Telling Them Apart Lovey and Thurston Howell

Telling Them Apart Mr. Howell & Lovey

Mr. Howell (a.k.a. Thurston) is quite a bit larger than Lovey and his right ear is folded.  It was like that when he arrived here.

Mrs. Howell (a.k.a. Lovey) is smaller, both ears stand up, and she has the cutest bright pink nose you ever saw.

Mr. Howell is more laid back, more calm, and more sociable that his best friend, Lovey.


Lovey is shy, elusive, and BOSSY!!!  Sweet Mr. Howell seems content to let Lovey be in charge, or at least THINK she is in charge.


These two like hiding in the foliage and spying on the keepers.

Foliage is a great place to hide when you want the keepers to know you are ignoring them.  Lovey has that ‘skill’ purr-fected!  How dare those keepers give Mr. Howell his treats first!


They also really enjoy being way up high on the platforms that Darin and Jen made for them.  From way up there they can see many of their neighbors, they can see food carts coming long before they arrive, they can even see the keepers bring treats and enrichment before their neighbors see them.


The lower platforms are great places to hang out when it is close to feeding time. That way you can leap down quickly and sprint to the lockout just before the feeding keepers round the corner.


LOL, the highest platforms are also a great place to go when you want to ignore the enrichment keeper way down below calling your name.


When Lovey gets in one of her bossy, bossy, BOSSY moods Mr. Howell kind of steps back, lets her think she is in charge, stays out of the way and gives her some space.

When she is not being bossy she is being pretty lovey dovey and Mr. Howell takes advantage of that and snuggles her, bathes her, and lays guard while she naps.

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More photos of Lovey.  I just love all her different moods.  You can tell her mood just by looking at her face.


More photos of Mr. Howell


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