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Big Cats on the Run

Big Cats On The Run!!

NYCMarathonEveryone at the sanctuary would like to extend ROARING Big Cat kudos to Advocat’s Miki Y. and her running partner Yung Hae C. in recognition of their amazing accomplishment in having run and successfully completed the Boston Marathon in support of the magnificent creatures that call Big Cat Rescue home!

Miki and her friend not only helped promote BCR while running the Boston Marathon by wearing their custom designed Big Cat singlets, but also raised over $1000 in support of the cats via the sponsorship of family, friends and colleagues!

Miki and Yung Hae reported that they received a ROARING number of “Go Big Cat!” cheers along the course of this historic marathon.

Miki also ran and successfully completed the New York Half Marathon in support of the cats and excitedly reported that as she approached a band on the course, they suddenly started playing “Eye of the Tiger”!!!

Here is how you can tell “who is who”.

BostonMarathon4Here are some photos of Miki running in the custom designed Big Cat Rescue singlets.

A friend of hers (Yung Hae C.) wore them for Boston.

She’s the one with the “Citgo” sign in the back ground. They dressed a like, but Miki’s the one with white compression socks.

They both got a lot of “Go Big Cat!”.

BostonMarathon1There is also a NYC Half photo of Miki.

This was epic because as she approached a band on the course, they suddenly started playing “Eye of the Tiger”!!!

We don’t know if it was coincidence or if they actually recognized Big Cat Rescue, but would like to think they did.


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