We Petition Congress, USDA & USFWS to:

Ban the Private Possession of Wild Animals.

Ban the private possession of wild animals
Ban the private possession of wild animals

Wild animals in cages do nothing to enhance the survival of the species in the wild. There are no reintroduction programs whereby big cats are bred in cages for reintroduction to the wild. On the contrary, the private possession of wild animals harms the survival of those in the wild because paying to see them diverts money from real conservation and they provide a smoke screen for illegal poaching. Authorities cannot tell a captive bred tiger from a wild tiger after he has has been killed. Just last year a private owner turned 56 lions, tigers & bears loose before killing himself. Hundreds of Americans have been killed or maimed by dangerous wild animals who have been kept as pets in typically deplorable conditions. Learn about private ownership & why it’s bad from


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  1. This petition is NOT over! This petition is seeking signatures through the end of the 2014.
    Please pass along to anyone and everyone of voting age to stop the abuse of Big Cats as soon as we can. The abuse for mothers and cubs of private owners is horrible. check out Big Cat Rescue and see the video on what it means to these beautiful creatures. Do your part to help out.

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