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Wyeth the Bobcat is Breaking our Hearts

on this Valentine’s Day at Big Cat Rescue

DeputyWyethTransferringBobcatWhen a couple accidentally hit this little 8 month old bobcat, they called the Pinellas County Sheriff’s department for help. Deputy Wyeth had been to Big Cat Rescue before and scooped the broken little body up and rushed her to our front gate, where he called our emergency line, which rings to my mother, Barbara Stairs, who met him at the gate.

She called Jamie and Dr. Justin who arrived on the scene, 10 minutes later, to witness this brave deputy, pulling the very angry bobcat from the back seat of his vehicle.  He and Barbara were trying to safely contain her in the tiger transport but the bobcat was spread eagle over the entrance and NOT going in.

Give to Big Cat RescueJamie arrived just in time to help push her in while Barbara snapped this image.  Jamie then took a photo of the little bobcat in the tiger transport.  See image at the top of the page.

Wyeth’s X-rays looked good, so Dr. Justin Boorstein stitched up some minor wounds and we were hoping we could just give her some time to heal before sending her back to the wild.


Video of Wyeth’s Midnight Emergency Care

But then we saw this:

The next morning Jamie came in to feed the rehab cats in the hospital, check on her little love, Moses Bobcat, and set up the webcams so that we can monitor 3 of the 4 cats who are in our West Boensch Recovery Hospital. It’s getting a little crowded in there and there isn’t room for another cat at the moment.   Nirvana Ocelot is still in there getting eye drops four times a day for her eye ulcer.

Once Jamie had a second, larger cage for Wyeth to transfer into, she opened the gate, but as we watched Wyeth drag herself to the other side, our hearts just sank.

Video of Wyeth Bobcat Dragging her Back Leg

When we saw the way she was knuckling under the injured back leg and dragging it, we knew there was something wrong.  Immediately thoughts of Little Feather came to mind and other cats we’ve seen who presented this sort of lameness.  It is often the result of a blood clot or injury causing damage to the spine or affected area and it can be difficult to treat.

We sent the video off to the vet team who jumped into action again.  Dr. Justin asked that the X-rays be sent out for a second or third expert opinion.  The vets are hoping that it’s just inflammation from the impact and have her on steroids to reduce the swelling, but they will continue to review the X-rays and monitor her progress.

A few hours later Wyeth ate her first Big Cat Rescue meal and seems to be trying to place her back foot as she walks.

Live Video Feed of Cat Hospital

When bobcats have been injured they have to be kept in a very small space so they don’t compound their injuries.  As they improve they are moved to larger and larger areas.  The outdoor bobcat rehab area is 230 feet long and full of trees, bushes and grass.

You can keep an eye on the cats in the Recovery Hospital at BigCatRescue.org/cams

Nova Bobcat is having a very exciting day!  She’s been in rehab by herself back there, but all of a sudden she has a youngster right next door and a handsome male bobcat role model right outside the door to her area that she can see.

You can help us help precious bobcats like these by funding our bobcat rehab expansion program at BigCatRescue.org/rehabfund

Wyeth Bobcat RehabWyeth Bobcat Rehab

Wyeth Bobcat Rehab Wyeth Bobcat Rehab Wyeth Bobcat Rehab Wyeth Bobcat Rehab Wyeth Bobcat Rehab Wyeth Bobcat Rehab

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