Male bobcat
Appx. 1/1/2008
Rescued 5/5/13
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge 7/10/2019

Upon arrival here in May 2013, Mr. Howell was approximately five years old and was Lovey’s mate. He was declawed on all four paws and his left ear was folded over most likely the result of a past injury.

In their previous home the two of them shared a cramped cage about 5’x13′. Their only shelter was a small plastic dog house that they managed to cram themselves into to escape the cold weather. The also had a tiny child’s play table to perch on.

Mr. Howell was not neutered and it is most likely that Lovey has not been spayed as their previous owner was a breeder. So the two of them were separated upon their arrival at Big Cat Rescue until they could be neutered and spayed.

Mr. Howell has a strange coat pattern and coloring and had almost no fur on arrival, so it was believed that he may be some sort of bobcat wildcat hybrid, but once he became healthy and fully furred he looks like a pure bobcat.

Mr. Howell loved his large rock cave and spent most of his time on top of this mountain observing his surroundings. Mr. Howell also loved spice bag enrichment! Big Cat Rescuers were in awe to see his reaction to the first enrichment he had probably ever received. Mr. Howell rolled around on the ground, rubbing his face on the bag, and pawing at the fun new toy.

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Thurston and Lovey Bobcats cuddle up in their tree house in this Wildcat Walkabout Video on May 1, 2014 –

Medical Update July 8, 2019

Thurston bobcat is being seen by Dr. Justin Boorstein in the Windsong Memorial Hospital. He was noted as having a small lump on his right back leg.

Exam part 1

Exam part 2 and waiting until time to wake him up

Saying Goodbye to our precious Mr. Thurston Howell
July 10, 2019

Thurston a.k.a. Mr. Howell
Thurston a.k.a. Mr. Howell

We are shocked and beyond heartbroken to let you know our precious bobcat Thurston AKA Mr. Howell had a massive seizure this afternoon and died. I can hardly type this through my tears. He was sedated on Monday so Dr. Justin could biopsy a lump on his ankle, and he was neutered. He seemed to be recovering well; he ate and took his meds yesterday. But he refused them this morning so our Operations Managers Kathryn and Afton were keeping a close eye on him and saw him having a small seizure. They were on the phone with our vet discussing it when he had the massive seizure. There was nothing that could be done. Though it must have been horrible to witness, we’re comforted that Kathryn and Afton were with Thurston so he wasn’t alone when he left this earth. Run free beautiful boy. We will take good care of your Lovey.

Photo Album

Go to to see 36 photos of Thurston a.k.a. Mr. Howell

Photo Album of Thurston Howell
Photo Album of Thurston Howell

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  1. Not all people are human beings. That’s why God created Big Cat Rescue. When you see where these precious cats have come from, the horrors they have been made to endure, and the total lack of care and compassion they have experienced in their lives, you have to ask yourself, was it worth it? Did the people who profited from imprisoning these animals make enough money to take with them when they die? In memory of Thurston, thank you Big Cat Rescue for caring, for rescuing, for allowing them, probably for the first time in their lives, to experience what it feels like to be a care free kitten, to run, play, pounce, stalk and hunt, to be fed and watered, to have shelter, to actually be loved by people who truly are human beings. You’re free now Thurston, free from any boundaries. Not only can you run free and scamper to your hearts content, now you can fly. XOXOXO

  2. Majestic and magically mysterious. I am in awe of all cats, big and small. The energy they exude is so powerful, ancient, electric- I am captivated by it always.

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