Lion meat is not regulated by USDA

Exotic Cat Meat

Exotic cats are openly offered up for their meat, hides, bones or for hire at sites like these and on YouTube as shown below.



Note Big Cat Rescue opposes such industry and only posts this video and info so that you know what can happen to those cute little cubs you pay to pet at malls, fairs and parking lots. 702-339-6563 Exotic Meat Market, 5615 South Cameron, Suite 7, Las Vegas, NV 89118 advertises as a Las Vegas exotic meat market. Nevada is a state with almost no regulation of wild animals and is on our top 5 list of states where exotic animal bans should be enacted immediately.Unfortunately it is legal to kill lions, cougars and bobcats and eat them in the U.S. Big Cat Rescue is working on ending all of these kinds of abuse and there are letters you can send at

Lion killed and slaughtered
Lions are killed and slaughtered legally in the U.S. and offered up for their meat, hides & bones

The people who sell the meat lie and say that it is farm raised and USDA inspected, but USDA doesn’t inspect wild animal meats. We believe that most of the cats who end up being slaughtered this way started out being pimped in pay to play sessions where people will pay to touch or feed a baby lion or tiger. The cub can only be used, legally, between the age of 8 and 12 weeks.

After that they have no value to the people who have dragged them out to malls and fairs and are very likely to end up in canned hunts and on the menu.

Reports from his customers have said that on this person’s site he advertises that you can rent his cats, or come pay $60 to pet them, or you can buy their meat when they are no longer profitable.


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  1. Truly, a global animal holocaust – I am so upset and outraged by this atrocious cruelty to our majestic Lions………sobbing!

  2. Oh my soul….not very nice images! To all the volunteers out there who aren't aware of the facts & who are paying top dollar to 'look after' cubs & support the cub petting trade, here is some more proof….this is where those Big Cats end up…on someones dinner plate if you live in the USA & on someones wall if you live in SA.

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