PixVana 360 VR Videos of Big Cats


See our best 360 videos on any VR device!

While you can see all of our 360 VR videos on Facebook and YouTube, those platforms are known for buffering to the point that it makes watching painful.  We host our best content on PixVana which is a free app for use on any 360 head mounted display.

Put on your headset, go to the Store and download the SPIN Play app for free. Open the SPIN Play app and then once inside you will find the button titled “Enter Key”.

Step 2 SPIN Studio Share Key

Once your viewer has clicked on the button they will be prompted to enter the 9 digit character key (no need to enter the dashes) into the cells using the keyboard and then click GO!

Our key is:  4JT-8QQ-WV6

Step 3 SPIN Studio

Our videos will then appear and be available for playback for you!

You can then choose to either stream the videos by clicking the play button and they will play without all the buffering, but for the best resolution (you don’t want to miss a whisker) you can download the videos before playback and delete them when done.

Find out more about Big Cat Rescue’s work in 360 and virtual reality video at https://bigcatrescue.org/vr/

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