CTA How to Share a Video from YouTube

When you share our videos you ARE HELPING!!

Yes, watching and sharing our videos is really HELPING Save Cats!

Sharing our videos is helping introduce more people to Big Cat Rescue, the cats, and our mission through your own posts.  When you share our educational videos and others watch it YOU are helping spread the word and helping teach others about important cat issues.

Sharing our videos is encouraging social sites to show our postings to more people.  Example, when a video on Facebook receives a lot of attention Facebook will then put it in even more people’s feeds which further increases exposure for the video.  On YouTube when a video gets a lot of attention YouTube will sometimes even add that video to the suggested videos on the side of the page which also increases viewership.

The Google Ads that display on the YouTube videos are actually raising a little bit of money for the cats, so every time you share one of our videos for your friends and family to watch YOU are not only helping pass on our mission and giving your friends something either educational or fun to watch, but you are also helping raise funds for the cats.  Sometimes, when people watch a “Just For Fun” video that YOU have shared they will go to our channel and watch additional videos.  Again, this helps the cats and our mission.


How to Share a YouTube Video on Social Pages

1)   Sign into your social media account like Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, G+, etc.

2)  Go to one of our YouTube accounts 1)  BigCatTV.com or 2) YouTube.com/DailyBigCat to find a video you want to share.

3)   Look below the video and below the title to find a text “Share” link and click it.

4)  That opens a little menu of icons.  You will see an icon for several of the more popular social media sites like Facebook, G+ Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

5)  If you have already signed into your social media accounts then when you click on one of those icons it will open a little window to post the video to that social media account.  All you need to do then is type some text for your post then click the blue button that says “Post To Facebook” and viola you have shared that video on your own Facebook page.  The other icons, like G+, Twitter, etc will do the same thing if you have already signed into those accounts.


How to Share a YouTube Video onto a Webpage or Blog

Do steps 1 through 3 above.   But instead of clicking on an icon click on the link “Embed” and instead of seeing the row of icons you will see a space with a string of code.  Highlight and copy that code.  Then go to your blog or website and go to the HTML view and paste the code where you want the video to show up on your webpage or blog.


Big Cat Challenge

Share one video per day for an entire month!

We have two main YouTube channels.

ONE:  This channel has the shorter edited fun, funny, or educational videos.  This channel has an easy to remember URL which is BigCatTV.com

TWO:  This channel is where we put the longer Walkabout videos, vet care videos, behind the scenes videos etc as well as the short clips we post to Instagram.  YouTube.com/DailyBigCat

As of 4/11/2017, between the two channels, there are are over 1800 videos to choose from and we ad new videos almost daily.

Pick a video and share it.  Email lawanna.mitchell@bigcatrescue.org with a link to your post and someone from BCR will be happy to come like and comment on your post.

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