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Why Do People Trash Big Cat Rescue

Why Do People Trash Big Cat Rescue?

What is the one thing that makes people nervous about associating with us?

It’s the fact that all of the circus folk, back yard breeders, roadside zoos and pseudo sanctuaries will come out en masse posting lies and half truths about us.

We’ve always been open and honest about our evolution and our mistakes and we quickly learned from them and changed. The bad guys want everyone to know that the things we did 20 years ago (’94-’97 mostly) were the same as what they are doing today. https://bigcatrescue.org/about/our-evolution/

Anyone who thinks about that for half a minute will see that it’s crazy to say, “Big Cat Rescue is bad because 20 years ago they bought, bred and touched exotic cats, just like we are still doing.” Sadly, people are lazy and it’s easier to just forward something that looks bad to all their contacts, rather than really think about it.

The first thing they should be considering is; why do the bad guys hate Big Cat Rescue so much?
We wear it as a badge of honor that exotic cat abusers hate us more than any other sanctuary.
That tells you we are doing the most to end the abuse.

Find out the truth behind the lies and half truths that are spread by those who exploit wild cats for their own profit or ego here: https://bigcatrescue.org/lies/

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