hear big cats


Female bobcat
Appx. DOB 1/1/08
Rescued 5/5/13

Lovey is approximately five years old and was Mr. Howell’s mate. She is declawed on all four paws and is missing her top right canine.

The two of them shared a cramped cage about 5’x13′. Their only shelter was a small plastic dog house that they managed to cram themselves into to escape the cold weather. The also had a tiny child’s play table to perch on.

Lovey and Mr. Howell were both intact, so Lovey was spayed shortly after being rescued so that they can live together.

Lovey is the shyest of the Kansas cats. She spent her first several days hiding in her large cave den and slinking around at night, but quickly overcame her insecurities when she saw that everything was going to be wonderful for her at Big Cat Rescue.

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Read more about the rescue and see photos and videos

 See More About Lovey, the Bobcat

Thurston and Lovey Bobcats cuddle up in their tree house in this Wildcat Walkabout Video on May 1, 2014 –


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