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How Cub Petting Kills Wild Tigers

What is Killing Tiger Cubs?



It could be you!

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Crikey!  Tigers have been disappearing at alarming rates!


A hundred years ago there were 100,000 tigers living in Asia, but now there are fewer than 3,200!


I’ve been beating the bushes, talking to trackers, consulting with Interpol and I’ve figured out why tigers are disappearing in the wild.


It’s that ego driven, two legged, menace to the planet….MAN!  and woman, and child…


Yes, even children are killing tigers when they ask if they can touch one.


Whenever people pay to pet or pose with a tiger cub, they are killing tigers in the wild!


Here’s how it works:  Backyard breeders create hundreds of cubs to use for petting and pay to play schemes, but they can only use them for a few weeks.  Then they get too big and more cubs are bred.


Those cast off tigers end up as pets, at roadside zoos, and even in the black market.


They provide a legal cover for illegal poaching, so more and more tigers are killed in the wild.


It’s a frightful situation!  Tigers could completely disappear from the wild in your life time!


But it’s not too late:  You can put an end to the abuse at BigCatBan.com


Go there and check it out.  BigCatBan.com


I’m going to see if I can get an Internet connection out here and contact my lawmaker too.


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  1. The reason that petting tiger cubs IS killing wild tigers is because all of the cubs that are bred to be used that way end up fueling the market for their parts. It is impossible for inspectors to tell a poached tiger carcass from a captive bred tiger carcass so as long as it is legal for people to have tigers in their possession it makes it harder to crack down on those who got their tiger parts from the wild. They wild tiger will always be preferred so the cast off tigers from cub petting end up creating a smoke screen to make it easier to trade in wild tigers.

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