Serval Photo Mongo


Mongo Serval


Male Serval

Born January 1991  Died January 7, 2004

Arrived on Easy Street Feb. 25, 1996.  He is an exceptionally handsome male and although he has claws, he has used them around people only to snag a favored tidbit of food from the bowl as you pass his cage.


“Mongo was a nutty serval.  He loved to reach out, like all servals do, to try to snag some goody.  One of the things he really enjoyed chewing on was banana peels.  He would chew on them and rub them. He also liked monkey biscuits. He liked for people to sit and talk to him and it really seemed like he understood what you were saying. We used to call the section of the sanctuary where he was located the ONGO section for feeding, because it had Kongo, Mongo and Bongo.  Now the only ONGO in that section is Bongo, who was Mongo’s buddy.  Mongo was very fast and could race around the side of the enclosure before you even knew he was moving.  He had a very expressive face and I miss my talks with him”……Becky, Senior Volunteer Keeper

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