Zanesville Massacre 18 tigers 17 lions 3 cougars gunned down

Senator Portman



Your Senator Portman is critical to saving big cats!

The bipartisan Big Cat Public Safety Act was introduced in the House of Representatives by a Republican and a Democrat working together.  It is making great progress in the House with 73 cosponsors signed on already.

In order to introduce the bill in a bipartisan way in the Senate we need a strong Republican to join Democratic Senator Blumenthal.

Your Senator Portman is our number one choice to be that lead cosponsor.  We know he cares about animals, but HE NEEDS TO KNOW that enough of his constituents in the state care about big cats.

Please click here to email his office urging him to end the mistreatment of big cats by becoming a lead sponsor of this critical bill.





Dear Senator Portman,

The Big Cat Public Safety Act is a bipartisan effort to end inappropriate ownership of big cats as pets, stop the abusive cub petting trade, and limit exhibitors to those who do not repeatedly violate the law.

As the state that experienced the horror of the Zanesville “massacre” a few years ago, we should take the lead in making sure that never happens again.

Please do not listen to people whose income and/or fame comes from ripping young animals from their mothers at birth to charge people to handle them or to cart them to fairs or to TV shows to display them. This is not educational or helping conservation.  In fact, it sends exactly the opposite message.

Please join Senator Blumenthal as a lead sponsor on the bill so it can be introduced in the Senate in powerful bipartisan way like it has been in the House and end both the mistreatment of the animals and the risk to law enforcement and the public that Zanesville so vividly demonstrates.


After emailing:

You can increase your influence on him ten fold by calling his D.C. office at 202-224-3353 and telling the person who answers the phone: “Please ask your boss to join Senator Blumenthal as a lead sponsor on the Big Cat Public Safety Act.” That’s all there is to it!

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