2021 Great Non Profits Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue NFT Leaderboard

Total Crypto Donations to Big Cat Rescue on this Leaderboard = $57,820.61

These are the donors of cryptocurrencies, including BitCoin, Etherium and other coins to Big Cat Rescue.  They are listed in rank by largest donor to the smallest based on BitCoin and Etherium.  MInimum donations that appear on this leaderboard are 1 ETH.  While many donate their own tokens, the value is too volatile for measuring on this leaderboard, but is grrrreatly ap-purr-eciated!  If you would like to donate to save big cats from the abuse inherent in captivity and want to help save them in the wild our ETH address is bigcatrescue.eth or 0x5b5ABf9BcfD214a0C666E66Fc06e5256fCEBEa60 Contact Carole Baskin at Cat @ Big Cat Rescue. org to send a small test amount first and so that I get your details for this page.


Naughty Tigers Costume Club Donated 5.01 ETH

Date of 5.01 ETH gift to Big Cat Rescue was 9/27/2021 and valued at about $15,000. USD at the time.  NTCC said, “Once we are sold out, we will donate 10ETH to BCR within 24 hours and also 20% of our profits in the next 6 months. Here is some information of our project.”  The project claims to be sold out as of 11/28/2021.

Website: https://ntcclub.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TigerClub18

Discord: https://discord.gg/druAscaGrd


The Royal Cubs Donated 4 ETH

Date of the 4 ETH gift to Big Cat Rescue was 2/9/2022.  The USD value at the time was $12,515.07.  The project had already sold out after minting and was looking for an animal related charity to benefit from the community of animal lovers.  Their roadmap is to create a Jungle of wild animals with the intention of helping all kinds of wildlife.

Website:  https://www.theroyalcubs.com/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/TheRoyalCubs

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/theroyalcubsnft/

Discord:  https://discord.com/invite/theroyalcubs


Tiger Queen $TQUEEN Donated 2.456 ETH

Date of 2.456 ETH valued at $10,000 USD gift to Big Cat Rescue was 11/26/2021.  Nick Daze also donated 278,569,940,326.655 TQUEEN to Big Cat Rescue which was about $5000.00 USD at the time.

Website:  https://tigerqueen.io/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/tigerqueentoken

Telegram:  https://t.me/tigerqueenofficial


Typical Tigers NFT Donated 2.6 ETH

Date of 2.6 ETH gift valued at $10,000 USD to Big Cat Rescue was 01/04/2022.  This donation was ear-marked for, and immediately sent in USD, to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand.  See why at BigCatRescue.org/11tigers

Website:  https://www.typicaltigers.com/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/TypicalTigerNFT

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/2nw2BZhenA


Schro-$Dinger Token Donated 1 ETH

Date of 1 ETH gift to Big Cat Rescue was 10/29/2021 valued at $4,414.75 at the time.

Website:  https://www.schrodingertoken.com/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/dingertoken

Telegram:  https://t.me/dingertoken

Discord:  https://discord.com/invite/u426hmda5T


Saber-toothed Tigers Club

On 4/17/2022 they donated 1 ETH, valued at the time of transfer at $3,057.08 USD. 

Website:  https://sabertoothedtigers.com

Twitter: @BeATigerNFT

Discord:  https://discord.com/invite/beatiger

MiniPanther.money of the MiniPanther DAO Donated 0.8893 ETH 

Date was 3/3/2022 of 0.8893 ETH gift which was valued at $2,833.71 that day.

Website:  https://minipanther.money/#/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/PolyWantsAFarm

Discord:  https://discord.com/invite/raxn6h9vy5