Tigers are killed for the skins, bones and organs

Tiger Slaughter Hell Tiger Preservation Center Bonnie Ringo

Tiger Slaughter Hell Tiger

Tiger Preservation Center

Bonnie Ringo

A good friend just gave me a printed solicitation for money, asking to end the Tiger Slaughter Hell.

While I agree with the need to end the private possession of big cats, I am dubious of the person sending out this plea for funds given her history:


In  2014 almost every picture of Bonnie and her husband Robert show them hugging adult big cats; sending the worst possible message.
In 2013 after a circus performer was killed by a tiger, Bonnie Ringo posted this ignorant comment about being able to “coexist” under the story:
In Feb of 2008 Bonnie Ringo was breeding tiger cubs and sued Ray Grennell for not providing cubs to her. https://bigcatnews.blogspot.com/2008/02/tiger-case-can-continue.html
In 2005 Bonnie Ringo and several other exotic pet owners from the Feline Conservation Federation and wild cat dealers opposed HB 3046, a bill to regulate the trade in big cats.

In 2005 she applied for USFWS permits to transport tigers out to Canada and in from Buenos Aires for breeding.  https://www.fws.gov/policy/library/2005/05-2681.html

In 2004 she was inbreeding her tigers to produce the washed out color referred to as Tabby or Strawberry in the industry.
In 2002 Busch purchased five white tigers from Bonnie Ringo of Cave Junction, Oregon in the United States. https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2002-03-20/html/02-6731.htm

In 1999 she changed her facility name from Wildwood Exotic Animal Shelter in Eagle Point, OR to Wildwood Endangered Animal Sanctuary 27893 Redwood Highway, Cave Junction, OR.  At the time she had three lions, 15 tigers and a lynx including a Tabby Tiger she had just bred.  Article said she had been in business since 1995.


Maybe Bonnie Ringo has seen the error of her ways, but I wouldn’t send her any money until that can be proven.


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  1. I’m stunned to hear about Bonnie Ringo’s breeding of big cats; I’ve been suckered for years donating bi-annually. I can only pray that some of my money went to her menagerie with proper food and care. However, the horror stories I’ve just read break my heart. Taking donated money to PURCHASE big cats, when their mission is to RESCUE big cats—well, there’s a special place in Hell for people like this.

  2. Another additional comments with the Ringo’s as now I am recalling more details just before her move to Cave Jct. I think I am recalling that she purchased 1 or 2 White Tigers as I had visited her ranch in Eagle Point,OR numerous times we lived nearby within 7 miles or so! Neighborhood and County I believe had some issues and concerns with safety and proper sustainability?????? She did have volunteers and I believe with school students, Mrs. Ringo and her husband are great persons when we knew them! Thx again, k4cats

  3. In addition to the Ringo’s with breeding perhaps she is doing this also as it can be a lucrative business to raise money to feed the cats this was a problem when we knew the Ringo’s they had to find ways to feed the big cats. Perhaps it started out as a rescue and now has become a race to keep it sustainable for her Ranch. Thx again,k4cats

  4. HI BCR,YEARS AGO! We were friends of Mrs. Ringo and her husband @ the time she had then only 2 cats, a male lion and a Mt. Lion to my recollection. She then moved to Cave Junction to provide a greater space for the Animals and a safer public location for her then big cats. She cared for them very well and always passionate about them. She did try to bring awareness and promotes for donations, perhaps she has now gotten in way over her head, as she started to take on more animals after her move to Cave Jct. Hoarding animals you cannot feed is NOT good and if this is the case perhaps reaching out to her to help her might be an answer and have a consumption licensing plan in place to limit her intake to scale back her load. I would help her if she stops these questionable practices that are NOT good for the animals and stands against the core of my moral conscience for the Animal Wildlife. Legislation needs to be addressed with these types of wayward people, we must get strict approvals on WILD animals Ranches. Let me know your response! Thank you! k4cats

  5. Thank you for this information. I have held off on sending donations because I have seen those pictures also and do not approve of that kind of contact at all (or any picture taking up close and personal!). I don't know the motive. Maybe it is to raise funds to care for the animals and I can sympathize with that much. On the other hand, it may be form of "benign" exploitation. Hard to know long distance, and that is a problem for those of us trying to help. But I like your philosophy and methods much better. I'm sure it is in the best interests of the cats.

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