Alpha, wild bobcat kitten


Alpha – Wild Bobcat Kitten

Female kitten

Rescued – August 28, 2018

Release back to the wild- June 20, 2019

We received a new rehab bobcat last night, named Alpha. Alpha will be in quarantine for 14 days. We are not sure if male or female. Approximately 7-8 weeks old. Alpha will be examined, vaccinated and flea treated tomorrow morning, August 30, 2018.

This kitten was found all alone by a man right before a huge storm with no mother or siblings in sight.

Update August 29, 2018 – New Photos

Although Alpha was bright, alert, and eating well, I noticed right away that something was not right with her jaw. It appeared misaligned when she hissed

August 30, 2018

BCR Operations Manager and Bobcat Rehab Team Member Kathryn pulls Alpha from the transport crate for her first exam.

Update 9/6/2018

Alpha is doing better. She is hissing at her keepers and climbed up on to of her scratching post for a nap.

Update 9/12/2018 – Baby Bobcat Has Surgery

Alpha was finally strong enough to have her jaw checked out.

Alpha went to the Humane Society yesterday. She had a broken jaw. It looked like it had been broken for a long time. One side was sharp and broken looking. The other side was smooth and calcified over.

Dr. Justin had to file the smooth edge down and he wired the jaw back together. She will be re-examined in 2 weeks. It will take 6 weeks to heal. There is no telling if the jaw will heal properly. There may also be additional fractures higher up in the hinge joint of her jaw.

Because her jaw had been broken the muscles and tendons that work the jaw have also shrunk somewhat and she cannot open her mouth fully like in a yawn. This should resolve itself over time as she starts to use her mouth properly again.

She will need to be on soft food for 6 weeks.

We also opted to not put an ecollar on her because of the risk of getting mush stuck in it and getting into her surgery incision. Please keep an eye on the site and let the vets know if she is pawing at it and irritating it.

Baby Bobcat Alpha’s X-Ray – It’s a bad fracture, it’s old and the pieces do not line up.

Alpha’s jaw was broken and required surgical repair

A very sleepy Alpha waking up after surgery

September 27, 2018

Alpha the spitfire moved to the big girl rehab enclosures today

Alpha in the outdoor rehab enclosure. She has grown into a very beautiful adult.

April 13, 2019

Alpha is all grown up! Look at that ruff 😻

Medical Update May 18, 2019

Alpha Bobcat had a tooth growing in sideways that has to be rechecked or pulled before she can be released. Alpha arrived last August with a broken jaw. Dr. Justin fixed it but noted she had this weird tooth issue right before it was time to release her, so we waited until an expert could be called in today to address it.

11 pounds, Dental 1 molar extracted and we will re Xray her canine in 4 weeks.

Denatal xrays to check the fracture repair again and evaluate the molars

Alpha’s jaw allignment is checked and is now much better

June 17, 2019

Alpha is ready to go back home

Alpha’s pristine release site

Alpha peeks around the corner at Rehab Team Members Karma and Gale

Another successful release in the books! Run free Alpha ❤️

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With your help, we can continue to rescue, care for, rehab, and release wild bobcats like little Alpha.

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