Moses Bobcat

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Male Bobcat

DOB 4/22/01 Earth Day

Rescued 5/14/01


We gave Moses the birthday of Earth Day, because he was abandoned here with no note and no one to tell us what his story was. He was about four weeks old and near death when his carrier was discovered inside our gates in May. He knew how to nurse from a bottle, which is something that has to be learned over a two or three day period, so we had to assume that he was someone’s failed attempt at a pet.

With proper diet and antibiotics, he was soon well enough to be a playmate to Trick E., the Amurian Leopard Cat, however he quickly outgrew this small cat.

He has been neutered and now and lives with Bailey.



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2/4/17 update

Moses Bobcat: He was recently sedated for the first time (since he was a kitten) in 16 years.  He is notorious for chewing on his plants and getting palm frond sticks stuck across the roof of his mouth. We are usually able to get them out with an operant stick, but this recent one would not budge.  Upon his exam we found that his upper molars on both sides had sustained damage from another stick some time ago as the dental disease had progressed.  The stick was removed and two upper molars on both sides as well as one lower molar were bad and so they were extracted.

Now Moses has no chewing teeth.  He must be on a soft food diet forever and any meats that are given to him must be pieces small enough to swallow as he can not chew them up.

In addition to the dental issues, we found a mass on his right rear foot.  Samples were sent to the lab for testing and came back as Myxofibrosarcoma which is a cancerous tumor. This is form of cancer has a low likelihood of spreading. He will have to have surgery to remove the mass.  He and Bailey are now back together.

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Purr-fect Mom to Baby Bobcats! How much did you like this?