Female Cougar

1/21/00 – 7/20/12

Missouri is very cross eyed because most exotic cats in the pet trade have been purposely inbred to create a dependent animal contrary to what nature intended. Missouri and Cody were rescued when the became unwanted after their previous owners divorced. They arrived at Big Cat Rescue on January 21, 2000 and were filmed for Jack Hanna’s Wild Adventures, which aired on May 6, 2000 (and hundreds of times since in different languages all over the world.) Missouri is almost the complete opposite of Cody. She will run up to see anyone and is extra curious when work is being done nearby.

July 20, 2012

Last month, Missouri broke the small bone near her ankle and Dr. Hay pinned and plated it.  She has had a difficult recovery process. Today, at 1:00 pm, Dr. Hay came to re X-ray her leg and change her cast.  She died 4 hours later and we suspect it might be from a blood clot to her lungs.  She was having a very hard time healing and may have had more problems than we could detect from the blood work and X-rays.  Thank you everyone who cared for her all these years and especially here at the end by keeping her clean and powdered – Carole Baskin

Tributes to Missouri Mountain Lion

Susan Reed Jul 25, 2012
Sweet Missouri, how I will miss you. I was so looking forward to your return to your newly decorated enclosure with all its beautiful flowers. I feel so fortunate to have spent a few hours with you just before you decided to cross that wonderful bridge to freedom. It was so difficult to see you struggling and in pain. But, beautiful girl, you are running free with Hal and all the others who have crossed before, and I smile knowing you are now happy and carefree. Rest in peace. I will always hold you in my heart.

Regina Rinaldi Jul 24, 2012
You were my kindred spirit this last month or so. I broke my fibula near my ankle, you broke your leg near your ankle so I could relate to the pain and hindrance it caused. I didn’t have to waer a funny looking cone on my head, but I could relate. I tried very hard to make you life in the cone easier and fell more in love with your antics everyday. You would flop your head around with the cone on when I was trying to give you your meds and just make me cry with laughter, and I think you knew that because you would always start to purr and chirp. A shock for sure and a HUGE loss for us. You will be missed…most by Cody and surely by us. It was a great honor taking care of you Le Mis, run free and rest in peace. We love you.

Sue Messineo Jul 24, 2012
I just love you Missouri. I will miss you so much. You will always have a very special place in my heart. My Angel in Heaven.

Marie Schoubert Jul 23, 2012
No more pain pretty “Miss”! I am so glad that I spent time with her just before she departed… No more pain!!! I will always love you “Miss” R.I.P.

Unknown Jul 23, 2012
She and Cody were my favorites to feed because they always reminded me that, what you saw during the day, could turn into the exact opposite at feeding time. Trying to make it to their lockouts before they did, especially after a long, hard day working at BCR, was always a challenge.
Missouri kept Cody such good company for so many years. While she would always come over to check you out, Cody would hang back. How I wish she were still with him…..how I wish her last weeks weren’t as tough as they were for her, even though everyone tried to make her as comfortable as possible.

Meredith Pennino Jul 22, 2012
Dear sweet Mizz, you were such a darling lady. I know you must be glad to finally be free, no longer caged, but we all will miss you. I’ve prayed for your health and healing, your comfort…God had a plan for you and decided it was time for your freedom. I am comforted by the fact that I know Hal was right there waiting for you when you arrived, at the end of the “rainbow bridge”, with renewed bounce and agility in your step.
Sweet lady Mizz I have feelings of regret, that I often treated you as “second best”. Of course you were a doll, a wonderful beautiful friend, but I often made special trips to see Narla, your neighbor, and and would give you a second rate “Oh hey Mizz, how’s Missouri?!” we’d talk for a while but you always knew my trips were to see your neighbor. I can’t help but feel like I wish I’d spent more time with you, or once in a while mad a special Mizzou-specific trip, but I guess it doesn’t matter now. I’m sure you forgive me, as I did, truely love you, for the special, gentle, paw-sucking, cross-eyed, lovable babygirl you were.

Lynda Licht Jul 22, 2012
On the 4th of July several of us had the pleasure of sitting with you, Missouri, throughout the day to keep you company. Not sure what to do, I softly sang you every patriotic song I knew. You were a true American beauty and you will forever remind me that we all deserve to be free.

Unknown Jul 22, 2012
Missouri, such a shock to lose you! I will always keep your beautiful face and sweet disposition in my heart & mind. Always ready with a chirp & purr and a stroll around sometimes with me during cleaning. Thank you Dr. hay, Dr. Wynn, Dr. Justin & everyone who worked so hard to help Missouri. Be at peace sweet one.

Unknown Jul 21, 2012
I am so glad I got to say good-bye to you. You looked at peace and are now free of the shackles of this world. Thank you to everyone who took such great care of her, especially during her last days with us…

Big Cat Education Jul 21, 2012
I will miss pretty Missou, always such a good girl. I am sorry that she had so much trouble healing at the end. I was so looking forward to seeing her out again, among the flowers in her enclosure.

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