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  1. AjaTau
    November 15, 2015 @ 1:43 am

    Be very educated before buying a Savannah cat. I contacted Big Cat Rescue well over a year or so ago distraught with mine. They came to me very sickly and I was about to give up, but Thank God I love them with my heart and always will. I have spent well now over 40 grand on medical bills and counting. I have now three. One is a F3 and two F4’s. My F3 is 2 and the F4’s are 3y.o. I had 3 vets that threw them out literally as they said they could not care for them as they did not want their staff hurt. I have a loving vet that comes to my home once a month clockwork to give them their needed injections. They are also on special diets due to their illness’. Had I not kept them they would have ended up in rescue or God knows what their outcome would have been which probably would not have been a good one. I have also 3 strays I have had over 8 years one of which has AID’s and one with a thyroid condition also on daily meds. They are all family and get along quite well. I have near 6 thousand sq. feet so they have lots of room to run and play. I made a will in the event something happens to me my estate goes to the teenager who will care for them for life as 5 out of the 6 require life long medical care. Just a thought…think hard before you buy an expensive animal that was not meant to be. Meaning, the breed of Savannah’s through my experience is a very unhealthy animal. You can’t get a cat and decide you don’t want it anymore. They are yours for life. Do your research accordingly. I am fortunate I have the money, love, and home to care for them. Some do not. Just because they look exotic does not mean they are healthy animals. Think before you make that purchase. Just as my strays there are also many animals who need a home and are free. Also, a note there are laws in different states regarding the legality of owning a Savannah. I live in FL is ok., but I just purchased 200 acres of property in GA to build my own home and sanctuary and silly me did not check. No Savannahs allowed no matter what generation in the state of GA. My 6 cats stay with me, so now I am stuck with the property and unable to move us there. Be cautious. Do your research.

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