Joseph’s Lakeside Platform (a.k.a The Royal Throne)

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Joseph has his own Nest Cam overlooking one of his lakeside cage sections.  He enjoys looking out of the lake and sniffing the breezes coming off the lake.  In one of his other cage sections he has a platform that he enjoys napping on.  At the bottom of this page you will find some videos.

To watch Joseph’s live streaming Nest Cam just click the play button.

Joseph’s care team got together and decided Joseph needed a platform closer to the lake to make lounging around sniffing the lake breezes even more “King-like.”  It was mentioned to Joseph’s online viewers who quickly jumped in on the projects and purchased eGift cards to cover the lumber, bolts, etc that would be needed to the project.  The following weekend Joseph was locked out of the cage section while Jen and Darrin went to work building his new platform.

Joseph’s online friends checked in on the building progress throughout the day on the nest cam.  I wonder if the Holley’s knew they had an audience?

Here are photos from viewers chat area.


All done now, only missing the King

Yesterday, the Holley’s were building Joseph’s platform and making a lot of noise. I understand he was up and watching them quite a bit. Today, Joseph took advantage of the quiet to catch up on his beauty sleep. ~Keeper Lynda Licht

About 8:45 AM on August 7, 2017 Viewer Daisy Freimann got some snapshots of Joseph checking out the new platform.  He smelled it, rubbed it, & marked it before walking away.

As soon as someone captures a photo of Joseph up on his platform we will be sure to add it here for you.

Joseph even wrote a letter to management.

Letter To Management

August 8, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam:

It is about time that I am getting an enclosure befitting my royal status. The new throne that was built in the lakeside portion of my kingdom is very nice; however, it is as yet unfinished. Please let me know when it will painted with the royal colors of purple and gold.

Also, I would like some velvet curtains put around the outside of the platform. Ruling a kingdom takes many hours a day and is quite stressful. A king, therefore, must have some private, quiet time to reflect on matters brought before him for resolution. When I find it necessary to seek solitude, I will close the curtains and woe to anyone who disturbs me.

Be aware that from this day forward, no stinky tigers will be allowed in my enclosure when I am on vacation. They destroy the Feng Shui, and the last time destroyed my flower garden (which, I might add, has yet to be replanted).

Now, please tell my servants to bring turkey legs.


Joseph Lion a/k/a King Joseph I
(Sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats

Comments from Joseph’s loyal cyber subjects:

Cyber Subject Jacquelyn Romagnano: Poor King Joseph…he does seem upset that his platform hasn’t been painted and his garden restored since the stinky tigers were there…is it fair to treat the King this way…heads may roll because of his feeling slighted…never, but never mess with King Joseph’s feng shui…there will definitely be consequences and repercussions i can assure you..i would give some serious thought to the purple and gold curtains…you know how he gets when he wants to be alone with his Kingly thoughts…it isn’t easy ruling a kingdom

Cyber Subject Cindy Keiffer: Sir Joseph, I hope your requests are met in a timely manner.

August 20, 2017

Big Cat Friend Robin:  Joe came out and paced for about 30 minutes, but did not show any interest in his new platform!

Note To Viewers:  Still looking for a photo of Joseph on his new throne.  If you get one, please send it to me at to be added to his throne page.

Previous photos of Joseph enjoying lakeside breezes and the platform in his other cage section.  These are from before getting his new Platform (a.k.a. royal Throne).

Apologies, I cannot remember who submitted this photo.  If it is yours, please let me know.

Bridget Sardone

Valerie Monard:  Photos taken Jan & Feb 2017 from Joseph’s nest cam

Request to Viewers

Can someone please send LaWanna photos and video links from when the “stinky tigers” invaded King Joseph’s courtyard and peed on his camera?  Also, videos of Joseph roaring on the nest cam would be great, too.

If YOU know of photos and videos from Joseph’s nest cam, that should go here, please email

Watch Joseph’s Nest Cam streaming Live at:


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