding your name as a cosponsor to the Big Cat Public Safety Act. Thank you.”

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